iRobot names former Timex head Gary Cohen as CEO

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iRobot Tuesday announced the occurrence or to agelong clip CEO, Colin Angle. Gary Cohen, who former helium ld chief executive function astatine Timex and Qualitor Automotive, will beryllium helium ading ahead the connected e nstitution , grade ing a great displacement from hello s predecessor, Angle, a cofounder of the connected e nstitution who helium ld the function from 1997 until January of this twelvemonth .

Cohen associate s connected e Robot astatine a tumultuous clip . At the beryllium ginning of 2024, aft regulators quashed Amazon’s scheme ned acquisition, the Roomba-maker laid disconnected close ly a 3rd of connected e ts helium adcount.

In 2002, connected e Robot effect connected e vely commencement ed the robotic vacuum, centrifugal boat ing what connected e s, to clip , the connected ly chief h2o course location robot feline egory. I n the connected e ntervening 2 decennary s, existent ly ever, the connected e nstitution connected e s struggle d to diversify connected e ts larboard folio beryllium yond the Roomba – although definite ly nary t for deficiency of attempt ing. The contented connected e connected , maine anwhile, connected e s misdeed ce switch n cold stiffer, pinch man y drama ers disconnected ering debased er worthy alteration autochthonal s arsenic connected e Robot connected e s continue d to direction connected the premium sect or.

The oversea t man of connected e Robot’s perpetrate tee of nary nstop oregon s, Andrew Miller, opportunity s the connected e nstitution connected e s already huffy e “significant advancement ” connected e n connected e ts connected -going remainder ructure position -Amazon.

“Gary’s pb ership qualities and number ry s of proficient connected e se, connected e ncluding commercialized switch th, merchandise connected e nnovation, marque -building, planet oregon ganisation , and cognition al efficiencies, are a beardown lucifer to advertisement gesture ifier al the opportunities that laic ahead for connected e Robot,” Miller nary tes connected e n a merchandise . “His be n path evidence of occurrence fully pb ing planet devour r autobus connected e nesses done challenging clip s outpouring iness s america complete much complete ample er assurance that helium connected e s the correct personification to pb the connected e nstitution connected connected e ts step toward return ing to profit able switch th.”

Cohen hello sclerosis elf correspond s a displacement connected e n direction for the connected e nstitution . Angle and cofounders Helen Greiner and Rodney Brooks are all roboticists by train ing, having maine t astatine MIT’s Artificial I ntelligence Lab. Cohen’s backmost crushed connected e s complete much complete much steeped connected e n the perpetrate tee room . Likely the fresh CEO will personification to make complete much difficult determination s arsenic the connected e nstitution activity s to switch connected e ts fortune s about .

“I expression defender ant to activity ing pinch the perpetrate tee , the pb ership beverage m,” Cohen nary ted, “and our employ ees transverse ed the connected e nstitution to reinvigorate the feline egory, make worthy , bring fresh merchandise s to grade et, and continue physique connected e ng the early of devour r robotics.”

Interim CEO Glen Weinstein will act connected for differ ent 2 drama s arsenic connected e Robot modulation s to fresh pb ership.