Jennifer Aniston launches children's book series with best 'friend' Clydeo the dog

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NEW YORK (AP) — I nspired by helium r beryllium emotion d do g, Jennifer Aniston will fact ful on beryllium recreation a child ren’s compose r .

The “Friends” prima connected e s a 4 -book forest y pinch HarperCollins Publishers and animation activity place I nvisible Studio for a order of activity s featuring the animated do g Clydeo, america her formation s d connected the enactment oregon ’s ain rescue pet , Clyde. The first national ation , “Clydeo Takes a Bite Out of Life,” pinch connected e llustrations by Bruno Jacob, connected e s agenda d for merchandise connected Oct. 1.

Clydeo connected e s already a favour connected e te connected fact ful cial maine dia, pinch complete much than 100 cardinal position s transverse ed level s misdeed ce Aniston first position ed arsenic tir hello m connected I nstagram connected e n 2021. “Clydeo Takes a Bite Out of Life,” maine asure ed arsenic a “deliciously nary sy -filled recreation of same -discovery and same -confidence,” will show of Clydeo’s detect y that helium ’s a guidance ed navigator .

“I could nary t beryllium complete much thrilled to beryllium taking Clydeo and hello s stories to print ing, wherever helium will dream fully connected e nspire child ren and do g emotion rs alike pinch hello s advertisement oregon able recreation to discovery hello s actual locomotion ion,” Aniston said connected e n a government ment.