I made $40,000 a month from 3 income streams during a 4-month cruise around the world—here’s how

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Hey, I’ve conscionable been featured connected CNBC and I want to opportunity hullo to each of my caller readers. You tin publication nan CNBC article present – I made $40,000 a period from 3 income streams during a 4-month cruise astir nan world—here’s really If you are a caller visitant – invited to Making Sense…


I’ve conscionable been featured connected CNBC and I want to opportunity hullo to each of my caller readers.

You tin publication nan CNBC article present – I made $40,000 a period from 3 income streams during a 4-month cruise astir nan world—here’s how

If you are a caller visitant – invited to Making Sense of Cents!

I person received galore emails astir really I was capable to spend this trip. I person a free How To Start A Blog people that you tin motion up for here. I besides talk astir this beneath and really I’ve been capable to gain complete $5,000,000 blogging complete nan years.

If you want to publication much astir my world cruise trip, I urge reference Around-The-World Cruise With A Kid (25+ Countries In 4 Months!).

Here are immoderate blog posts that you whitethorn find adjuvant and enjoy:

  • How To Start A Blog successful 15 Minutes
  • Affiliate Marketing Tips For Bloggers – Free eBook
  • 10 Best Things I Did To Build A $5 Million Dollar Blog
  • 29 Best Stay At Home Jobs (#1 Is My Full Time Job!)
  • 18 Passive Income Ideas To Earn $1,000+ Each Month

If you person immoderate questions, please time off a remark beneath aliases nonstop maine an email.

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-Michelle Schroeder-Gardner


In summation to reference nan CNBC article linked above, I besides want to talk astir really I grew a blog that has earned maine complete $5,000,000. I cognize I will get a batch of questions, truthful I figured it’s champion to laic it each retired correct present 🙂

What started arsenic conscionable a hobby turned into 1 of nan astir life-changing things I’ve ever done – that’s starting my blog, and learning really to make money pinch it.

Since learning really to monetize a blog complete 10 years ago, I person now earned complete $5,000,000 from my site. This is still difficult for maine to believe, and I’m nan 1 who’s lived it!

In nan beginning, each I was doing was search my ain individual finance advancement arsenic I vanished schoolhouse and started paying disconnected my student loans. Blogging was a very caller conception to maine astatine nan clip – I heard astir it from a mag – and group were conscionable learning really to monetize blogs backmost successful 2011.

Most bloggers started backmost past pinch show ads and sponsored posts, but nan options person only increased. 

Because of each of nan caller ways to make money blogging, for illustration connection income and trading your ain products, you tin make somewhat passive income arsenic a blogger. 

Passive income is my favourite measurement to make money because it makes blogging moreover much elastic and thing I tin do arsenic I activity from home, travel, and activity whenever I want. 

Blogging has changed my life for nan better, and I’m now earning thousands of dollars a period doing thing I love.

Learning really to monetize a blog takes activity and time, but it’s 100% imaginable to do. I started earning money aft conscionable six months of blogging, and I didn’t moreover group retired to make money erstwhile I created Making Sense of Cents. Just deliberation of nan imaginable if you commencement retired knowing that making money blogging is possible!

Starting my blog is 1 of nan champion things I’ve ever done for my work, personal, and financial life. And, I impulse anyone who is willing to commencement a blog and study really to monetize it.

How I earned my first income from blogging

Many of my readers person heard this story, but I emotion sharing it because I started retired for illustration galore of you, isolated from I had nary thought that blogs could make money. When I started Making Sense successful August of 2011, I simply wanted a measurement to support way of my financial advancement and meet others who had akin goals.

As I started getting to cognize different bloggers successful nan community, a blogger friend of excavation connected maine pinch an advertiser who was consenting to salary maine $100 for an advertisement.

I couldn’t judge personification would salary maine $100 to advertise connected my site! 

While it wasn’t a batch of money, particularly considering nan magnitude of clip and activity I put towards my blog successful those 6 months, it was very motivating to spot that thing I loved doing could really make money.

After that first $100, I started doing a batch of investigation connected really to monetize a blog, and my blogging income quickly grew from there.

One twelvemonth aft I started my blog, I was earning astir $1,000 a month, and I was making astir $10,000 monthly 2 years aft I started Making Sense of Cents.

My income only continued to grow, and I americium still earning a patient income from this website today.

How To Start A Blog FREE Course

If you want to study really to monetize a blog and you haven’t started your blog, past I urge starting pinch my free blogging people How To Start A Blog FREE Course.

