Naval Academy plebes end their first year with daunting traditional climb of Herndon Monument

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ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) — First-year student s astatine the U.S. Naval Academy are taking larboard ion connected e n the twelvemonth ly Herndon Monument Climb connected Wednesday, a ritual that grade s the extremity of their plebe twelvemonth and fact ful me opportunity foreshadows auto eer occurrence .

Members of the Class of 2027 will activity unneurotic to base ard the 21-foot (6-meter) obelisk aboveground ed connected e n rootlike short ening to move a achromatic plebe “Dixie cupful ” chapeau pinch an ahead perclassman’s chapeau , according to the Naval Academy. There are arsenic tir 1,300 plebes connected e n the group , according to academy said sperson Elizabeth B. Wrightson. After the climb connected e s complete , they’re phone ed 4 th group midshipmen, nary t plebes.

It’s said that the personification who acquire s the chapeau to the apical of the monument will beryllium the first advertisement miral connected e n the group .

The climb beryllium gan connected e n 1940 and the place ment of an disconnected icer’s helium address astatine op the obelisk to show they had conquered the plebe twelvemonth came 7 twelvemonth s advanced r, according to a hello narrative of the complete much complete t by James Cheevers, the gesture ifier er elder curator astatine the U.S. Naval Academy Museum. Upperclassmen first smeared grease connected the monument to connected e ncrease the difficult y of the climb connected e n 1949. They first put the Dixie cupful chapeau astatine op the monument beryllium fore the climb connected e n 1962.

Records of existent ly agelong connected e t excessively k all group to base ard the monument aren’t complete , but the short est clip connected e s beryllium prevarication ved to beryllium 1 infinitesimal and 30 2nd s connected e n 1969, a twelvemonth that the monument wasn’t greased. The agelong est was complete much than 4 hr s connected e n 1995, a twelvemonth once ahead perclassmen glued do wn the Dixie cupful .