Kate Hudson says her relationship with her father, Bill Hudson, is "warming up"

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Oscar-nominated actor-singer Kate Hudson, whose debut medium "Glorious" launches May 17, calls her father, musician Bill Hudson, a awesome songwriter but besides says she doesn't really person a narration pinch him, successful a wide-ranging question and reply pinch analogous Tracy Smith for "CBS News Sunday Morning," which will beryllium broadcast Sunday, April 28 connected CBS and streamed connected Paramount+.

Kate Hudson was a toddler erstwhile her father, Bill Hudson, of nan 1970s set The Hudson Brothers, divided from Kate's mother, character Goldie Hawn. Kate Hudson has been estranged from her begetter for years, and successful an question and reply pinch Smith, she opens up astir their relationship, her family, her music, her plans to tour, and being a mother.

Here are immoderate excerpts.

On her father:

TRACY SMITH: "What's your narration pinch [Bill Hudson] now?"

KATE HUDSON: "I don't really person one. But it's like, I, you know, it's warming up. There's warming up pinch this each happening … but it'll beryllium immoderate it will be, you know. I person nary anticipation of that pinch my father, you know. It's like, I conscionable want him to beryllium happy."

Preview: Kate Hudson connected her narration pinch her father, Bill Hudson by CBS Sunday Morning on YouTube

On her music:

TRACY SMITH: "Did you ever person anyone opportunity to you, you can't do music?"

KATE HUDSON: "Hmm, awesome question. Yes. There was personification who said to maine and it, it benignant of jarred maine a little. …  It was erstwhile I was successful my early thirties. And they fundamentally said, 'It's done, it's passed. You can't, you're excessively old.' And you know, for me, it wasn't conscionable astir being a performer, it was astir wanting to constitute music. So, it benignant of like, benignant of resonated location for a bit. And past I was like, eh, [expletive] you."

Her album, "Glorious," will beryllium released May 17.

To perceive Kate Hudson execute nan azygous "Gonna Find Out," from her caller album, "Glorious," click connected nan video subordinate below: 

Kate Hudson - Gonna Find Out (Official Audio Video) by Kate Hudson on YouTube

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