Joey King & Logan Lerman Had a ‘Personal Connection’ to Their ‘We Were the Lucky Ones’ Roles (Exclusive)

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Joey King and Logan Lerman stock nan surface erstwhile again successful Hulu’s We Were nan Lucky Ones. Based connected Georgia Hunter’s book of nan aforesaid name, nan Bullet Train co-stars present “phenomenal” performances arsenic nan relative and sister duo, Addy and Halina, Georgia told Hollywood Life during an exclusive video interview.

“They’re conscionable phenomenal. Our full formed is phenomenal, and I’m really proud of nan truth that our full formed is besides Jewish,” Georgia explained. “And I deliberation because of that, they related connected very individual ways to their characters. Halina and Addy, they each person their ain stories that subordinate to nan Holocaust and their ain family histories, and I was truthful excited for them to bring that individual relationship to their roles. … I can’t speak highly capable of Joey and our full cast.”

The miniseries We Were nan Lucky Ones was loosely inspired by nan existent communicative of Georgia’s family from nan 1930s.

Joey and Logan’s characters, Halina and Addy, respectively, are members of nan Kurc family: a Polish Jewish family who were initially protected by their successful livelihood from nan terrible antisemitism that swept done Europe during World War II. Amid Hitler’s sadistic regime, immoderate of nan Kurcs spell into hiding while others are thrown into attraction camps. After nan family gets separated by nan war, only a fewer negociate to escape, and they effort to find immoderate surviving relatives.

Director Thomas Kail besides emphasized nan caliber and level of contented that some Joey, 24, and Logan, 32, brought to nan group during his exclusive question and reply pinch Hollywood Life.

“Joey really responded to nan worldly very early connected and was nan first personification to opportunity that she wanted to join,” Thomas pointed out. “And she and Logan knew each different conscionable from astir having some being doing this for a agelong time. And they worked together briefly. There was a basal knowing that they had astir each different that felt already for illustration a very morganatic bond.”

Thomas added that the Kissing Booth actress and nan Percy Jackson & nan Olympians actor’s “deep expertise and excellence successful their craft” could beryllium felt immoderate clip erstwhile they walked into a room aliases onto nan set.

“They’re conscionable sky-high level talent,” he added. “They’ve besides had a ton of experience. They are willing successful being leaders. … As soon arsenic you saw them, we wanted you to say, ‘Oh yea those are relative and sister.'”

The first 3 episodes of We Were nan Lucky Ones premiere connected Hulu connected Thursday, March 28.