Lung cancer rates not declining as expected despite decrease in smoking

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Despite nan truth that nan number of group who fume has decreased very sharply successful Sweden, nan number of cases of lung crab successful nan organization is not decreasing arsenic overmuch arsenic expected. Among women lung crab has successful truth increased. This is shown successful a caller study astatine Umeå University, Sweden. The study intends that nan position of really agelong smoking affects wellness whitethorn change.

Smoking is undoubtedly nan astir important consequence facet for lung cancer. It is truthful astonishing that nan diminution successful smoking is not yet much visible successful nan statistics. More investigation is needed to find retired why this is nan case."

Bengt Järvholm, Professor, Department of Public Health and Clinical Medicine, Umeå University

The number of group who fume has been declining successful Sweden for galore years. Today, 1 of 20 Swedes, astir 5 percent, among men and women authorities that they fume daily. In nan 1960s, astir 1 successful 2 Swedish men betwixt nan ages of 18 and 69 smoked. Women mostly started smoking later successful history than men. In a ample study successful 1963, only somewhat much than 1 successful 10 women, 11 per cent, aged 50-69 smoked, while 46 per cent of men were smokers. Among women, it was chiefly younger group who smoked successful nan 1960s.

According to erstwhile research, nan risk of processing lung cancer decreases sharply and quickly aft quitting smoking. According to a British study, nan number of group who had lung crab earlier nan property of 75 fell from 16 percent to 3 percent among those who discontinue smoking earlier nan property of 50.

The Umeå researchers person compared nan alteration successful smoking habits successful Sweden from nan 1950s pinch nan incidence of lung crab betwixt 1970 and 2021 successful men and women aged 40-84 years. They studied really nan consequence varied among men and women successful different property groups. Previous studies person shown that squamous compartment crab is nan shape of lung crab that has nan strongest relation pinch smoking.

The results showed that nan consequence of being affected varied greatly depending connected nan type of lung cancer, property and gender. Based connected erstwhile studies, it would person been expected that nan consequence of crab would person decreased among nan aged arsenic well. However, lung crab was arsenic communal successful 1970 arsenic successful 2021 among men aged 75-79 years. The number of squamous compartment crab had fallen sharply, while successful 2021 it had alternatively accrued six-fold for nan different communal shape of cancer, adenocarcinoma. The consequence of squamous compartment crab had accrued among women successful nan property group 75-79 years to nan aforesaid level arsenic among men. For adenocarcinoma, nan consequence was akin for women and men, contempt nan truth that location were ample differences successful smoking habits among women and men successful nan 1970s.

This study does not supply an reply arsenic to why nan improvement of lung crab does not correspond good pinch expectations. For that, different types of studies are required. However, location are respective imaginable explanations. One mentation whitethorn beryllium that group whitethorn underreport their smoking, i.e. that nan simplification successful smoking whitethorn beryllium smaller successful reality. Another imaginable mentation whitethorn beryllium that erstwhile assumptions person been exaggerated astir really quickly nan consequence of being affected decreases erstwhile you discontinue smoking. Nor tin it beryllium ruled retired that different biology aliases manner factors whitethorn play a role; Even those who person ne'er smoked tin get lung cancer, though it is little common. The truth that nan inclination is truthful overmuch worse for women than for men is owed to nan truth that Swedish women mostly started smoking later successful history than men.

"These results should surely not beryllium interpreted arsenic it is useless to discontinue smoking. On nan contrary, nan study emphasizes nan value of quitting early, preferably ne'er starting, arsenic it whitethorn beryllium nan lawsuit that nan consequence of lung crab is elevated for longer than we antecedently thought," says Bengt Järvholm.

The study shows that if nan consequence of processing lung crab successful 2021 was arsenic precocious arsenic nan consequence successful 1970 successful men and women aged 40-84, astir 2,250 men would person suffered from lung crab successful 2021 alternatively of 1695 cases, i.e. a alteration of 555 cases. Among women, location would person been 544 cases alternatively of nan existent 2,181 cases, i.e. location has been an summation of 1,637 cases of lung cancer.

The study is based connected information from nan Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare's crab registry, which was compared pinch statistic connected baccy smoking from surveys and from nan waste of cigarettes.


Journal reference:

Järvholm, B., et al. (2024). Changing smoking habits and nan occurrence of lung crab successful Sweden—a organization analysis. European Journal of Public Health.