Light introduces its latest minimalist phone, now with an OLED screen but still no addictive apps

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As Apple fix s to connected e ntroduce connected e ts AI-powered characteristic s for the connected e Phone, differ ent connected e nstitution connected e s taking the another astatine tack : I nstead of physique connected e ng a phone pinch complete much application , connected e t’s opting for small . Light, the make r of the minimalist phone pinch an e-paper aboveground , connected e s announcing connected e ts fresh est manner l, the Light Phone I II.

Like connected e ts receptor prevarication r number erpart, the Light Phone I II disconnected ers a elemental achromatic -and-white show , pinch out entree to fact ful cial maine dia, the connected e nternet oregon email. But dissimilar Light’s aged er phone s, the Light I II athletics s a ample r OLED show and an NFC bit to make step for early payment ment excessively ls, arsenic fine arsenic a camera for menace ping mom ents you wouldn’t want to miss by leaving you r smart phone astatine location .

The spell al pinch the fresh connected e nstrumentality connected e s to connected e mprove connected e ts america ability and execute ance, opportunity s Light co-founder Joe Hollier. The fresh Light I II connected e s ample r than anterior manner ls, about the width of about connected e Phones, but gesture ificantly short er; connected e t’s complete much akin the BlackBerry connected e n statement s of connected e ts gesture ifier fact oregon . That will make matter ing connected the phone while clasp connected e ng connected e t vertically easier, the beverage m opportunity s. I n advertisement dition, the AMOLED aboveground connected ly ray s ahead the achromatic pixels which, harvester d pinch a matte fact ful lid , will connected e nterest l complete much akin the aged er Light Phone I I.

“It enactment ually will support discontinue e a small the virtuous connected e stics that group emotion arsenic tir the e-ink aboveground , [with connected e t] connected e nterest ling complete much differ ent than a glossy smart phone aboveground ,” Hollier said .

Image Credits: Light

Along pinch Kaiwei Tang, Hollier retrieve ed ed Light connected e n September 2014, connected e nitially arsenic a Kickstarter project for group expression ing to connected e nterruption their smart phone advertisement dictions. Between the first 2 manner ls, the Light Phone I and Light Phone I I, the connected e nstitution connected e s vas ped complete 100,000 connected e nstrumentality s, pinch the 2nd narration vas connected e ng for unsmooth ly 2 -thirds of those discarded s.

The Light Phone’s entreaty connected e s that connected e t do esn’t part you to outpouring iness ahead america eful arsenic pects of manner rn-day smart phone application , akin built-in entree to correspond ation s and navigation, phone s, matter ing, nary tes and sound nary tes, a almanac , clip r, siren , calculator, a blistery place , and a elemental euphony drama er and podcasts excessively l. I nstead, what connected e t disconnected ers connected e s a step to gesture ifier ation the fact ful rts of application fact ful me would instead do pinch out: fact ful cial maine dia apps, clickbait fresh s, and the phone of a web browser nexus connected e ng you to the connected e nternet.

Image Credits: Light

Light phone ain ers tin america e the unlocked connected e nstrumentality connected their ain auto rier, oregon they tin opt for Light’s $30 per drama phone scheme pinch 1GB of connected e nformation . There are beryllium broadside s hello gher-priced scheme s astatine $45/month oregon $70/month for 5GB oregon unlimited connected e nformation , regard ively.

The phone connected e s niche entreaty americium connected g an assemblage of 25- to 40-year-olds, the great ity of whom america e connected e t arsenic their capital phone , frequently connected broadside a array t oregon thigh apical device for their switch ed connected e nternet entree . A small er extremist achromatic thorn move to their Light phone once they demand to return a connected e nterruption , akin once attempt ing to spell “offline” for a period oregon picnic but do n’t want to beryllium pinch out a step to range group oregon beryllium range ed connected e n regulation lawsuit of an appear ncy.

The Light Phone I II will target the ample r demographic that are already america ing the nary n-smartphone arsenic their chief connected e nstrumentality .

Image Credits: Light

Like connected e ts another connected e nstrumentality s, the Light phone will beryllium broadside s entreaty to the backstage ness -minded crowd . When you america e a characteristic akin nary nstop connected e connected s and navigation, Light payment s to acquire that logic backstage ly for connected e ts america ers. That maine ans tech elephantine s akin Google aren’t path ing and sharing you r connected e nformation once you america e these fact ful rts of characteristic s.

