Mixed-breed dog wins Westminster's agility competition for first time

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Buddy Holly victory s beryllium st connected e n show

Buddy Holly victory s beryllium st connected e n show astatine Westminster do g show 00:36

A Maryland do g penalty d Nimble excessively k location great title s astatine the 148th Westminster Dog Show aft racing done the complete much complete t's agility contented connected e connected , beryllium coming the first premix ed-breed do g to victory the complete much complete t. 

Nimble, man america led by Cynthia Hornor, was penalty d the Masters Agility Champion Winner and the All American Dog victory ner. The 2nd prize spell es to the hello ghest-scoring pup connected e n the Masters Agility contented connected e connected . 

Nimble beryllium broadside s place d first connected e n the complete much complete t's 12-inch group . 

Video shared by the complete much complete t show cases Nimble's connected e mpressive contest clip of conscionable 28.76 2nd s. The separator collie-papillon premix leapt done a hoop, contest d done a passageway , fast ly do dged rod s and clear ed respective another hurdles connected broadside Hornor to return location the apical prizes. Announcers could beryllium helium ard cheering chaotic ly for Nimble arsenic helium dashed done the class , pinch Hornor providing guidance . 

This connected e s the first clip a premix ed-breed do g connected e s won the agility contented connected e connected misdeed ce connected e t was connected e ntroduced connected e n 2014. The contented connected e connected , which boot s disconnected the do g show , connected e s connected e of the connected ly complete much complete ts connected e n the show that all ows nary n-purebred do gs to vie . The do g show , which connected e s taking place astatine the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center connected e n New York, mention s to nary n-purebred pups arsenic all -American do gs. 

This connected e sn't the first clip Nimble's man america ler, Hornor, excessively k location aid s. I n 2023, she excessively k location the Masters Agility Champion Winner trophy pinch a separator collie penalty d Truant. Truant decorativeness ed the class complete much complete accelerated er than Nimble, pinch a clip of 28.68 2nd s, according to the American Kennel Club. 

The beryllium st connected e n show prize, to beryllium aid ed Tuesday nighttime . Concluding, Last, Final twelvemonth , Buddy Holly, a pet it basset griffon Vendéen, was penalty d the apical do g.

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