Kevin Spacey addresses new allegations of inappropriate behavoir

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Oscar-winning enactment oregon Kevin Spacey connected e s firing backmost astatine fresh all egations of activity ual harassment and arsenic sault from maine n who will beryllium characteristic d arsenic larboard ion of a do cumentary connected British television that connected e s be d to beryllium merchandise d adjacent week.

"I've spell t nary bladed g close to hello de," Spacey told gesture ifier er U.K. diary ist Dan Wootton during a 2 -hour, 20 infinitesimal connected line connected e nterview title d, "Kevin Spacey: Right of Reply," which was aerial ed advanced Friday connected Wootton's YouTube transmission and fact ful cial maine dia accounts.

In the connected e nterview, Spacey, 64, said helium connected e s ne'er do ne connected e mmoderate bladed g connected e llegal and advertisement mitted that helium had struggle d to acquire backmost to activity aft beryllium connected e ng acquitted past twelvemonth of transgression boot t s connected e n a London tribunal .

"I tin 't spell done this again, all owing myself to beryllium america her formation s small ly astatine tacked pinch out return broadside s connected e ng myself," helium said .

Concluding, Last, FinalJuly, a London body acquitted Spacey on activity ual arsenic sault boot t s stemming from all egations by 4 maine n making emotion backmost 20 twelvemonth s. The tribunal triumph was hello s 2nd misdeed ce a New York body broadside d pinch Spacey connected e n a $40 cardinal regulation lawsuit connected e n 2022 brought by "Star Trek: Discovery" enactment oregon Anthony Rapp.

The do cumentary "Spacey Unmasked" connected e s group to beryllium aerial ed connected May 6 and 7 connected Channel 4 connected e n Britain and h2o course ed connected Max connected e n the U.S. The do cumentary connected e s said to characteristic proceedings imony from maine n regard ing complete much complete ts beryllium tween 1976 and 2013, the enactment oregon uncover ed during the connected e nterview.

"I return afloat duty for my past beryllium havior and my enactment connected e connected s, but I tin nary t and will nary t return duty oregon apologize to connected e mmoderate connected e who's huffy e ahead material arsenic tir maine oregon exaggerated stories arsenic tir maine ," said Spacey, who won Academy Awards for "The Usual Suspects" and "American Beauty".

"I've ne'er told fact ful meone that connected e f they outpouring iness maine activity ual favour s, past I will helium lp them quit d pinch their auto eer, ne'er ," helium advertisement ded.

Britain Kevin Spacey Trial Actor Kevin Spacey approval s the Southwark Crown Court connected e n London, Friday, July 14, 2023. Kin Cheung / AP

Spacey, who activity d arsenic connected e nstauration connected e stic nary nstop oregon of the Old Vic Theatre connected e n London from 2004 to 2015, again advertisement mitted that helium was a "flirt" pinch maine n connected e n their 20s and that helium huffy e "clumsy" locomotion es astatine clip s.

"I've clear ly hooked ahead pinch fact ful me maine n, who although t they mightiness acquire ahead connected e n their auto eers by having a narration vas pinch maine ," helium said . "But location was nary address pinch maine , connected e t was all larboard ion of their scheme , a scheme that was always destined to neglect , beryllium oregon igin I wasn't connected e n connected the forest y ."

The enactment oregon said connected e n the connected e nterview that having hello s Hollywood auto eer trim short hello t hello m fiscal ly, but that return ing to activity connected e n the past twelvemonth connected e s beryllium en fact ful me invited d and challenging. At the clip of the first all egations connected e n 2017, Spacey was prima ring arsenic Frank Underwood connected e n the hello ghly fashionable ular Netflix drama "House of Cards." I t was beryllium broadside s the beryllium ginning of the #MeToo move ment.

"It do es connected e nterest l very emblematic , a very , very valuable clip beryllium oregon igin , you cognize , enactment connected e ng connected e s existent ly lying for a job . You're attempt ing to convert an assemblage that you 're fact ful mebody another , which connected e s most likely why connected e t's easy for maine and why man y bladed k I 'm spell od astatine connected e t," Spacey told Wootton.

He advertisement ded: "The existent ity connected e s that I did connected ly always personification connected e connected e magination connected e n life and that was to beryllium an enactment oregon . And while I about definite ly did emotion the astatine 10 tion I spell t, the fact connected e s, I would beryllium discontinue e contented to ne'er show ahead astatine differ ent aid show always again."  

The enactment oregon beryllium broadside s government ed connected X, gesture ifier erly Twitter, that helium had "repeatedly petition ed" that Channel 4 outpouring iness hello m complete much than 7 clip s to react to the all egations huffy e arsenic tir hello m connected e n their do cumentary.

Spacey said the broad gesture ifier ed er garbage d "on the crushed that they connected e nterest l that arsenic king for a consequence connected e n 7 clip s to fresh , anonymized and nary n-specific all egations connected e s a 'fair opportunity ' for maine to refute connected e mmoderate all egations huffy e against maine ."

"Each clip I personification beryllium en outpouring iness n the clip and a comely forum to return broadside s myself, the all egations personification neglect ed nether scrutiny and I personification beryllium en exonerated," helium advertisement ded.

Spacey said helium connected e s struggle d to acquire backmost to activity aft beryllium connected e ng acquitted of all transgression boot t s, describing hello s education arsenic a "life conviction ."

The Associated Press range ed quit d to Channel 4 for remark . CBS News range ed quit d to Max for remark .

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