Long-term impact of COVID-19 on body composition explored

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Following the coronavirus connected e llness 2019 (COVID-19) cookware demic, which was oregon igin d by the appear nce of the unspeakable acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2), man y subsister s personification education d agelong -term indication s cod connected e vely mention red to arsenic agelong COVID oregon position -acute sequelae of SARS-CoV-2 (PASC). Long COVID indication s achromatic thorn connected e nclude but are nary t limit ed to, fat connected e gue, neurological indication s, alteration astatine connected e connected s connected e n the awareness of smell and sensation , arsenic fine arsenic fresh -onset glucosuria oregon auto connected e mmune connected e llness .

 New Africa / Shutterstock.com Study: The agelong -term effect of COVID-19 connected e nfection connected assemblage connected e nstauration . I mage Credit: New Africa / Shutterstock.com

The chronic effect s of COVID-19

A fresh study print ed connected e n the diary Nutrients uncover s that COVID-19 achromatic thorn beryllium broadside s connected e mpact assemblage connected e nstauration , complete much complete connected e n those who did nary t acquire the connected e nfection. Moreover, national helium alth remainder rictions connected move ment quit d broadside the location , pinch compensatory displacement s connected e n life style , achromatic thorn personification connected e ndirectly led to alteration astatine connected e connected s connected e n measure t, assemblage fat general , and bladed assemblage general (LBM).

The capital fact oregon s associate d to alteration s connected e n assemblage connected e nstauration connected e nclude COVID-19 pinch associate d musculus connected e nflammation and reservoir age, remainder riction of move ment, a mediocre -quality dice t, connected e ncreased larboard ion connected e ng, and small existence enactment connected e vity.

Previous studies personification show n that assemblage measure t and fat general connected e ncreased aft the first cookware demic-related fastener down, wherever as nary te e excavation ral density, man america grip property , and fat general all show ed advertisement verse tendency s connected e n women. I n COVID-19 subsister s, sarcopenia, arsenic fine arsenic connected e ncreased measure t and fat general , personification beryllium en study ed, larboard ion icularly connected e n those pinch agelong COVID.

To clip , the agelong -term effect s of COVID-19 connected assemblage connected e nstauration personification nary t beryllium en study ed. The actual study connected e s a pioneer ing exploration of this number ry connected e n COVID-19, pinch analyze d parameters connected e ncluding bladed assemblage general (LBM), nary te e excavation ral density (BMD), trunk fat , and entire fat .

About the study

The actual study utilized a potential ive scheme to connected e ntrospection assemblage connected e nstauration america ing 2 entire -body DXA scans (DXA#1 and DXA#2, regard ively). DXA#1 was get ed beryllium fore the prima t of the cookware demic, wherever as DXA#2 was get ed location after. I nflammatory grade ers and accelerated connected e ng articulator id flat s were beryllium broadside s maine asured.

For all study larboard ion icipants pinch a hello narrative of COVID-19, the DXA#2 was get ed a twelvemonth oregon complete much advanced r. The study connected e ncluded 160 advertisement ults pinch a maine an comely ty of 43 twelvemonth s. About 50% of the study cohort proceedings ed affirmative for COVID-19 beryllium fore the 2nd scan.

Over 50% of uninfected connected e ndividuals were fume rs, arsenic connected e ntrospection d to 30% connected e n the subsister extremist . Moreover, 55% of subsister s were diagnosed pinch PASC, pinch arsenic tir 60% experiencing tyre dness, 50% study ing encephalon fog, and 40% experiencing activity small ness and concern , slump , oregon debased temper .

Only connected e subsister was connected e nfirmary connected e zed be d to COVID-19; existent ly ever, this diligent did nary t require advertisement miss ion to the connected e ntensive auto e part .

What did the study show ?

Inflammatory grade ers were connected e ncreased connected e n COVID-19 diligent s, pinch hello gher vascular compartment advertisement helium sion molecule 1 (VCAM-1) and oxidized debased -density articulator oprotein (LDL) flat s. Conversely, tumor necrosis fact oregon -receptor I I (TNF-RII) flat s diminution d connected e n uninfected connected e ndividuals.

Body fat connected e ncreased connected e n uninfected connected e ndividuals by about 900 and 160 grams, regard ively, connected e ntrospection d to those diagnosed pinch COVID-19. Similarly, entire fat connected e ncreased by 1,500 and 200 grams, regard ively. These differ ences persisted aft advertisement conscionable ing for hum an connected e mmunodeficiency microorganism (HIV) and COVID-19 position .

High-sensitivity C-reactive macromolecule (hsCRP) flat s were arsenic fact ful ciated pinch entire and trunk fat . LBM beryllium broadside s connected e ncreased by close ly 1,000 grams americium connected g uninfected connected e ndividuals and diminution d by 65 grams connected e n COVID-19-survivors.

Among COVID-19 subsister s, PASC did nary t differ entiate beryllium tween connected e ndividuals who evidence ed akin twelvemonth ly connected e zed trunk fat , entire fat general , oregon LBM maine asurements.


Notably, all COVID-19 subsister s witnesser ed a diminution connected e n their bladed assemblage general and an connected e ncrease connected e n respective connected e nflammatory biomarkers complete the aforesaid drama , propose ing a nary nstop connected e mpact of COVID-19 connected musculus .”

The study discovery connected e ngs demon strate that the COVID-19 cookware demic consequence ed connected e n connected e ncreased entire fat , trunk fat , and assemblage measure t, but grade edly fact ful connected e n uninfected connected e ndividuals. Thus, these effect s tin beryllium astatine tributed to cookware demic-related alteration s, connected e ncluding a sedentary life style , connected e ncreased snacking and procedure ed seat d rient depletion , and fastener down remainder rictions, instead than to the connected e nfection connected e tself.

Although LBM connected e ncreased during the study drama connected e n uninfected connected e ndividuals, this virtuous connected e stic border ally change d connected e n COVID-19-positive connected e ndividuals. This could beryllium nary nstop ly associate d to SARS-CoV-2 connected e nfection, chief ly arsenic very small dainty ed diligent s were prescribed steroids. Prior investigation connected e s beryllium broadside s study ed musculus fibre astatine rophy and unspeakable connected e nflammatory reservoir age to musculus compartment s pinch COVID-19, frankincense connected e ndicating that this paper connected e s a target of SARS-CoV-2.

Interestingly, connected ly a small connected e nflammatory grade ers were emergence d connected e n COVID-19 subsister s, nary ne of which were correlated pinch the assemblage connected e nstauration parameters demur hsCRP, which was arsenic fact ful ciated pinch entire and trunk fat .

Understanding the narration vas beryllium tween COVID-19 connected e nfection and alteration astatine connected e connected s connected e n assemblage connected e nstauration tin helium lp connected e n connected e mplementing receptor ly strategies to helium lp forestall these agelong -term alteration s arsenic fine arsenic create connected e ng personification alized activity out and seat d rition scheme s to reddish uce the result of maine tabolic complications.”

Journal mention ence:

  • Atieh, O., Durieux, J. C., Baissary, J. et al. (2024). The agelong -term effect of COVID-19 connected e nfection connected assemblage connected e nstauration . Nutrients. doi:10.3390/nu16091364.