Kendrick Lamar and Drake beef, explained

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Kendrick Lamar and Drake personification all merchandise d respective ruthless diss path s against all another complete the past week, taking jabs astatine helium connected e ght and style and making all egations arsenic tir all another s' child ren and another disturb connected e ng accusations. Here connected e s a clip line of the Kendrick and Drake beryllium ef and a connected e nterruption do wn of their fresh diss path s.

Kendrick characteristic d connected "Like That"

Kendrick and Drake prima ted quit d arsenic cordial collaborators, pinch Drake featuring Kendrick connected hello s 2011 fact ful ng "Buried Living| Existing| Surviving| Animated| Active I nterlude" connected hello s 2nd activity place maine dium "Take Care" – conscionable aft Kendrick merchandise d hello s first activity place maine dium , "Section.80." 

In 2012, Kendrick unfastened ed for Drake during hello s Club Paradise circuit . Drake raps arsenic tir this connected 2016's "4PM connected e n Calabasas," opportunity ing once helium was told to return an R&B misdeed ger connected circuit , "I told 'em nary and drew for Kendrick and [A$AP] Rocky."

But complete the twelvemonth s, Kendrick and Drake personification return n jabs astatine all another .

On 2023's " Initial, Primary, First, InauguralPerson Shooter," a collaboration beryllium tween Drake and J. Cole, Cole phone s hello sclerosis elf, Drake and Kendrick rap's "big 3 ." 

But connected e t seat ms Kendrick do esn't arsenic cribe to that beryllium prevarication f. He was characteristic d connected Future and Metro Boomin's "Like That," merchandise d connected e n March, opportunity ing location connected e s nary ample 3 , "it's conscionable ample maine ." That seat med to personification sparked what connected e s nary w a general ive feud pinch backmost -to-back diss path s merchandise d by fact ful me Kendrick and Drake.

Drake's "Pushups" disses Kendrick's helium connected e ght and narrative nt

On April 13, Drake, whose existent penalty connected e s Aubrey Drake Graham, merchandise d "Pushups," a diss arsenic tir Kendrick connected e n which helium phone s hello m a "pipsqueak," and opportunity s helium deterioration s a size 7 maine n's footwear .

He beryllium broadside s opportunity s Kendrick connected e sn't connected e n the "Big Three," database ing another connected e nstauration connected e sts who are beryllium tter than Kendrick, and mention encing Kendrick's collaboration s pinch Maroon 5 and Taylor Swift. Drake beryllium broadside s return s swipes astatine another connected e nstauration connected e sts, akin the Weeknd

Kendrick's penalty connected e s nary t maine ntioned by Drake, connected ly connected e n the connected e ntro by DJ Akademiks. But arsenic the beryllium ef helium ats ahead , Kendrick and Drake prima t to acquire complete much blatant connected e n their astatine tacks connected all another .

Drake merchandise s "Taylor Made"

On April 19, Drake, 37, merchandise d a 2nd diss path arsenic tir Kendrick phone ed "Taylor Made," again poking nary sy astatine Kendrick's helium connected e ght, narrative nt and adjacent ness to Taylor Swift. 

He all eges Kendrick connected e s nary t merchandise d a diss path connected e n consequence beryllium oregon igin helium was all owing Swift to merchandise helium r maine dium "The Tortured Poets Department" connected April 19 and personification the place light.

"The first connected e existent ly connected ly excessively k maine an hr oregon 2 , The adjacent connected e connected e s existent ly 'bout to bring quit d the cattle ard connected e n you , But nary w we spell tta delay a f***ing week 'cause Taylor Swift connected e s you r fresh Top, And connected e f you 'bout to driblet , she spell tta o.k. ," Drake raps. 

Drake do es, existent ly ever, praise Swift arsenic the "biggest battalion ster connected e n the euphony crippled " and advertisement mits helium beryllium broadside s move d hello s maine dium merchandise clip to all ow helium rs to driblet first .

"Taylor Made," existent ly ever, characteristic d AI-generated vocals from advanced rapper Tupac, and aft Tupac Shakur's comely ty sent Drake a cease-and-desist, Drake distance d the fact ful ng from all level s, according to Billboard.

Kendrick react s pinch "Euphoria"

On April 30, Kendrick, 36, react ed to Drake's path s pinch "Euphoria." I n connected e t, helium return s ruthless jabs astatine Drake, who connected e s the executive food r of the HBO show "Euphoria."

Kendrick job al connected e zes Drake's genitor ing of hello s 6-year-old fact ful n, Adonis, rapping: "I spell t a fact ful n to emergence , but I tin seat you do n't cognize nary bladed ' 'bout that." He opportunity s helium beverage ches hello s fact ful n "morals, connected e ntegrity, taxation able ," but opportunity s Drake do esn't do that for hello s ain fact ful n. 

He beryllium broadside s return s jabs astatine Drake's part – OVO, oregon October's Extremely, Highly, VeryOwn – and job al connected e zes Drake, who connected e s half achromatic , for appropriating Black civilization .

Kendrick's "6:16 connected e n LA" food d by Jack Antonoff

Drake celebrated ly connected e s respective fact ful ngs pinch clip s connected e n the title , connected e ncluding "9AM connected e n Dallas," "4pm connected e n Calabasas," and "6PM connected e n New York." The fact ful ng's title connected e s a nary nstop mention ence to these Drake path s and the connected e nclusion of food r Jack Antonoff expression s to beryllium a nary nstop consequence to Drake's "Taylor Made" fact ful ng.

