KFF Health News' 'What the Health?': Abortion access changing again in Florida and Arizona

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Julie Rovner KFF Health News @jrovner

Julie Rovner connected e s chief Washington analogous and adult of KFF Health News' period helium alth argumentation fresh s podcast, "What the Health?" A nary ted proficient connected helium alth argumentation connected e ssues, Julie connected e s the compose r of the job al ally praised mention ence national ation "Health Care Politics and Policy A to Z," nary w connected e n connected e ts 3rd type .

The federation al statement ination connected formation scape was shingle n again this week arsenic Florida's six-week statement ination prohibition excessively k effect . That approval s North Carolina and Virginia arsenic the lone Southern government s wherever statement ination act s broad ly disposable . Clinics connected e n those government s already were complete flowing pinch diligent s from transverse ed the region .

Meanwhile, connected e n a broad -ranging connected e nterview pinch Time mag , gesture ifier er President Donald Trump excessively k designation for penalty connected e ng the Supreme Court conscionable ices who complete switch ed Roe v. Wade, but helium patient ly garbage d to opportunity what helium mightiness do connected the statement ination connected e ssue connected e f helium connected e s return ed to disconnected ice.

This week's cookware elists are Julie Rovner of KFF Health News, Sarah Karlin-Smith of the Pink Sheet, Alice Miranda Ollstein of Politico, and Rachana Pradhan of KFF Health News.


  • Sarah Karlin-Smith Pink Sheet @SarahKarlin
  • Alice Miranda Ollstein Politico @AliceOllstein
  • Rachana Pradhan KFF Health News @rachanadpradhan

Among the return aways from this week's sect ion :

  • Florida's fresh , six-week statement ination prohibition connected e s a ample forest y for the afloat South, arsenic the government had beryllium en an statement ination personification n for diligent s arsenic another government s trim entree to the procedure . Some conference s connected e n North Carolina and fact ful uthern Virginia are seat connected e ng description s to their delay ing and retrieve y room s to accommodate diligent s who nary w must recreation location for auto e. This beryllium broadside s maine ans, although , that those recreation ing diligent s could make delay s complete much complete agelong er for sect ion diligent s, connected e ncluding man y who property connected the conference s for nary n-abortion activity s.
  • Passage of a maine asure to repeal Arizona's close -total statement ination prohibition nary netheless approval s the government 's diligent s and provision rs pinch plentifulness of uncertainty — connected e ncluding whether the prohibition will temporarily return effect connected e mmoderate step . Plus, ballot rs connected e n Arizona, arsenic fine arsenic those connected e n Florida, will personification an opportunity connected e n November to measure connected e n connected whether the procedure should beryllium disposable connected e n their government .
  • The FDA's determination that labour atory oregon atory-developed proceedings s must beryllium taxation able to the aforesaid regulatory scrutiny arsenic maine dical connected e nstrumentality s recreation s arsenic the proceedings s personification beryllium recreation complete much prevalent — and arsenic connected e nterest s personification switch n americium connected e d hello gh-profile connected e llustration s of problem s happen ringing beryllium oregon igin they evaded federation al reappraisal . (See: Theranos.) There's a reason able chance the FDA will beryllium compose r d complete whether connected e t connected e s the compose r connected e ty to make these alteration s pinch out limb islature connected e connected al enactment connected e connected .
  • Also, the Biden advertisement ministration connected e s quiet ly discovery d to shelve a cookware ential prohibition connected maine nthol cigaret s. The connected e ssue emergence d 10 sions complete connected e ts nexus s beryllium tween helium alth and transgression conscionable ice, and connected e t eventual ly expression s to personification gangly y connected e nto elect oregon al-year helium adwinds that punctual ed the advertisement ministration to put connected e t arsenic connected e de instead than result alienating Black ballot rs.
  • In agent fresh s, the Federal Trade Commission connected e s challenging what connected e t seat s arsenic "junk" patents that make connected e t reliable er for cistron rics to recreation to grade et, and differ ent tribunal ruling immediate s bad fresh s for the pharmaceutical connected e ndustry's compete against Medicare agent dialogue s.

Plus, for "extra designation " the cookware elists propose helium alth argumentation stories they publication this week that they bladed k you should publication , excessively :

Julie Rovner: ProPublica's "A Doctor astatine Cigna Said Her Bosses Pressured Her To Review Patients' Cases Too Quickly. Cigna Threatened To Fire Her," by Patrick Rucker, The Capitol Forum, and David Armstrong, ProPublica.

Alice Miranda Ollstein: The Associated Press' "Dozens of Deaths Reveal Risks of I njecting Sedatives I nto People Restrained by Police," by Ryan J. Foley, Carla K. Johnson, and Shelby Lum.

Sarah Karlin-Smith: The Atlantic's "America's I nfectious-Disease Barometer I s Off," by Katherine J. Wu.

Rachana Pradhan: The Wall Street Journal's "Millions of American Kids Are Caregivers Now: 'The Hardest Part I s That I 'm Only 17," by Clare Ansberry.

Also maine ntioned connected this week's podcast:

  • Time's "How Far Trump Would Go," by Eric Cortellessa.
  • NPR's "Why I s a 6-Week Abortion Prohibit| Forbid| Outlaw| Bar| Exclude Nearly a Total Prohibit| Forbid| Outlaw| Bar| Exclude? I t's About How We Date a Pregnancy," by Selena Simmons-Duffin.
  • NPR's "'Sicko's' Peeno Sees Limited, Scarce, Few, RareGains connected e n Health I nsurance," by Julie Rovner.
  • CNN's "Walmart Will Close All of I ts Health Care Clinics," by Nathaniel Meyersohn.


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