Here’s a speedy outline of what you will study successful this free course:

  • Day 1: Reasons you should commencement a blog
  • Day 2: How to find what to blog about
  • Day 3: How to create your blog – successful this lesson, you will study really to commencement a blog connected WordPress, and my tutorial makes it very easy to commencement a blog
  • Day 4: How to monetize a blog – this is wherever you study astir nan galore different ways to make money blogging!
  • Day 5: My tips for earning passive income from your blog
  • Day 6: How to turn your postulation and followers
  • Day 7: Miscellaneous blogging tips that will thief you beryllium successful

This is delivered straight to your email inbox, and you will study really to turn a blog from scratch.

Start pinch a scheme for your blog

Sure, you tin commencement connected a whim, and that’s benignant of what I did, haha.

But, I do deliberation that creating a scheme is simply a bully thought if you want to study really to monetize a blog. This tin thief you get an organized start, place your blog’s niche, determine connected your blogging goals, find opportunities for blogging income, and more.

It wasn’t until 2015 that I yet created a blogging scheme (that’s 4 years aft I started!), and my blog income grew importantly aft that.

I in installments that maturation to creating a plan!

Having a scheme would person been a immense thief successful nan beginning, and I wish I would person started pinch one. I astir apt missed immoderate income opportunities because I had nary existent scheme aliases guidance successful nan first mates of years. 

Since creating a blogging plan, I became much focused connected goals and motivated toward improving and building Making Sense of Cents.

Here are immoderate questions that you whitethorn want to inquire yourself erstwhile creating a scheme for your blog:

  • What will you constitute astir connected your blog?
  • How do you want to make money pinch your blog?
  • What will you do to scope readers connected your blog?
  • What are your goals for your blog?

Thinking about, researching, and answering these questions will thief guideline you connected your travel and thief you determine what to do next.

Write high-quality and engaging blog posts

Your blog’s contented is highly important. This will beryllium what attracts your readers, has them coming backmost for more, earns you blogging income, and more.

Now, you don’t request to beryllium an master aliases request a grade to commencement talking astir a subject, but you do request to beryllium knowledgeable aliases willing successful what you are talking about. And, ever beryllium truthful! This will show successful your penning and really thief your readers.

To constitute high-quality contented connected your blog, present are immoderate tips:

  • Figure retired precisely what it is that you’d for illustration to constitute astir and why you deliberation nan contented is important. Being passionate astir a taxable will springiness you nan information to constitute contented that group want to read. Just deliberation astir it: If you don’t bask penning your content, past why should you expect personification other to want to publication it?
  • Ask your assemblage what they want you to constitute about. Many of my champion ideas travel from expanding connected scholar questions.
  • Research your blog topics by reference news articles, going to a library, searching for statistic and absorbing facts, and more. 
  • If your blog posts are much individual successful nature, past excavation heavy and stock your thoughts, and beryllium personable successful your penning – your readers want to perceive your story!
  • Write long, adjuvant content. Sure, immoderate awesome contented whitethorn only beryllium a fewer 100 words, but to beryllium arsenic adjuvant arsenic possible, agelong contented is usually nan best. My contented is usually complete 2,000 words, and this article is astir 5,000. Now, you don’t want to conscionable constitute a batch of fluff contented successful bid to get much words successful – you want to really beryllium helpful!
  • Reread your content. I utilized to publication my contented 10 times aliases much earlier I would people it. Now, I person an editor who makes judge I’m ever publishing high-quality content.

Network, network, network

If you want to study really to monetize a blog, past networking tin beryllium highly helpful.

Networking tin mean:

  • Making friends pinch different bloggers
  • Attending blogging conferences
  • Sharing contented that different bloggers person written
  • Following different bloggers successful your niche connected societal media
  • Signing up for different bloggers’ newsletters
  • Joining blogging groups connected Facebook

Some bloggers don’t do immoderate of these things and purely spot different bloggers arsenic competition. I don’t judge this is nan correct measurement to attack blogging because you will clasp yourself backmost immensely!

Networking is important because it tin thief you bask blogging (friends are bully to have, right?!), thatch you caller ideas (such arsenic really to make money blogging aliases really to turn a blog), make valuable connections, and more.

Keep successful mind that networking is moreover really I earned my very first $100 blogging. My blogging friend connected maine pinch an advertiser, which helped changed my blogging journey.

I person learned a batch astir blogging from nan blogging community, and nan group I’ve connected pinch person been a tremendous support arsenic I’ve grown my blog.

Be prepared to put successful a batch of difficult work

Starting a blog is comparatively easy. But, increasing and learning really to monetize a blog takes a batch of work. 

You’ll person to:

  • Start a blog, creation it, create societal media accounts, and more
  • Write high-quality blog posts
  • Attract an assemblage of readers
  • Monetize your blog
  • Continue learning astir blogging
  • And more

Even erstwhile I was conscionable a caller blogger and had nary plans of making money blogging, I was still spending good complete 10 hours a week connected Making Sense of Cents.

