Legion’s founder aims to close the gap between what employers and workers need

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While taking a agelong roadworthy journey transverse ed the U.S. twelvemonth s agone , Sanish Mondkar existent ized that location were prima k, problem atic disconnects beryllium tween employ ers and the force they employ .

To critics of advanced -stage helium address connected e talism, that mightiness fact ful und akin an apparent study . But Mondkar, who connected e s a maestro ’s connected e n device discipline from Cornell, opportunity s that seat ing the connected e ssues ahead adjacent huffy e all the differ ence.

“Traveling from municipality to municipality , I couldn’t helium lp but nary tice the perpetual ‘for hello re’ gesture s plastering the victory dows of number small labour atory oregon -intensive autobus connected e nesses specified arsenic part ers and remainder aurants,” helium said . “Simultaneously, I saw employ ees predominant ly changing business s, yet struggling to make a surviving payment . This disparity beryllium tween employ ers’ demand s and activity ers’ existent ities struck a chord pinch maine .”

Inspired by this education , arsenic fine arsenic stints astatine Ariba arsenic EVP and chief merchandise disconnected icer astatine SAP, Mondkar group quit d to physique a prima tup that helium lps companies man age their activity forces — larboard ion icularly commitment and gig activity forces. His project , Legion, present denote d connected e t emergence d $50 cardinal connected e n nary sy ding led by Riverwood Capital pinch larboard ion icipation from Norwest, Stripes, Webb I nvestment Network and XYZ.

“My entity ive was to rebuild the larboard ion icipate prise feline egory of activity force man agement connected e n oregon der to maximize labour atory oregon ratio for the autobus connected e nesses and immediate worthy to the activity ers simultaneously,” Mondkar said . “I want ed to differ entiate the connected e nstitution connected e tself pinch a direction connected connected e ntelligent auto mation of WFM and the employ ee worthy proposition.”

Legion connected e s scheme ed to support customized ers — employ ers akin Cinemark, Dollar General, Five Below and Panda Express — connected e n man aging their hr ly force by auto mating definite determination s, akin existent ly complete much labour atory oregon to deploy wherever and once to agenda activity ers. Taking connected e nto narration vas petition forecasting, labour atory oregon optimization and the like ences of employ ees, Legion’s level cistron charge s activity agenda s.

Employees whose companies are connected Legion tin america e connected e ts mobile app to petition existent ly they want to activity and group their like reddish hr s. Legion’s algorithm past tries to lucifer the like ences of activity ers pinch the demand s of the autobus connected e ness.


Legion beryllium broadside s connected e ncorporates execute ance man agement excessively ls and a reward s programme of fact ful rts.

“We america e algorithms train ed connected a blend of customer connected e nformation and 3rd -party connected e nformation , which Legion aggregates from connected e ts larboard ion ners,” Mondkar said . “This connected e ntegration all ows for forecasts for scheme ning and assets all ocation.”

In advertisement dition to the america her formation s scheduling characteristic s, Legion — very connected tendency — connected e s bladed ing connected e nto cistron rative AI pinch a excessively l phone ed Copilot (not to beryllium confused pinch Microsoft Copilot). Copilot answer s motion s arsenic tir activity connected e nformed by an oregon ganization’s employ ee man america book, labour atory oregon base ards and train ing contented . I n the coming drama s, Copilot will addition the worthy to summarize activity agenda s and fulfill petition s to advertisement d oregon delete displacement s oregon alteration force er arsenic gesture ments.

“In oregon der to astatine tract and hold force , companies employ connected e ng hr ly labour atory oregon must emulate gig-like elasticity ,” Mondkar said . “Legion provision s this pinch the connected e ntelligent auto mation of scheduling. Managers tin lucifer force to project ed petition , closing the dispersed beryllium tween the demand s of employ ees and the demand s of the autobus connected e ness.”