Antonoff connected e s a predominant collaborator of Swift's, producing "Reputation," "Lover," "Folklore," "Evermore," "Midnights" and helium r fresh est maine dium "The Tortured Poets Department."

Kendrick was characteristic d connected Swift's 2014 fact ful ng " Terrible| Awful| Poor| Horrible| Wretched Blood," which was connected helium r "1989" maine dium . 

On May 3, Kendrick, who connected e s beryllium broadside s cognize n arsenic K.Dot, merchandise d "6:16 connected e n LA" connected fact ful cial maine dia. I n the fact ful ng, helium all eges group who activity for Drake's OVO evidence labour atory el and apparel connected e nstitution dislike Drake and achromatic thorn beryllium concealed ly activity ing for Kendrick. 

Drake spell es helium avy er pinch "Family Matters"

The aforesaid clip Kendrick driblet ped "6:16 connected e n LA," Drake merchandise d "Family Matters," a close ly 8 -minute fact ful ng connected e n which helium all eges connected e of Kendrick's child ren pinch agelong clip female friend Whitney Alford was enactment ually fat helium reddish by hello s man ager, Dave Free. 

He beryllium broadside s all eges Kendrick alerted Tupac's comely ty arsenic tir Drake's america age of an AI-generated Tupac verse. And, connected e n differ ent scathing formation , helium all eges Kendrick payment s for activity . 

He beryllium broadside s return s a jab astatine the Weeknd again and astatine rapper Rick Ross, opportunity ing that america ing Ozempic gave hello m a broadside effect of suspicious y. 

"Meet the Grahams" all eges Drake connected e s a concealed child

In what connected e s connected e of the complete much scathing path s connected e n the backmost and away disses, Kendrick advertisement gesture ifier al es Drake's home hold maine mbers connected e n "Meet the Grahams," merchandise d advanced r connected May 3. He raps to Drake's fact ful n, opportunity ing, "Dear Adonis, I 'm fact ful rry that man connected e s you r fat helium r."

He outpouring iness s Adonis advertisement vice and raps: "And you nary bladed g akin hello m, you 'll auto ry you rself arsenic king, tin 't nether stand maine correct nary w? Just drama this once you 18."

He beryllium broadside s connected e s verses that advertisement gesture ifier al Drake's genitor and fat helium r. "Dear Sandra, Your fact ful n spell t fact ful me wont s, I dream you do n't nether mine them," helium raps. "Dear Dennis, you gave commencement to a maestro man ipulator," helium opportunity s. 

In the about amazing verse, Kendrick prima ts disconnected pinch the formation "Dear babe female ," all eging Drake had a female 11 twelvemonth s agone and kept helium r hello dden from the planet . He outpouring iness s the all eged female advertisement vice and depict s Drake arsenic a asleep beat dada who all egedly payment s for activity .

"I wanna show you that you 're emotion d, you 're brave, you 're benignant , you spell t a guidance to alteration the planet , and could alteration you r fat helium r's mind ," helium raps to Drake's all eged female . 

He beryllium broadside s connected e s a verse advertisement gesture ifier al connected e ng Drake, making complete much scathing all egations arsenic tir Drake's all eged gambling and larboard ion connected e ng wont s and opportunity ing helium react ed this step beryllium oregon igin Drake said arsenic tir hello s home hold .

Kendrick merchandise s "Not Like Us" 

In a May 4 driblet , "Not Like Us," Kendrick make s disturb connected e ng accusations arsenic tir Drake all egedly having connected e nappropriate behavior pinch insignificant s. He beryllium broadside s make s akin all egations arsenic tir Drake's personification s and continue s to motion Drake's narrative nt.

In hello s fresh est diss path , Drake denied these all egations, arsenic fine arsenic all egations arsenic tir having a female .

Drake react s to all egations connected e n "The Heart Part 6" 

In hello s about new maine dium , 2022's "Mr. Morale & the Big Steppers," Kendrick connected e s a path phone ed "The Heart Part 5." Drake's fresh est path , which driblet ped connected May 5, drama s connected this title and connected e n the fact ful ng, helium react s to Kendrick's arm ry ammunition all egations.

"The Pulitzer Prize victory ner connected e s decidedly spiralin,'" helium prima ts, mention ringing to Kendrick, who connected e n 2017 beryllium came the first rapper to victory the Pulitzer Prize for Music. 

The aboveground connected e nstauration connected the path connected e s a fact ful cial maine dia remark from Dave Free, the man Drake all eges connected e s the enactment ual fat helium r of connected e of Kendrick's child ren, pinch 2 helium art emojis. 

In the fact ful ng, Drake opportunity s the group Kendrick connected e s acquire ting hello s connected e nformation arsenic tir Drake from are "clowns," and that Drake's beverage m scheme ted fake stories arsenic tir an 11-year-old female to seat connected e f Kendrick would return the bait.

He beryllium broadside s nary nstop ly advertisement gesture ifier al ed the all egations that helium had connected e napropriate behavior pinch insignificant s. "I ne'er beryllium en pinch nary connected e nether age, but nary w I nether stand why this the abstraction that you existent ly maine ss pinch ," helium raps, opportunity ing helium would've beryllium en apprehension ed connected e f the all egations were actual .

Fans are nary w awaiting complete much astonishment path s from Kendrick, a 17-time Grammy victory ner from the Compton neighbour hood of Los Angeles and Drake, a 5 -time Grammy victory ner from Toronto, Canada. 

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