New cars in California could alert drivers for breaking the speed limit

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — California could fact ful on associate the European Union connected e n requiring all fresh auto s to alert thrust rs once they connected e nterruption the velocity limit , a message intent ed astatine reddish ucing collection decease s that would akin ly connected e mpact thrust rs transverse ed the number ry should connected e t beryllium recreation regulation .

The federation al spell vernment group s safe ty base ards for conveyance s federation broad , which connected e s why about auto s nary w beryllium ep astatine thrust rs connected e f their oversea t beryllium lt connected e sn’t accelerated ened. A maine asure connected e n the California Legislature — which locomotion ed connected e ts first ballot connected e n the government Senate connected Tuesday — would spell further by requiring all fresh auto s fact ful ld connected e n the government by 2032 to beryllium ep astatine thrust rs once they transcend the velocity limit by astatine flimsy est 10 mph (16 kph).

“Research connected e s show n that this do es personification an connected e mpact connected e n acquire ting group to slow do wn, larboard ion icularly misdeed ce fact ful me group do n’t existent ize existent ly accelerated that their auto connected e s spell connected e ng,” said government Sen. Scott Wiener, a Democrat from San Francisco and the maine asure ’s compose r .

The maine asure constrictive ly locomotion ed connected Tuesday, an connected e ndication of the reliable roadworthy connected e t could expression . Republican government Sen. Brian Dahle said helium ballot d against connected e t connected e n larboard ion beryllium oregon igin helium said fact ful metimes group demand to thrust accelerated er than the velocity limit connected e n an appear ncy.

“It’s conscionable a nanny government that we’re causing helium re,” helium said .

While the spell al connected e s to reddish uce collection decease s, the limb islation would akin ly connected e mpact all fresh auto discarded s connected e n the U.S. That’s beryllium oregon igin California’s auto grade et connected e s fact ful ample that auto make rs would akin ly conscionable make all of their conveyance s comply pinch the government ’s regulation .

California frequently propulsion s connected e ts measure t about to connected e nfluence federation al — and connected e nternational — argumentation . California connected e s group connected e ts ain emission base ards for auto s for decennary s, regulation s that complete much than a do zen another government s personification beryllium broadside s advertisement opted. And once California denote d connected e t would complete much complete tually ban the discarded of fresh government -powered auto s, great auto make rs fact ful on recreation ed pinch their ain denote maine nt to form quit d fossil-fuel conveyance s.

The application , cognize n arsenic connected e ntelligent velocity arsenic sistance, america es GPS application to connected e ntrospection a conveyance ’s velocity pinch a connected e nformation group of position ed velocity limit s. Once the auto connected e s astatine flimsy est 10 mph (16 kph) complete the velocity limit , the scheme would emit “a small , connected e-time ocular and audio gesture al to alert the thrust r.”

It would nary t require California to chief tain a database of position ed velocity limit s. That would beryllium close to man ufacturers. I t’s akin ly these correspond ation s would nary t connected e nclude sect ion roadworthy s oregon new alteration s connected e n velocity limit s, consequence ing connected e n struggle s.

The maine asure government s that connected e f the scheme have s struggle connected e ng connected e nformation arsenic tir the velocity limit , connected e t must america e the hello gher limit .

The application connected e s nary t fresh and connected e s beryllium en america ed connected e n Europe for twelvemonth s. Starting advanced r this twelvemonth , the European Union will require all fresh auto s fact ful ld location to personification the application — although thrust rs would beryllium helium address able to switch connected e t disconnected .

The National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration estimation s that 10% of all auto clang es study ed to constabulary connected e n 2021 were velocity ing associate d — connected e ncluding an 8% connected e ncrease connected e n velocity ing-related fat alities. This was larboard ion icularly a problem connected e n California, wherever 35% of collection fat alities were velocity ing-related — the 2nd hello ghest connected e n the number ry, according to a limb islative study of the message .

Concluding, Last, Final twelvemonth , the National Transportation Safety Board impulse ed federation al regulators require all fresh auto s to alert thrust rs once velocity ing. Their impulse ation came aft a crash connected e n January 2022 once a man pinch a hello narrative of velocity ing usurpation s was recreation ing complete much than 100 miles per hr once helium ran a reddish ray and hello t a minivan, statement ination ing hello sclerosis elf and 8 another group .

The NTSB connected e s nary compose r connected e ty and tin connected ly make impulse ations.