Louis Gossett Jr. Dead at 87: ‘An Officer and a Gentleman’ Oscar Winner Dies

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Lous Gosset Jr.

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Louis Gossett Jr. has reportedly died astatine nan property of 87. The precocious character was celebrated for his domiciled successful nan 192 movie An Officer and a Gentleman, for which he won nan Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor. He was nan first Black man to return location an Oscar successful nan category.

The Associated Press reported nan news. Gossett’s origin of decease has not been revealed.

In summation to Gossett’s Oscar-winning role, he was besides known for his capacity successful 1977’s miniseries Roots, having won an Emmy Award.

Louis Gosset Jr. astatine nan 45th NAACP Image Awards Getty Images

The Brooklyn autochthonal sewage his commencement successful show biz successful nan 1950s aft auditioning for a Broadway play. After earning much acting credits, Gossett went connected to play aggregate movie roles. In 1961, he appeared alongside nan salient Sidney Poitier successful A Raisin successful nan Sun. Throughout nan early years of Gossett’s career, Hollywood perpetuated group stereotyping successful countless films and tv shows.

During an question and reply with The Times successful 2008, Gossett opened up astir his acquisition successful Hollywood arsenic a Black actor.

“I had to enactment arsenic if I was 2nd class. I had to behave myself,” he told nan publication that year, according to The Los Angeles Times. “The only clip I was really free was erstwhile nan head said ‘action’ successful beforehand of a camera aliases connected nan shape and that’s erstwhile I flew.”

Eight years later, Gossett pointed retired that nan movie manufacture needed to research much African American stories, since astir movie projects and tv shows were still featuring mostly achromatic casts.

“Everybody knows astir nan Roman and nan Greeks and nan Vikings and nan British. But there’s different civilization that’s very rich: nan African culture,” Gossett explained to The Washington Post successful 2016. “We person to show those stories. Our inclusion successful history is important to see, particularly for African American children. They person to cognize whose shoulders they guidelines on.”

Gossett was joined 3 times. His first woman was Hattie Glascoe, whom he was joined to from 1967 to 1968 erstwhile they annulled it. In 1973, he tied nan knot pinch Christina Mangosing, and they divided successful 1975. In 1987, nan precocious character joined Cyndi James-Reese, and they divided successful 1992.

He leaves down 2 children: boy Satie and boy Sharron.