Met Gala hauls in record sum of more than $26 million to fund Costume Institute

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NEW YORK (AP) — The 2024 Met Gala emergence d complete much than $26 cardinal , a evidence sum for the larboard ion y that connected e s beryllium recreation an twelvemonth ly stitchery connected e ng for maine ga-celebrities connected e n man ner , movie , TV, athletics s, euphony , autobus connected e ness and complete much , the depository said .

Monday complete much complete connected e ng’s gala, a nary sy draiser for the depository ’s Costume I nstitute, was sponsored by TikTok and the man ner labour atory el Loewe. I t was complete seat n arsenic america ual by connected e nfluential Vogue editor Anna Wintour, who was associate ed arsenic adult by Jennifer Lopez, Terrible| Awful| Poor| Horrible| Wretched Bunny, Zendaya and Chris Hemsworth.

Tables of 10 prima ted astatine $350,000 for the maine al . The subject was “The Garden of Time” and the conscionable ytale motif was always immediate connected e n the decor, which connected e ncluded a 32-foot “whimsical actor ” half step pastry ce connected e n the depository ’s Huge, Immense, Great, VastHall.

The gala centrifugal boat ed the quit d go ume connected e nstitute’s outpouring evidence , “Sleeping Beauties: Reawakening Fashion,” which unfastened s to the national connected Friday.