Intense and problematic social media use linked to sleep difficulties in teens

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University of Queensland investigation has shown aggravated and problematic societal media usage is linked to slumber difficulties successful adolescents.

Associate Professor Asad Khan from UQ's School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences analyzed nan responses of 212,613 teenagers from 40 European and North American countries successful nan 2017-2018 Health Behaviour successful School-aged Children survey.

We looked astatine nan narration betwixt aggravated and problematic societal media usage and nan slumber difficulties of boys and girls aged 11 to 15.

Intense aliases predominant societal media usage tin hold bedtimes, lead to shorter slumber long and mediocre slumber quality.

Some of these impacts are owed to nan vulnerability to agleam screens, which disrupts melatonin secretion and hinders nan body's expertise to initiate sleep."

Dr. Asad Khan, Associate Professor from UQ's School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences

Problematic usage is erstwhile nan clip spent connected societal media originates to interfere pinch different areas of life and causes affectional and cognitive excitement which interferes pinch nan earthy process of falling asleep.

Dr Khan said girls who knowledgeable problematic societal media usage had greater likelihood of having problem falling asleep, which tin lead to shorter slumber long and/or poorer slumber quality, than boys.

"This suggests girls whitethorn beryllium much susceptible to slumber difficulties caused by societal media exposure," he said.

"It highlights nan value of considering gender arsenic a applicable facet erstwhile designing interventions.

"To guarantee adolescents are getting nan champion slumber possible, create a sleep-friendly environment, found a accordant bedtime routine, guarantee a device-free chamber astatine nighttime and limit societal media usage correct earlier bed."

The UQ study highlighted that a fearfulness of missing retired triggered by nan changeless readiness of societal media and notifications could lead to accrued nighttime awakenings to cheque and past difficulties falling backmost asleep.

Dr Khan said it was important that adolescents and their caregivers understood nan effect excessive usage of societal media could person connected wide wellness and wellbeing.

"Social media has galore benefits including providing group pinch affirmative ways to link pinch others from divers backgrounds and cultures, and sharing ideas and experiences," Dr Khan said.

"However, erstwhile societal media usage affects slumber health, location tin beryllium mediocre intelligence wellness outcomes."

The investigation is published successful Journal of Adolescence.


Journal reference:

Khan, A., et al. (2024) Intense and problematic societal media usage and slumber difficulties of adolescents successful 40 countries. Journal of Adolescence.