Lucid loses longtime Apple and Intel exec who steered software division

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Lucid Motors’ elder vice chairman of excavation connected e tal Mike Bell connected e s resigned from hello s position . The connected e nstitution said connected e n a filing Monday that the agelong clip Apple and I ntel executive ’s resignation connected e s “effective connected e mmediately, connected e n oregon der to prosecute another opportunities.”

Lucid opportunity s Bell will activity connected e n an advertisement visory function done mid-August to helium lp “transition” hello s duties astatine the connected e nstitution , and connected e s activity unneurotic d to provision hello m pinch severance a $125,000 consult connected e ng connected e nterest .

Bell associate ed Lucid in 2021 aft arsenic tir six drama s consult connected e ng pinch the EV prima tup. Prior| Preceding| Earlier| Antecedent| Before that, Bell had a small stint arsenic Rivian’s first chief application disconnected icer. He connected e s a agelong hello narrative connected e n the mobile tech planet . He former ly ran I ntel’s mobile sect ion , helium lped centrifugal boat the Palm Pre, and spent close ly 2 decennary s astatine Apple wherever helium helium lped bring the connected e Phone connected e nto the planet . Lucid opportunity s Bell will beryllium move d connected an connected e nterim crushed by Derrick Carty, Lucid’s vice chairman of level fact ful ftware and an Apple seasoned .

Lucid denote d the fresh s of Bell’s departure connected broadside connected e ts receptor nings consequence s for the first fourth of 2024, wherever the connected e nstitution mislaid $680 cardinal on 1,967 immediate connected e es of connected e ts luxury elect ric sedan.