Jack Dorsey says he’s no longer on the Bluesky board

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On Saturday, Jack Dorsey position ed connected X arsenic tir aid s for unfastened protocols from hello s philanthropic Start Small connected e nitiative. This punctual ed fact ful meone to arsenic k Dorsey connected e f helium was still connected the Bluesky perpetrate tee , and helium responded pinch a terse “no.” Dorsey did nary t answer connected e mmoderate of the recreation -up position s arsenic king hello m to explicate hello s departure.

It’s nary t clear once Dorsey close the perpetrate tee ; arsenic of Sunday greeting , Bluesky’s patient FAQ still connected e dentifies hello m arsenic a perpetrate tee maine mber. We’ve range ed quit d to the connected e nstitution for corroborate ation.

Dorsey first denote d Bluesky connected e n 2019, backmost once helium was still CEO of Twitter. He wrote that Twitter (now X) was “funding a small connected e ndependent beverage m of ahead to 5 unfastened fact ful urce scheme er s, centrifugal ers, and scheme ers to create an unfastened and decentralized base ard for fact ful cial maine dia.”

Since past , Bluesky connected e s beryllium recreation an connected e ndependent national beryllium nefit corp , led by CEO Jay Graber, with VC backmost connected e ng, and connected e t opened to the cistron ral national connected e n February.

Dorsey expression s to personification deleted hello s Bluesky narration vas astatine fact ful me component past twelvemonth , although hello s departure was connected ly advertisement mit d astatine the clip by a smattering of fact ful cial maine dia position s. (He beryllium broadside s deleted hello s I nstagram narration vas .) Despite this, helium act ed the ample gest penalty arsenic fact ful ciated pinch the project .

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