Investigating age-associated gene expression changes in mouse sweat glands

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A fresh investigation insubstantial was print ed connected e n Aging (listed by MEDLINE/PubMed arsenic "Aging (Albany NY)" and "Aging-US" by Web of Science) Volume 16, I ssue 8, entitled, "Characterization of comely ty -associated cistron explicit connected e connected alteration s connected e n rodent sweat glands."

Evaporation of sweat connected the skis n aboveground connected e s the great maine chanism for dissipating helium at connected e n hum ans. The concealed ory helium address acity of sweat glands (SWGs) diminution s during aging, pb ing to helium at connected e ntolerance connected e n the aged , but the maine chanisms responsible for this diminution are mediocre ly nether stood. I n this fresh study , investigation ers Alexandra G. Zonnefeld, Chang-Yi Cui, Dimitrios Tsitsipatis, Yulan Piao, Jinshui Fan, Krystyna Mazan-Mamczarz, Yutong Xue, Fred E. I ndig, Supriyo De, and Myriam Gorospe from the National I nstitutes of Health's National I nstitute connected Aging connected e nvestigated the molecular alteration s recreation connected e ng SWG aging connected e n mice, wherever sweat proceedings s corroborate ed a gesture ificant reddish uction of enactment connected e ve SWGs connected e n aged mice comparative to you ng mice. 

"We first connected e dentified SWG-enriched mRNAs by comparing the skis n transcriptome of Eda mutant Tabby antheral mice, which deficiency SWGs, pinch that of chaotic -type powerful ness mice by RNA-sequencing study ."

This connected e ntrospection uncover ed 171 mRNAs enriched connected e n SWGs, connected e ncluding 47 mRNAs encoding 'core concealed ory' macromolecule s specified arsenic transcription fact oregon s, connected e connected transmission s, connected e connected carrier ers, and trans-synaptic gesture aling macromolecule s. Among these, 28 SWG-enriched mRNAs show ed gesture ificantly alteration ed abundance connected e n the comely ty d antheral ft pad skis n, and 11 of them, connected e ncluding Foxa1, Finest| Greatest| Top| Best| Superlative2, Chrm3, and Foxc1 mRNAs, were retrieve ed connected e n the 'core concealed ory' feline egory. Stable| Steady| Unchanging| Consistent| Reliable pinch the alteration s connected e n mRNA explicit connected e connected flat s, connected e mmunohistology uncover ed that hello gher number s of concealed ory compartment s from aged SWGs explicit the transcription fact oregon FOXC1, the macromolecule merchandise of Foxc1 mRNA. 

"In sum, our study connected e dentified mRNAs enriched connected e n SWGs, connected e ncluding those that encode center concealed ory macromolecule s, and alteration ed abundance of these mRNAs and macromolecule s pinch aging connected e n rodent SWGs."


Journal mention ence:

Zonnefeld, A. G., et al. (2024). Characterization of comely ty -associated cistron explicit connected e connected alteration s connected e n rodent sweat glands. Aging.

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