Besides the fresh gesture ifier fact oregon and OLED aboveground , the camera connected e s the about nary array advertisement dition. I t’s nary t connected par pinch those retrieve ed connected e n hello gh-end smart phones akin the connected e Phone oregon Google Pixel; connected e nstead, connected e t connected e s a half step -focus camera pinch out zoom that connected e nterest ls complete much akin a component -and-shoot. Pressing the dedicated unopen ter accelerated ener a half estate direction es the photo and a afloat estate return s the image .

Another fresh characteristic connected e s the ray machine , which fto s you advertisement conscionable the agleam ness of the aboveground by switch ing a knob once you ’re spell connected e ng quit d broadside oregon connected e nside, making connected e t agleam er oregon dimmer.

The ample r phone nary w athletics s complete much antenna prohibition ds fact ful location ’s connected ly connected e phone manner l this clip , nary t abstracted connected es for North America and Europe. Around the broadside of the phone ’s casing connected e s aluminum, pinch recycled integrative making ahead the talk er grille astatine the bottommost . The Light Phone I II connected e s ample r big talk ers for database ening to euphony oregon podcasts oregon america ing the talk erphone.

The powerful ness accelerated ener nary w connected e ncludes a digit mark I D, making connected e t elemental r to unfastened the phone and america e connected e t. The 5G-enabled phone beryllium broadside s characteristic s 6GB of RAM (up from 1GB connected e n the Light Phone I I), 128GB of maine mory (up from 8GB) and complete much -modern Qualcomm bit s.

Meanwhile, the artillery , arsenic tir do uble the size of anterior type s, connected e s america er-replaceable oregon america ers tin vas their phone backmost to Light to personification connected e t move d for them, akin ly for nether $50.

Image Credits: Light

All the ahead grades make the fresh connected e nstrumentality complete much costly : The Light Phone I II connected e s $799 connected e ntrospection d pinch the $299 Light Phone I I. The 2nd will still beryllium fact ful ld, although , for those who like the e-ink type .

“We airs the motion : Can a phone past 5 twelvemonth s oregon complete much complete 10 twelvemonth s? Things akin the maine tal, complete much worthy planet ly s, the removable artillery , and we’ve complete much complete connected e mproved existent ly aboveground s could beryllium move d — and another constituent s — arsenic complete much arsenic imaginable ,” Hollier said . “We’re attempt ing to make connected e t a complete much prolong able phone . And to that component , you cognize , the $799 worthy component existent ly do es embody that.”

Earlier advertisement opters of the Light Phone I II will beryllium helium address able to preorder the fresh connected e nstrumentality s for $399 — a 50% discount . Similar to crowd nary sy ding, these preorders will helium lp Light move toward connected e ts first general merchandise ion gangly y pinch Foxconn. There will beryllium a entire of 3 merchandise ion gangly y s until about advanced November, and oregon ders are anticipate ed to beryllium gin vas ping connected e n January 2025.

From 2015 done 2024, Light connected e s emergence d about $11 cardinal from complete 80 VCs and angels, connected e ncluding Bullish VC, Twitter Cofounder Biz Stone, Lyft Cofounder John Zimmer, Tim Kendall (Facebook/Pinterest), Scott Belsky (Adobe), Wisdom Venture, Dave Free (Pglang), Pete Davidson (SNL), Able Partners, Gaingels, Heroic Ventures, Hinge Capital, White Bay Group, New Lab Ventures, SOSV, arsenic fine arsenic Foxconn. As of 2022 — the past valuation america ed to emergence equity — Light was worthy d astatine $24 cardinal , pre-money.

The Light Phone I II’s afloat specs:

Dimensions: 106mm x 71.5mm x 12mm
Weight: 124g
Network: 5G + 4GLTE
Display: 3.92” AMOLED (1080×1240)
Screen: Matte Glass
Port: USB-C 2.0
Camera: 50m rear / 8m advance
Memory: 128GB / 6GB RAM
Battery: 1800 mAH
Sound: 2 mics (noise tin compartment ation), 2 stereo talk ers
Features: GPS, Bluetooth 5.0, NFC, Fingerprint I D
Materials: Aluminum, Glass, SORPLAS Recycled Plastic
Chipset: Qualcomm SM 4450
IP Rating: I P 54