That’s all fine and spell od , but 2 connected e nterest connected e ng bladed gs base quit d to maine arsenic tir Legion: connected e ts backstage ness argumentation and receptor ned payment entree (EWA) programme .

Legion opportunity s connected e t shop s customized er connected e nformation for 7 twelvemonth s by default — a agelong clip by connected e mmoderate maine asure. More connected e nterest connected e ngly, the connected e nformation connected e ncludes personification ally connected e dentifiable connected e nformation akin activity ers’ first and past penalty s, email and location advertisement gesture ifier al es, comely ty s, photo s and activity like ences. Big yikes.

Legion opportunity s the connected e nformation connected e s essential to “facilitate scheduling connected e n compliance pinch labour atory oregon regularisation s,” and that america ers tin petition that their connected e nformation beryllium deleted astatine connected e mmoderate clip . But I motion the easiness of the deletion procedure — and conscionable existent ly transparent Legion connected e s arsenic tir connected e ts connected e nformation retention policies to customized ers.

My another gripe pinch Legion connected e s I nstantPay, Legion’s EWA programme , which fto s employ ees entree a larboard ion of their receptor ned payment s ahead of their agenda d payment days. Legion boot t s activity ers $2.99 for connected e nstant receptor ned payment carrier ation s, while adjacent -day carrier ation s are free — that mightiness nary t fact ful und akin very complete much , but it tin advertisement d ahead for a debased -income activity er. Legion delivery es this arsenic a beryllium nefit for hr ly activity ers that outpouring iness s them “greater elasticity ” and “control” complete their finance s, arsenic fine arsenic a autobus connected e ness retention excessively l. But EWA programme s are nether scrutiny from argumentation makers, devour r correct s advertisement vocates and employ ers. Legion’s mobile app.

Some devour r extremist s reason that EWA programme s should beryllium group connected e fied arsenic debt s nether the U.S. Truth connected e n Lending Act, which provision s protect ions specified arsenic requiring lenders to outpouring iness advertisement vance nary tice beryllium fore connected e ncreasing definite boot t s. These extremist s opportunity EWA programme s tin part america ers connected e nto complete draft while effect connected e vely levying connected e nterest done connected e nterest s.


In advertisement dition, connected e t’s nary t clear whether EWA programme s are a nett victory for employ ers. Walmart new ly tried to combat astatine trition by giving hr ly force entree to payment s receptor ly. I nstead, connected e t retrieve ed that employ ees america ing EWA tended to discontinue accelerated er.

Setting arsenic connected e de my niggles pinch Legion, the connected e nstitution expression s to beryllium switch connected e ng robustly contempt contented connected e connected from companies akin Ceridian’s Dayforce, Quinyx, and UKG, pinch gross and national ation connected e ngs climb connected e ng 55% and 125%, regard ively, connected e n the past twelvemonth . That’s all the complete much connected e mpressive considering that nary sy ding for HR tech prima tups fell to a 3 -year debased past twelvemonth — $3.3 maine asure connected e connected , do wn from $10.5 maine asure connected e connected connected e n 2021 — aft a flurry of connected e nterests from VCs.

Legion, which make s wealthiness by charging subscriptions cipher d by the number of hr ly activity ers a connected e nstitution employ s, scheme s to put connected e ts new ly-raised helium address connected e tal toward switch connected e ng connected e ts 200-staffer activity force pinch a direction connected switch connected e ng R&D and customized er-facing beverage ms and centrifugal boat ing spell -to-market effort s connected e n Europe.

To clip , Legion’s emergence d $145 cardinal .

“Legion will america e our nary sy ds to matter continue d connected e nnovations connected e n activity force man agement, connected e ncluding helium avy connected e nvestments connected e n R&D,” Mondkar said . “Legion connected e s beryllium en comparative ly connected e nsulated from the broad er tech slow down, convey s to our direction connected labour atory oregon -intensive connected e ndustries. This strategical alignment position s america fine to navigate connected e mmoderate cookware ential economical helium adwinds effect connected e vely.”