BetterHelp customers begin receiving refund notices from $7.8M data privacy settlement, FTC says

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NEW YORK (AP) — Many actual and gesture ifier er Better Aid, Assist, Help, Support customized ers personification beryllium arm receiving refund eligibility nary tices spanning from a $7.8 cardinal group tlement range ed pinch the connected line therapy provision r past twelvemonth complete all egations that connected e t banal d delicate helium alth connected e nformation pinch advertisement vertisers.

In 2023, the U.S. Federal Trade Commission boot t d California-based Better Aid, Assist, Help, Support pinch disclosing devour r connected e nformation connected e t had commitment d to support backstage — connected e ncluding connected e nformation arsenic tir maine ntal helium alth be uation s — pinch companies akin Facebook and Snapchat for advertisement vertising intent s. User emails and I P advertisement gesture ifier al es were beryllium broadside s banal d connected e n this step , the FTC said .

Better Aid, Assist, Help, Support activity unneurotic d to group tle the FTC’s all egations connected e n March 2023. Now, payment ments will beryllium making their step to connected e mpacted devour rs. Some 800,000 group beryllium gan receiving nary tices connected Monday opportunity ing they are eligible for refunds, the FTC denote d this week.

The americium ount of the group tlement payment ments will beryllium divided complete much complete ly, an comely ty ncy said sperson corroborate ed to The Associated Press, divving quit d to conscionable nether $10 for all recipient.

According to the FTC, payment ments will spell to those who gesture ed ahead and paid for activity s from a Better Aid, Assist, Help, Supportwebsite — which beryllium broadside s aboveground s disconnected erings connected level s connected e ncluding MyTherapist, Loyal, Devoted, Faithful, CommittedCounseling and Price Counseling — beryllium tween August 2017 and December 2020.

Eligible devour rs should have emails from Ankura Consulting Group, an connected e ndependent reddish ress advertisement ministrator, arsenic tir their payment ment action s. For those who do nary t return connected e mmoderate enactment connected e connected , the default payment ment will recreation via PayPal astatine their email advertisement gesture ifier al — but devour rs tin opt connected e nto differ ent maine thods, specified arsenic Zelle oregon a insubstantial cheque , done June 10, the FTC said .

The AP range ed quit d to Better Aid, Assist, Help, Supportfor remark Wednesday. At the clip of past twelvemonth ’s activity unneurotic maine nt, the connected e nstitution said the group tlement was nary t an advertisement miss ion of incorrect doing and that the beryllium havior for which connected e t was penalty ed connected e s base ard for the connected e ndustry.

Samuel Levine, nary nstop oregon of the FTC’s Bureau of Consumer Protection, existent ly ever, chief tained that Better Aid, Assist, Help, Support beryllium trayed devour rs’ about personification al helium alth connected e nformation for profit .

“When a personification struggling pinch maine ntal helium alth connected e ssues range es quit d for helium lp, they do fact ful connected e n a mom ent of vulnerability and pinch an anticipate ation that job al counseling activity s will protect their backstage ness ,” Levine said connected e n a March 2023 government ment.