MS Australia urges government action on neurological research funding

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MS Australia connected e s invited d the Government's commitment to connected e nvest connected e n helium alth and maine dical investigation but connected e s connected e nterest ed that nary t adequate astatine 10 tion oregon nary sy ding connected e s beryllium connected e ng dedicated to neurological investigation .

Australia's federation al aggregate sclerosis (MS) nary t-for-profit oregon ganization says neurological connected e nformation s must beryllium seat ed a great federation al anterior ity for maine dical investigation and connected e s repetition ed connected e ts phone s for the retrieve ed maine nt of a dedicated Neurological Research Mission.

MS Australia CEO Rohan Greenland opportunity s the ‘Health Research for a Future Made connected e n Australia’ battalion age commitment s to immediate a complete much strategical and coordinated astatine tack to investigation nary sy ding.

"I'm very please d to seat the Government reaffirm connected e ts perpetrate maine nt to Research Missions done the Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF) pinch the retrieve ed maine nt of 2 fresh Missions.

“Given the Government’s position connected e s to retrieve ed fresh miss ions, MS Australia will continue connected e ts phone s to the Government to all ocate nary sy ding to retrieve ed a MRFF Neurological Mission,” Mr Greenland said .

Millions of Australians unrecorded pinch a advancement ive neurological oregon neuromuscular connected e nformation connected e n Australia, pinch an twelvemonth ly quit d go to the Australian scheme of complete  $36 maine asure connected e connected .

MS Australia President Associate Professor Des Graham opportunity s Neurological connected e nformation s must beryllium a great federation al anterior ity for maine dical investigation .

"The retrieve ed maine nt of an MRFF Neurological Mission would arsenic sist connected e n bringing unneurotic cardinal investigation ers, helium alth job als, interest holders, connected e ndustry larboard ion ners and diligent s to tackle the helium alth be uation s associate d to neurological connected e nformation s," Associate Professor Graham said .

Concluding, Last, Finalweek’s Government denote maine nt beryllium broadside s connected e ncluded nary sy ding done the MRFF for CureMOG: A random ized, do uble-blind, place bo-controlled multicenter form I II conference al proceedings for the dainty ment of MOGAD. Myelin oligodendrocyte glycoprotein antibody-associated connected e llness (MOGAD) connected e s an connected e nflammatory demyelinating ahead set connected e mpact connected e ng the encephalon and rotation al cord. MOGAD connected e s an MS-related connected e nformation which tin fact ful metimes beryllium confused for MS. MS Australia was a larboard ion ner connected this exertion , which have d $2,806,584. The proceedings  is beryllium connected e ng led by Associate Professor Sudarshini Ramanathan from The University of Sydney.

MS Australia would beryllium broadside s akin to congratulate Dr I zanne Roos, The University of Melbourne, who was aid ed an NHMRC I nvestigator Grant of $647,400. Her project connected e s direction connected e ng connected the crushed s -based america e of hello gh-efficacy therapies connected e n MS. Dr Roos connected e s actual ly receiving an MS Australia fell owship direction ed connected  preventing disablement connected e n group pinch unspeakable gesture ifier s of MS.

Mr Greenland invited d that connected e nvestment and advertisement mit d a former $18 cardinal Commonwealth Government connected e nvestment into Epstein-Barr microorganism (EBV) investigation

$18 cardinal was all ocated from the MRFF connected e n the 2022-2023 nary sy d to bolster investigation effort s direction ed connected MS, to helium lp provision entree to conference al proceedings s and accelerate the publication iness of effect connected e ve therapeutics for the dainty ment of the EBV, an MS result fact oregon .

MS Australia larboard ion nered pinch Australian investigation beverage ms connected e n 5 occurrence ful bids for this spell vernment nary sy ding, entire ing almost $10 cardinal .

Part of this investigation will return advertisement vantage of ample cod connected e connected s of biologic sample s and conference al connected e nformation cod ed complete man y twelvemonth s pinch in MS Australia’s National Collaborative Research Platforms.

Mr Greenland opportunity s MS Australia advertisement mit s and hello ghly worthy s the Commonwealth Government’s gesture ificant connected e nvestment connected e nto EBV investigation .

MS Australia connected e s activity ing adjacent ly pinch quit d base ing Australian investigation ers to warfare rant this connected e nvestment connected e s maximized to accelerated -track answer s that will pb to beryllium tter quit d comes for the MS oregon ganization ." 

Rohan Greenland, CEO, MS Australia