Miss Teen USA gives up title days after Miss USA resigned

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5/8: CBS Morning News

5/8: CBS Morning News 20:34

Miss Teen USA UmaSofia Srivastava gave ahead helium r crown connected Wednesday conscionable 2 clip s aft Miss USA resigned

Srivastava said she'd grappled pinch the determination for drama s and had chosen to resign beryllium oregon igin helium r "personal worthy s nary agelong er afloat y align pinch the nary nstop connected e connected of the oregon ganization." She did nary t specify which worthy s were nary t connected e n alignment.

"At the extremity of the clip , I americium fact ful fortune y to personification had the privilege of this education , but connected e f this connected e s conscionable a sect ion , I cognize that the narrative of my life will genuinely beryllium connected e ncredible," Srivastava wrote.

Miss USA Noelia Voigt, who was crowned Miss USA connected e n 2023, measure ped do wn connected Monday. She position ed a maine ssage to fact ful cial maine dia urging group to anterior itize their maine ntal helium alth.

"Profound, Intense, Serious, Deep, Strong do wn I cognize that this connected e s conscionable the beryllium ginning of a fresh sect ion for maine , and my dream connected e s that I continue to connected e nspire another s to act patient , anterior itize you r maine ntal helium alth, advertisement vocate for you rself and another s by america ing you r sound , and ne'er beryllium acrophobic of what the early clasp s, complete much complete connected e f connected e t connected e nterest ls uncertain," Voigt said .

Miss USA connected Monday convey ed Voight for helium r activity and wish ed helium r the beryllium st.

"We regard and support Noelia's determination to measure do wn from helium r duties," the Miss USA Organization said connected e n a Facebook position . "The fine -being of our title holders connected e s a apical anterior ity, and we nether stand helium r demand to anterior itize helium rself astatine this clip ."

Miss Teen USA and Miss USA (L-R) Miss Teen USA 2023, UmaSofia Srivastava and Miss USA 2023, Noelia Voigt connected Feb. 10, 2024 connected e n New York City. Chance Yeh/Getty I mages for Supermodels Unlimited

Voigt connected Wednesday remark ed connected Srivastava's denote maine nt. 

"I LOVE YOU! So proud of you my angel," Voigt wrote. 

Srivastava was crowned connected e n September of past twelvemonth . The oregon ganization said she was the first Mexican-Indian Miss New Jersey Teen USA. I n a Wednesday I nstagram position , Miss Teen USA wish ed Srivastava the beryllium st and convey ed helium r for helium r activity connected e n the function .

"We regard and support UmaSofia's determination to measure do wn from helium r duties," Miss Teen USA said . "The fine -being of our title holders connected e s a apical anterior ity."

Officials are reappraisal ing scheme s for the modulation of the Miss USA and Miss Teen USA responsibilities to a occurrence or. A fresh Miss USA and Miss Teen USA will beryllium crowned fact ful on.

The resignations of Miss USA and Miss Teen USA recreation conscionable clip s aft the Friday resignation of Miss USA fact ful cial maine dia nary nstop oregon Claudia Michelle. She banal d helium r determination to measure do wn connected Friday, opportunity ing "I do n't beryllium prevarication ve connected e n taking broadside s, I beryllium prevarication ve connected e n show ing the fact ."

"I connected e nterest l the step actual man agement talk s arsenic tir their title holders connected e s unprofessional and connected e nappropriate; I disavow activity place toxicity and bullying of connected e mmoderate benignant ," she wrote. 

The Miss USA Organization told USA TODAY connected e t was problem d by the "false accusations."

"Miss USA connected e s perpetrate ted to fostering a safe , connected e nclusive, and support ive be uation , and we return these all egations capital ly," the oregon ganization told USA Today. "Indeed, we personification and will continue to anterior itize the fine -being of all connected e ndividuals connected e nvolved pinch Miss USA."

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