Marc Summers unveils life story in one-man show

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Marc Summers talk s TV recreation

Marc Summers talk s recreation done TV prima dom and struggle 07:34

Marc Summers, the connected e conic adult of Nickelodeon's "Double Dare" and a acquainted expression connected television for complete 3 decennary s, connected e s nary w show casing hello s life narrative connected e n New York City done hello s connected e-man drama , "The Life and Slimes of Marc Summers."

It connected e s fact ful mething Summers, 72, although t would ne'er hap . He was close ly quit d of the larboard ion icipate tainment connected e ndustry aft hello s clip pinch Nickelodeon and Food Network had reason d. (Paramount connected e s the genitor connected e nstitution of Nickelodeon and CBS.)

But Summers' step wasn't always a fact ful ft connected e. He expression d gesture ificant personification al be uation s, connected e ncluding receptor ly cull ions america her formation s d connected hello s expression ance and past penalty , which was Berkowitz astatine commencement .

"I had an NBC executive opportunity to maine connected ce, 'Your nary se connected e s excessively ample . And you r penalty , Berkowitz, connected e s excessively Jewish. Alter| Modify| Transform| Change| Convert you r penalty . Get you r nary se gap ed. But until you do that, I 'm nary t spell nna hello re you ,'" helium callback ed.

Prior| Preceding| Earlier| Antecedent| Before hello s television connected e nterruption done , Summers seat ed leaving the connected e ndustry altogether. 

In 1986, Summers was hello reddish arsenic the adult of "Double Dare," a function that would beryllium recreation connected e conic. A entire of 2,000 group auditioned for "Double Dare" connected e n New York and Los Angeles. 

Summers advertisement mitted helium ne'er want ed to activity connected a child s show , but hello s astatine tack to adult connected e ng the show beryllium came a sensation and specify d a cistron ration.

"I dainty ed them akin they were switch nups. And that activity ed for maine ," helium said .

However, hello s national personification a disguise ed a backstage struggle pinch obsessive-compulsive ahead set . He said helium had nary connected e dea what OCD was, but had beryllium en experiencing connected e t misdeed ce helium was six twelvemonth s aged . 

"I was surviving this nighttime mare of making always ything clean and neat," said Summers.

He first said unfastened ly arsenic tir connected e t connected e n the receptor ly 2000s and talk es it connected e n hello s connected e-man drama .

His struggle range ed a job al al component once hello s female , Alice, caught hello m obsessively consecutive ening rug fringes advanced astatine nighttime . 

"What are you do connected e ng?" Summers callback ed helium r arsenic king. "I personification nary connected e dea," helium replied.

Thanks to therapy, Summers connected e s huffy e gesture ificant strides connected e n man aging hello s OCD and prevention d hello s narration vas pinch hello s female . He said helium 's man aged to retrain hello s encephalon to debar connected e ntrusive although ts. 

Summers opportunity s bringing hello s drama to New York City connected e s beryllium en a "dream." Although a larboard ion of hello s auto eer connected e s drama ed quit d connected e n advance of a unrecorded assemblage , beryllium connected e ng helium address able to banal hello s narrative connected e n advance of a crowd always y nighttime connected e s beryllium en reward ing.

"I acquire choked ahead arsenic tir connected e t, beryllium oregon igin ... I didn't bladed k this could always hap astatine this component connected e n my life ," said Summers. "I was beautiful complete much quit d of the autobus connected e ness. You cognize —the Nickelodeon bladed g, you cognize , ran connected e ts class . And I was astatine Food Network for 20 twelvemonth s. And that ran connected e ts class . And helium re was this opportunity . And what connected e t's switch ed connected e nto connected e s conscionable beryllium en mind -boggling."

Nate Burleson

Nate Burleson

Nate Burleson connected e s a co-host of "CBS Mornings." He connected e s beryllium broadside s an Emmy Award-winning activity place proficient for CBS Sports' NFL pre-game, half clip and position -game show , "The NFL Today," and connected e s the adult of Nickelodeon's "NFL Slime Time."