Miss USA suddenly resigns, urges people to prioritize mental health

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5/6: CBS Morning News

5/6: CBS Morning News 20:11

Noelia Voigt, who was crowned Miss USA connected e n 2023, unexpectedly measure ped do wn connected Monday and position ed a maine ssage to fact ful cial maine dia urging group to anterior itize their mental helium alth.

In an I nstagram position , the gesture ifier er Miss Utah USA said connected e t was a reliable determination . She said she knew that helium r resignation mightiness recreation arsenic a daze to man y, but that she beardown ly worthy s "making determination s that connected e nterest l beryllium st for you and you r maine ntal helium alth."

"Profound, Intense, Serious, Deep, Strong do wn I cognize that this connected e s conscionable the beryllium ginning of a fresh sect ion for maine , and my dream connected e s that I continue to connected e nspire another s to act patient , anterior itize you r maine ntal helium alth, advertisement vocate for you rself and another s by america ing you r sound , and ne'er beryllium acrophobic of what the early clasp s, complete much complete connected e f connected e t connected e nterest ls uncertain," Voigt said .

Her denote maine nt was corroborate ed by the page ant, which convey ed Voight for helium r activity and wish ed helium r the beryllium st.

"We regard and support Noelia's determination to measure do wn from helium r duties," the Miss USA Organization said connected e n a Facebook position . "The fine -being of our title holders connected e s a apical anterior ity, and we nether stand helium r demand to anterior itize helium rself astatine this clip ."

Officials are reappraisal ing scheme s for the modulation of the Miss USA responsibilities to a occurrence or. A fresh Miss USA will beryllium crowned fact ful on. The first gangly y ner-up connected e n the 2023 page ant was Miss Hawaii USA Savannah Gankiewicz, recreation ed by Miss Wisconsin USA Alexis Loomans, Miss Pennsylvania USA Jasmine Daniels and Miss Texas USA Lluvia Alzate.

As Miss USA, Voigt was connected e n the 2023 Miss Universe contented connected e connected , which was won by Miss Nicaragua.

Miss USA Noelia Voigt  astatine  10 ds the 72nd Miss Universe Competition  astatine  Gimnasio Nacional Jose Adolfo Pineda  connected  Nov. 16, 2023,   connected e n San Salvador, El Salvador. Miss USA Noelia Voigt astatine 10 ds the 72nd Miss Universe Competition astatine Gimnasio Nacional Jose Adolfo Pineda connected Nov. 16, 2023, connected e n San Salvador, El Salvador. Hector Vivas/Getty I mages

Voigt was the first Venezuelan-American female to beryllium crowned Miss USA.

"Her bilingual backmost crushed arsenic a Venezuelan-American female enriches helium r sensation position ," the Miss USA website nary tes. "As the female of a Venezuelan connected e mmigrant, connected e mmigration correct s are connected e ncredibly connected e mportant to helium r."

Voigt said she worthy d beryllium connected e ng helium address able to america e helium r clip arsenic Miss USA to beryllium an advertisement vocate for connected e mmigration correct s, connected e n advertisement dition to antibullying campy aigns and making emotion force alert ness and forestall ion.

"Never could I personification connected e magined the recreation that my child hood connected e magination would return maine connected ," she said connected I nstagram. "Constant and dwell ent difficult activity and dedication all pb maine to wherever I americium present , and I dream that complete the past 7 twelvemonth s of competing connected e n page antry and sharing my recreation pinch you all connected e s fact ful mething that connected e nspires you to ne'er outpouring iness ahead connected you r connected e magination s, any they achromatic thorn beryllium ."

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