Kristen Stewart Reveals She & Fiancee Dylan Meyer Froze Their Eggs Together in New Interview

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Dylan Meyer and Kristen Stewart airs for pictures together

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Kristen Stewart and her fiancée, Dylan Meyer, aren’t successful a unreserved to say, “I do,” but they person made preparations for their future. The Love Lies Bleeding actress, 33, revealed successful a caller question and reply connected nan “Not Skinny But Not Fat” podcast that she and Dylan froze their eggs.

“We’ve done really annoying things for illustration frost our eggs and stuff. So, if we want to we can,” Kristen explained. She past added that since they’re “both, like, really casual people,” they did “this sweeping contented thing where we were like, ‘Marry me! You wed me!'”

“And past we conscionable ne'er planned a wedding because we were like, ‘We benignant of did it.’ But we’ll do it,” nan Twilight franchise prima continued. “I deliberation we person a very loose plan, which is due to us.”

Kristen Stewart fala sobre tempo e reencontrar Dylan Meyer depois de anos 🕰

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Kristen besides pointed retired that their engaged schedules request to align earlier they clasp a wedding ceremony.

“I’m directing a movie soon, and so, I person to do that earlier we get married,” she said. “Because we person to nonstop invites retired and springiness group clip to get fresh for that.”

Though she didn’t corroborate what movie she is directing, aggregate outlets antecedently reported that she would nonstop The Chronology of Water, based connected nan 2001 book pinch nan aforesaid title. Earlier this year, nan movie prima declared that she would not enactment successful different task until she could get down nan camera to direct.

“I’m going to make this movie earlier I ever activity for personification else,” she told Variety successful January. “Yeah, I will discontinue nan f**king business. I won’t make a-f**king-nother movie until I make this movie. I will show you that, for sure. I deliberation that will get things going.”

Kristen and Dylan person been together since 2019, but they knew each different earlier then. In November 2021, Kristen announced that she and Dylan were engaged, telling Howard Stern astatine nan clip that Dylan popped nan question.

As fans awaited nan pair’s highly anticipated wedding, Kristen has clarified complete nan years that she and nan screenwriter person been enjoying their engagement and weren’t successful a hurry to speech vows. During a caller question and reply pinch The Hollywood Reporter, nan Spencer character acknowledged that she mightiness commencement a family pinch Dylan.

“Well, I’m for illustration a quality being, you know? I deliberation astatine immoderate constituent I’d person a family,” Kristen said. “You’re calved into 1 and past you find some, you make some, and, you know, I’ll do each of that.”