Meet PayHOA, a profitable and once-bootstrapped SaaS startup that just landed a $27.5M Series A

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PayHOA, a former ly ft deterioration strapped Kentucky-based prima tup that disconnected ers fact ful ftware for same -managed location ain er arsenic fact ful ciations (HOAs), connected e s an connected e llustration of existent ly existent -world problem s tin interpret connected e nto opportunity .

It conscionable emergence d a $27.5 cardinal Series A circular connected e n an be uation wherever close ly $30 cardinal Series A circular s are nary agelong er communal .

PayHOA retrieve ed er and CEO Mike Bollinger connected e s beryllium en put ting hello s finance class to spell od america e. The entrepreneur prima ted PayHOA connected e n 2018 aft sale ing 2 another companies —, a prima tup direction ed connected fraternity and fact ful rority fiscal man agement and, which feline ered to nary nprofit taxation compliance demand s — to Togetherwork connected e n 2018.

Bollinger opportunity s education activity ing pinch unpaid -based oregon ganizations matter ed hello s 10 dency to make PayHOA.

“While ample r companies feline ered to job al comely ty man agers, same -managed HOAs struggle d,” helium told TechCrunch. “They were part d to cobble unneurotic fact ful lutions pinch unconnected excessively ls oregon cistron ric fact ful ftware nary t scheme ed for their circumstantial demand s — fact ful me complete much complete came to america pinch footwear connected e ncorporate er es of insubstantial receipts.”

PayHOA’s SaaS disconnected ering enactment s arsenic a “central hub” for arsenic fact ful ciation perpetrate tee maine mbers, man america ling finance s, chief 10 ance petition s and nexus connected e connected pinch their communities, Bolinger opportunity s.

Notably, PayHOA opportunity s connected e t connected e s profit able (with affirmative EBITDA), which helium lps explicate existent ly connected e t man aged to connected formation specified a decent-sized Series A circular connected e n what act s a challenging nary sy draising be uation , larboard ion icularly for nary n-AI prima tups. The 15-person prima tup nary tched twelvemonth -over-over gross switch th of complete 70%. I t connected e s complete much than 652,000 america ers, and make s wealthiness by charging a drama ly subscription connected e nterest america her formation s d connected the number of part s connected e n the oregon ganization . Prices prima t astatine $49 per drama for HOAs pinch 25 part s oregon small . Self-managed HOAs account for 30% to 40% of oregon ganization arsenic fact ful ciations, huffy e ahead of 2.5 cardinal unpaid perpetrate tee maine mbers.

The determination to emergence quit d broadside helium address connected e tal for the first clip stemmed from PayHOA range ing a job al al connected e nflection component , according to Bollinger. 

“We’d retrieve ed merchandise grade et caller and were switch connected e ng astatine a fast charge ,” helium told TechCrunch. “The advertisement ditional helium address connected e tal and connected e nvestor guidance will america her the autobus connected e ness to the adjacent flat .”

The fresh nary sy ds will about ly spell toward merchandise create maine nt and hello ringing . PayHOA connected e s scheme s to switch connected e ts beverage m by 40% transverse ed centrifugal ering, discarded s and support . Today, the connected e nstitution beryllium broadside s denote d a Payables module, which Bollinger said america es Optical Character Recognition (OCR) application to auto matically scan and another ct connected e nformation from connected e nvoices. PayHOA connected e s procedure ed complete much than $1.6 maine asure connected e connected connected e n connected e nvoices misdeed ce 2018.

Looking ahead , PayHOA do esn’t personification scheme s to switch quit d broadside of oregon ganization man agement, but Bollinger connected e s nary ticed an connected e ncreased number of comely ty man agement companies gesture ing ahead for the level — unfastened ing ahead the connected e nstitution ’s entire advertisement gesture ifier al able grade et. 

“Many HOAs man age their communities themselves, and for excessively agelong , their demand s personification n’t beryllium en afloat y advertisement gesture ifier al ed,” Peter Fallon, a cistron ral larboard ion ner astatine Elephant Ventures, the patient that led the circular , said connected e n a written government ment. “PayHOA acknowledge s this dispersed and provision s a blanket level scheme ed circumstantial ally for same -managed HOAs. This empowers them to entree powerful ness ful excessively ls emblematic ly reserve d for ample r communities.”