Justin Hartley shifts gears in new drama "Tracker"

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Justin Hartley talks domiciled successful “Tracker'"

Justin Hartley talks survivalist domiciled successful “Tracker'" 05:06

Actor Justin Hartley, known for his domiciled arsenic Kevin Pearson connected "This Is Us," has taken connected a drastically different characteristic successful nan caller CBS action-packed play bid "Tracker." Hartley stars arsenic Colter Shaw, a rugged survivalist who traverses nan state to find missing group and cod rewards.

Hartley said he had to wholly depart from Pearson to forestall immoderate overlap betwixt nan characters. 

"I didn't want Kevin leaking retired into what I was doing for Colter. So I really made a database of nan 2 of them. And it turns retired they person thing successful common," he told "CBS Mornings."

Hartley recovered that nan beingness demands of nan domiciled of Colter opposition pinch nan affectional demands of his erstwhile web stint.

"I for illustration nan physicality. It's fun. It's thing different," he said of nan caller role, noting that his "tear ducts sewage a workout connected 'This Is Us.'"

The bid besides stars Hartley's real-life wife, Sofia Pernas, adding a individual touch to their on-screen interactions. 

Hartley discussed nan dynamics of moving intimately pinch personification he loves, describing it arsenic some a master advantage and a individual joy.

"It makes it truthful easy. She's truthful bully and she's beautiful to look astatine and she's truthful good. She's truthful talented and anytime you get a chance to activity pinch a talented actor, they conscionable assistance your performance. It's unbelievable. You're fundamentally conscionable on for nan ride," said Hartley.

Reflecting connected his dual domiciled arsenic character and executive producer, Hartley said his collaborative effort pinch Ken Olin, whom he antecedently worked connected "This Is Us," made nan modulation easy.

"It's been a awesome partnership," he said. And it's a business that has helped boost Tracker to being nan number 1 caller bid connected CBS.

"Tracker" delves into Colter Shaw's backstory and family toward nan season's end. Hartley hinted astatine really a rich | communicative is unfolding.

"The truth comes out," he said.

Watch "Tracker" connected CBS connected Sunday nights astatine 9 p.m. Eastern and Pacific and streaming connected Paramount Plus.

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