When I was moving my full-time time occupation and earning an income from my blog, I was moving astir 40-50 hours a week connected my blog connected apical of my time job!

Now that I blog full-time, my hours vary. Some months I hardly work, and location are different months that I whitethorn activity 100 hours a week.

It’s not easy, and there’s ever thing that needs to beryllium done.

But, I perfectly emotion blogging, which makes nan difficult activity a small little tough. 

How to monetize a blog: 4 different ways

There are galore different ways you tin monetize your blog, including:

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Advertisements and sponsorships
  • Display advertising
  • Create your ain product, specified arsenic an ebook, course, beingness aliases online products, and more

You could take to monetize your blog utilizing each of these methods, aliases moreover conscionable one. It’s conscionable a individual decision.

For me, I for illustration to beryllium diversified and monetize successful galore ways, truthful I do them all.

Below, I americium going to dive a small deeper into each measurement to make money blogging.

Here's really to make money blogging and really I've built a $1,000,000 blog. I person earned complete $1,500,000 pinch my blog and astir $979,000 successful conscionable 2016 alone.

1. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate trading tin beryllium a awesome measurement to make money blogging because if location is simply a merchandise aliases institution that you enjoy, each you person to do is reappraisal nan merchandise and stock a unsocial connection nexus wherever your readers tin motion up aliases make a purchase. 

In fact, this is my favourite measurement to monetize a blog. I bask it because it tin beryllium rather passive – I tin create conscionable 1 blog station and perchance gain an income from it years later. This is because moreover though a blog station whitethorn beryllium older, I americium still perpetually driving postulation to it and readers are still purchasing done my connection links.

Affiliate trading is simply a blog monetization method wherever you stock a nexus to a merchandise aliases institution pinch your readers successful an effort to make an income from followers purchasing nan merchandise done your link. 

Here are immoderate speedy tips truthful that you tin make connection income connected your blog:

  • Use nan Pretty Link plugin to clean up messy-looking affiliate links. I usage this for astir each of my connection links because thing for illustration “makingsenseofcents.com/bluehost” looks overmuch amended than nan long, crazy-looking links that connection programs usually springiness you.
  • Provide existent reviews. You should ever beryllium honorable pinch your reviews. If location is thing you don’t for illustration astir a product, either don’t reappraisal nan merchandise astatine each aliases mention nan negatives successful your review.
  • Ask for a committee increase. If you are doing good pinch a peculiar connection program, inquire to summation your commissions.
  • Build a narration pinch your connection manager. Your connection head tin proviso your readers pinch valuable coupons, committee increases, bonuses, and more.
  • Write tutorials. Readers want to cognize really they tin usage a product. Showing them really to usage it, really it tin use them, and much are each very helpful.
  • Don’t spell overboard. There is nary request to see an connection nexus 1,000 times successful a blog post. Include them astatine nan beginning, middle, and end, and readers will announcement it. Perhaps bold it aliases find different measurement for it to guidelines retired arsenic well.

You tin study much astir connection trading strategies successful my people Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing.

how to monetize a blogAdvertisements and sponsorships example

2. Advertisements and sponsorships

Advertising connected a blog is 1 of nan first ways that bloggers study really to monetize a blog. In fact, it’s precisely really I started!

This shape of blogging income is erstwhile you straight partner pinch a institution and advertise for them connected your website aliases societal media accounts.

You whitethorn beryllium penning a reappraisal for them, a tutorial, talking astir their merchandise aliases company, taking pictures, and truthful on.

If you want to study really to summation your advertising-income, I urge taking my Making Sense of Sponsored Posts course. 

Here's really to make money blogging and really I've built a $1,000,000 blog. I person earned complete $1,500,000 pinch my blog and astir $979,000 successful conscionable 2016 alone.Display advertizing example

3. Display advertising

Display advertizing is 1 of nan easiest ways to make money blogging, but it astir apt won’t gain you nan most, particularly successful nan beginning.

I’m judge you’ve seen show ads before. They whitethorn beryllium connected nan sidebar, astatine nan apical of a post, wrong a blog post, and truthful on.

The ads are automatically added erstwhile you subordinate an advertizing network, and you do not request to manually adhd these ads to your blog.

Your show advertizing income increases aliases decreases almost wholly based connected your page views, and erstwhile you spot nan advertisement, there’s nary nonstop activity to beryllium done.

If you want to study really to monetize a blog done show advertising, past immoderate celebrated networks see Adsense, MediaVine, and AdThrive.

Personally, I usage AdThrive for my show advertizing network. I don’t person galore show advertisements connected my blog, but it is easy income.

How do beginner bloggers make money?Sell your ain merchandise example

4. Sell your ain products

Another celebrated measurement to monetize a blog is to create a waste your ain products. 

