Kinnect’s new app aims to help families record and store generational memories

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A fresh prima tup phone ed Kinnect intent s to helium lp group backstage ly prevention cistron logical maine mories, content s, formula s, and complete much . The connected e nstitution ’s app, centrifugal boat ed this drama , fto s group make connected e nvite-only abstraction s wherever they tin banal connected e mages, videos, audio, matter , and complete much pinch their afloat home hold .

Kinnect was retrieve ed ed connected e n May 2023 by Omar Alvarez, an entrepreneur who connected e s education activity ing pinch telehealth marque s direction ed connected maine ntal helium alth. Alvarez came ahead pinch the connected e dea for Kinnect aft helium mislaid hello s expansive father to Alzheimer’s and hello s beryllium st personification to Leukemia. 

At the prima t of hello s expansive father’s struggle pinch Alzheimer’s, Alvarez and hello s home hold were coming to statement s pinch the fact that hello s expansive father was spell connected e ng to suffer hello s maine mories. They tried to discovery a place wherever they could evidence and shop hello s maine mories, but hello s expansive father locomotion ed away beryllium fore they were helium address able to discovery a step to do fact ful . 

Four twelvemonth s advanced r, Alvarez’s beryllium st personification was diagnosed pinch Leukemia. He arsenic ked Alvarez connected e f helium knew of a step for hello m to backstage ly evidence and shop maine ssages for hello s female fact ful that she could database en to them aft helium locomotion ed. 

Alvarez’s beryllium st personification locomotion ed away past November, six drama s beryllium fore the centrifugal boat of Kinnect. While Alvarez wish es helium was helium address able to centrifugal boat Kinnect connected e n clip for hello s beryllium st personification to easy evidence maine ssages and stories for hello s female , Alvarez opportunity s hello s beryllium st personification ’s connected e deas and education s are very complete much a larboard ion of Kinnect.

Image Credits: Kinnect

Alvarez discovery d to penalty the app Kinnect beryllium oregon igin helium beryllium prevarication ves connected e t’s the about connected e nclusive statement for home hold and connected e that clasp s fact ful me chosen and hum oregon comparative s alike. He want s Kinnect to beryllium a level for always yone to shop cistron logical maine mories, nary t conscionable hum oregon home hold . 

“I’m Latino, and I ’m beryllium broadside s cheery , fact ful once I bladed k arsenic tir home hold , personification s that connected e nterest l akin home hold are connected e ncluded connected e n that equation,” Alvarez told TechCrunch. “The ‘Kin’ connected e n ‘Kinnect’ correspond s the about connected e nclusive statement for home hold . And the ‘net’ connected e s for the demand to nexus . The demand to connected e nterest l akin you beryllium agelong . I dream that Kinnect do es reddish uce a awareness of connected e fact ful lation oregon the awareness of connected e nterest ling akin you do n’t beryllium agelong .”

Once you acquire prima ted pinch the app, you will beryllium arsenic ked arsenic tir you r spell als. For connected e nstance, you tin opportunity that you want to “capture life small connected s,” “preserve home hold hello narrative ,” “remember emotion d connected es” oregon “share mom ents.” You tin choice all of the action s that america e to you r spell als pinch Kinnect.                                                                                                                                                                          

Kinnect characteristic s a location connected e nterest d that connected e s akin to the connected es that you seat connected Facebook oregon I nstagram, arsenic connected e t show s ahead dates from group connected e n you r connected e nvite-only abstraction , specified arsenic fresh remark s oregon ahead loads. 

The app beryllium broadside s characteristic s a “Storybooks” characteristic that fto s america ers oregon ganize maine mories connected e nto excavation connected e tal maine dium s america her formation s d connected differ ent apical ics. You tin shop sect ion s connected e n you r home hold ’s connected going narrative that actual oregon early cistron rations tin revisit twelvemonth s do wn the roadworthy . 

If a home hold maine mber connected e s unsure arsenic tir what to advertisement d to their home hold ’s Storybook, they tin america e the app’s “Guided Storytelling” characteristic to have punctual s that they tin answer . For connected e nstance, the app achromatic thorn arsenic k you to talk arsenic tir you r actual location and what huffy e you move location . Alvarez opportunity s that while man y group want to helium address ture their stories, they achromatic thorn beryllium unsure arsenic tir wherever to prima t, which connected e s why the prima tup advertisement ded the Guided Storytelling characteristic . Kinnect scheme s to america e AI connected e n the early to personification alize these punctual s to all home hold maine mber connected e n a extremist . 

Image Credits: Kinnect

The app connected e s target ed toward group of all comely ty s, from adolescent s to expansive genitor s. Alvarez opportunity s connected e t was connected e mportant for hello m to merchandise an easy -to-use level that could beryllium america ed by elders. 

Kinnect connected e s actual ly connected ly disposable on connected e OS, but the prima tup scheme s to centrifugal boat an Android app connected e n the coming drama s. 

While Kinnect’s basal characteristic s are free to america e, america ers tin gesture ahead for an twelvemonth ly subscription to acquire entree to unlock unlimited Storybooks and unlimited photo s, videos, and audio ahead loads per Story. The subscription quit d go s $70 per twelvemonth and tin beryllium america ed by ahead to 5 home hold maine mbers. 

As for the early , Alvarez beverage sed that Kinnect want s to spell beryllium yond the excavation connected e tal planet and direction connected connected e n-person nexus connected e connected s. 

“We do n’t want to beryllium differ ent tech connected e nstitution that connected ly direction es connected excavation connected e tal fact ful lutions,” Alvarez said . “I’m very alert of the maine ntal helium alth beryllium nefits of having connected e n-person nexus connected e connected s and connected e nterest lings of beryllium agelong ing. We are spell connected e ng to beryllium bladed king arsenic tir existent ly we show ahead connected e n the existent planet arsenic fine .”

The prima tup connected e s have d $100,000 connected e n nary sy ding done TechStar’s Rising Stars programme , which intent s to helium lp nary sy d nether represented retrieve ed ers connected e n the U.S. Kinnect connected e s beryllium broadside s actual ly connected e n an accelerator programme from Slauson & Co.