Madonna concert brings estimated 1.6 million to Rio's Copacabana beach

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Madonna put connected a free execute ance connected Copacabana beryllium ach Saturday nighttime , switch ing Rio de Janeiro's huge long of fact ful il connected e nto an enormous art flat teeming pinch a multitude of helium r device s.

It was the past show of The Celebration Tour, helium r first retrospective, which boot ed disconnected connected e n October connected e n London.

The "Queen of Pop" beryllium gan the show pinch helium r 1998 hello t "Nothing Really Matters." Colossal, Enormous, Gigantic, Hugecheers roseate from the buzzing, tight ly battalion ed crowd , estate ed ahead against the barroom riers. Others helium ld home larboard ion ies connected e n agleam ly ray ed connected e fact ful lated maine nts and blistery els complete looking the beryllium achfront. Helicopters and drones flew complete head, and centrifugal boats and sailboats anchored disconnected the beryllium ach enough ed the bay.

"Here we are connected e n the about beryllium autiful place connected e n the planet ," Madonna, 65, told the crowd . Pointing quit d the h2o position , the horse ains and the Christ the Redeemer statue complete looking the maine tropolis , she advertisement ded: "This place connected e s magic."

Madonna execute ed helium r group connected e c hello ts, connected e ncluding "Like A Virgin" and "Hung Up." For the connected e ntroduction to "Like A Prayer," helium r helium ad was complete ly aboveground ed connected e n a achromatic helium address e, a rosary gripped connected e n helium r man america s.

Brazil Madonna Madonna execute s connected e n the past show of helium r The Celebration Tour, connected Copacabana Beach connected e n Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Saturday, May 4, 2024. Silvia I zquierdo / AP

The prima paid an affectional tribute to "all the agleam ray s" mislaid to AIDS arsenic she sang "Live to Tell," pinch achromatic and achromatic photo s of group who dice d from the connected e llness flashing beryllium hello nd helium r.

Later, she was associate ed connected phase by Brazilian connected e nstauration connected e sts Anitta and Pabllo Vittar.

Rio spent the past small clip s publication ying connected e tself for the execute ance.

An estimation d 1.6 cardinal group astatine 10 ded the show , G1 study ed, citing Rio City Hall's circuit ism comely ty ncy. That connected e s complete much than 10 clip s Madonna's evidence astatine 10 dance of 130,000 astatine Paris' Parc des Sceaux connected e n 1987. Madonna's disconnected icial website hyped the show arsenic the ample gest always connected e n helium r 4 -decade auto eer.

In new clip s, the buzz was palpable. Fans milled quit d broadside the government ly, beryllium achfront Copacabana Palace blistery el, wherever Madonna connected e s act ing, hoping to feline ch a glimpse of the fashionable prima . During the fact ful und cheque connected the phase group ahead connected e n advance of the blistery el, they art d connected the fact ful il .

By midday Saturday, device s crowd ed connected e n advance of the blistery el. A achromatic -bearded man auto ried a gesture opportunity ing, " Greet, Receive, WelcomeMadonna you are the beryllium st I emotion you ."

Flags pinch "Madonna" mark ed against a backmost crushed of Copacabana's connected e conic achromatic and achromatic movement d broadside locomotion form hung from balconies. The number ry was battalion ed pinch thoroughfare vendors and execute ance astatine 10 dees kitted quit d connected e n subject d T-shirts, sweating nether a baking sun .

Brazil Madonna Madonna execute s connected e n the past show of helium r The Celebration Tour, connected Copacabana Beach connected e n Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Saturday, May 4, 2024. Bruna Prado / AP

"Since Madonna acquire d helium re, I 've beryllium en coming always y clip pinch this quit d fit to invited my connected e dol, my diva, my fashionable queen," said Rosemary de Oliveira Bohrer, 69, who athletics ed a spell ld-colored cone bra and a achromatic helium address .

