Lizzo says she's not leaving music industry, clarifies "I QUIT" statement

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Interview pinch erstwhile dancers suing Lizzo

"I was mortified": Former dancers suing Lizzo picture moments pinch singer 14:20

Lizzo clarified Tuesday that she was not quitting music, days aft nan vocalist worried fans pinch a cryptic connection she posted connected Instagram.

The vocalist said her first Friday "I QUIT" statement wasn't astir nan euphony industry, but astir really she wants to extremity "giving immoderate antagonistic power attention." 

"What I'm not going to discontinue is nan joyousness of my life, which is making music, which is connecting pinch people," she said successful a Tuesday video. "Because I cognize I'm not alone. In nary measurement style aliases shape americium I nan only personification who is experiencing that antagonistic sound which seems to beryllium louder than nan positive."

The Grammy-winning vocalist has dealt pinch body-shaming comments passim her profession and has besides faced accusations of workplace harassment. 

Last year, immoderate of Lizzo's erstwhile dancers accused her of intersexual harassment and group favoritism successful a lawsuit. In different lawsuit, a former worker alleged that nan entertainer condoned a dispute activity situation successful which unit were subjected to harassment, favoritism and bullying.

Lizzo seemed to beryllium responding to some nan allegations and nan body-shaming successful her station connected Friday. 

"All I want is to make euphony and make group happy and thief nan world beryllium a small amended than really I recovered it," she wrote. "But I'm starting to consciousness for illustration nan world doesn't want maine successful it. I'm perpetually up against lies being told astir maine for clout & views... being nan butt of nan joke each azygous clip because of really I characteristic being picked isolated by group who don't cognize maine and disrespecting my name."

Several celebrities posted messages of support aft her Friday statement, including Sophia Bush and Paris Hilton. 

"The net isn't existent life," Bush wrote. "Protect you. We emotion you."

In Tuesday's video, Lizzo thanked fans for their support and said she was going to support moving forward. 

"I'm going to support being me," she said. 

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