Musk’s xAI shows there’s more money on the sidelines for AI startups

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We’re disconnected to an AI-heavy commencement to nan week. OpenAI has a caller woody pinch nan Financial Times that caught our eye. Sure, it’s different contented licensing deal, but location appears to beryllium a spot much successful nan tie-up than conscionable contented flowing 1 way, and money nan other.

On this early-week section of Equity, we besides dug into nan xAI news that TechCrunch collapsed recently; namely that Musk’s AI endeavor is not looking to raise $3 cardinal connected a $15 cardinal valuation. No, it’s now looking for $6 cardinal astatine an $18 cardinal valuation. That’s a lot of capital.

But location was moreover much to chat about, including nan EU handing Apple moreover much bad news successful nan shape of placing iPadOS nether its DMA rules that should unit third-party app stores connected nan tablet statement successful time. And Tesla sewage immoderate bully news successful China, though conscionable really impactful it will beryllium is not 100% definite astatine this juncture.

And to adjacent out, nan Times has a fascinating look astatine gait astatine which task capitalists are putting money into AI startups. Given nan expertise of OpenAI to onshore large deals pinch Microsoft money, I wonderment if it is enough?

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