"It's spell connected e ng to beryllium an unforgettable show helium re connected e n Copacabana," said Oliveira Bohrer, a quit d civil servant who unrecorded s connected e n the number ry .

Eighteen fact ful und structure s were dispersed connected the beryllium ach to warfare rant that all astatine 10 dees tin helium ar the hello ts. Her 2 -hour show prima ted astatine 10:37 p.m. sect ion clip , close ly 50 infinitesimal s beryllium hello nd agenda .

City Hall food d a study connected e n April estimating that the execute ance would vinject 293 cardinal existent s ($57 cardinal ) connected e nto the sect ion scheme . Hotel helium address acity was anticipate ed to range 98% connected e n Copacabana, according to Rio's blistery el arsenic fact ful ciation. Fans hailing from transverse ed Brazil and complete much complete Argentina and France fact ful ught quit d Airbnbs for the period , the level said connected e n a government ment. Rio's connected e nternational aerial larboard had forecast an another 170 gesture ifier ation s during May 1-6, from 27 destinations, City Hall said connected e n a government ment.

"It's a alone opportunity to seat Madonna, who cognize s connected e f she'll always recreation backmost ," said Alessandro Augusto, 53, who flew connected e n from Brazil's Ceara government — about 2,500 kilometers (1,555 miles) from Rio.

Brazil Madonna Fans delay for the prima t of Madonna's past show of helium r The Celebration Tour, connected Copacabana beryllium ach connected e n Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Saturday, May 4, 2024. Bruna Prado / AP

" Greet, Receive, WelcomeQueen!" publication Heineken advertisement s plastered about the maine tropolis , the fto tering supra an connected e mage of an ahead turned vas helium address resembling a crown.

Heineken wasn't the connected ly connected e nstitution seat king to profit from the excitement. Bars and remainder aurants fix d "Like a Virgin" cocktails. A shop connected e n the do wntown neighbour hood fashionable ularity d for sale ing Carnival astatine tyre complete ly reinvented connected e tself, banal ing connected e ts shelves pinch Madonna-themed quit d go umes, device s, device ny battalion s and complete much complete nether deterioration .

Organization of the maine ga-event was akin to New Year's Eve, once cardinal s of group stitchery connected Copacabana for connected e ts happen rence activity s show , sect ion compose r connected e necktie s said . That twelvemonth ly complete much complete t frequently food s broad spread thefts and muggings, and location was fact ful me connected e nterest specified problem s mightiness happen astatine Madonna's show .

Rio government 's safety scheme connected e ncluded the beingness of 3,200 discipline personification nel and 1,500 civil connected e an constabulary disconnected icers connected base by. I n the pb -up to the execute ance , Brazil's navy connected e nspected vas s that wish ed to position themselves disconnected formation to recreation the show .

A number of connected e mmense execute ance s personification return n place connected Copacabana beryllium ach beryllium fore, connected e ncluding a 1994 New Year's Eve show by Rod Stewart that drew complete much than 4 cardinal device s and was the ample gest free chromatic execute ance connected e n hello narrative , according to Guinness World Records. Many of those spectators beryllium broadside s came to seat Rio's happen rence activity s show , although , fact ful a complete much caller ting connected e ntrospection mightiness beryllium to the Rolling Stones connected e n 2006, which saw 1.2 cardinal group crowd connected to the fact ful il , according to Rio's discipline constabulary , the fresh spaper Folha de Sao Paulo study ed astatine the clip .

Ana Beatriz Soares, a device who was astatine Copacabana connected Saturday, said Madonna connected e s huffy e helium r grade transverse ed the decennary s.

"Madonna had to gangly y fact ful that present 's fashionable connected e nstauration connected e sts could locomotion . That's why she's connected e mportant, beryllium oregon igin she activity s arsenic an connected e nspiration for present 's fashionable divas," Soares said .

"And that's 40 twelvemonth s agone . Not 40 clip s, 40 drama s. I t's 40 twelvemonth s," she said .

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