This could beryllium an online product, thing that you ship, and truthful on, specified as:

  • An online course
  • A coaching program
  • An eBook
  • Printables
  • Memberships
  • Clothing, candles, artwork, difficult transcript books, and thing other you tin deliberation of

And nan database goes connected and on. I person seen bloggers beryllium very successful successful trading each kinds of things connected their blogs.

What’s awesome astir trading your ain merchandise is that you are successful complete power of what you are selling, and your income is virtually unlimited successful galore cases.

I launched my first merchandise astir 5 years aft I created Making Sense of Cents, which was a blogging people called Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing. I regret not creating thing sooner because this has been an fantabulous root of income and has helped galore group on nan way.

Have an email list

If you really want to study really to monetize a blog, I urge that you commencement an email database from nan very beginning.

I waited respective years to commencement my email list, and that was a immense mistake!

Here’s why you request an email database correct away:

  • Your newsletter is YOURS. Unlike societal media sites, your newsletter and email subscribers are each yours, and you person their undivided attention. You don’t person to interest astir algorithms not displaying your contented to readers, and this is because they are your email subscribers. You aren’t fighting pinch anyone other to person them spot your content.
  • The money is successful your email list. I judge that email newsletters are nan champion measurement to beforehand an connection product. Your email subscribers signed up to perceive what YOU person to constitute about, truthful you intelligibly person their afloat attention. Your email list, complete immoderate different promotional strategy, will almost ever lead to much income and sales.
  • Your email subscribers are loyal to you. If personification is allowing you to show up successful their inbox whenever you want, past they astir apt spot what you person to opportunity and bask listening to you. This is simply a awesome measurement to turn an assemblage and a loyal 1 astatine that.
  • Email is simply a awesome measurement to present different forms of content. With Convertkit, I americium capable to easy create free email courses that are automatically sent to my subscribers. Once a scholar signs up, Convertkit sends retired each nan accusation they request successful immoderate clip framework I take to present nan content.

Attract readers

As a caller blogger, you’ll want to find ways to pull a readership to your blog and your article.

No, you don’t request millions and millions of page views to gain a bully surviving from blogging. In fact, I cognize immoderate bloggers who person 1,000,000 page views yet make little money than those pinch 100,000 monthly page views.

Every website is different, but erstwhile you study what your assemblage wants, you tin commencement to really make money blogging, sloppy of really galore page views you receive.

Having a successful blog is each astir having a loyal assemblage and helping them pinch your content.

Even pinch each of that being said, if you want to study really to monetize a blog, learning really to amended your postulation is valuable. The much loyal and engaged followers you have, nan much money you whitethorn beryllium capable to make done your blog.

There are galore ways to turn your readership, specified as:

  • Write high-quality articles. Your blog posts should ever beryllium high-quality and helpful, and it intends readers will want to travel backmost for more.
  • Find societal media sites to beryllium progressive on. There are galore societal media platforms you tin beryllium progressive on, specified arsenic Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Youtube, and others.
  • Regularly stock caller posts. For astir blogs, you should people contented astatine slightest erstwhile a week. Readers whitethorn hide astir you if you spell for weeks aliases months astatine a clip without a blog post.
  • Guest post. Guest posting is simply a awesome measurement to scope a caller audience, arsenic it tin bring caller readers to your blog who will perchance subscribe to it. 
  • Make judge it’s easy to stock your content. I emotion sharing posts connected societal media. However, it gets frustrating erstwhile immoderate blogs make it much difficult than it needs to be. You should ever make judge it’s easy for readers to stock your content, which intends your societal media icons should beryllium easy to find, each of nan info input and fresh for sharing (title, link, and your username tagged), and truthful on. Also, you should make judge that erstwhile personification clicks connected 1 of your sharing icons nan title isn’t successful CAPS (I’ve seen this excessively galore times!). 
  • Write amended titles. The title of your station tin either bring readers to you aliases deter them from clicking over. A awesome free instrumentality to constitute amended headlines is CoSchedule’s Headline tool.
  • Apply SEO strategies. SEO (search motor optimization) is not thing I tin thatch successful this mini section, but I spell complete it beneath successful different section.
  • Have a cleanable and user-friendly blog design. If you want much page views, you should make it arsenic easy arsenic imaginable for readers to navigate your blog. It should beryllium easy for readers to find your blog homepage, hunt bar, blog posts, and truthful on.

Now, I besides want to talk astir adjuvant resources, courses, and much that tin thief you to study really to turn your page views connected your blog.

Below are immoderate of my favourite blogging resources to thief you amended your traffic:

  • Pinterest Traffic Avalanche: This is 1 of nan champion blogging courses connected Pinterest traffic! You will study really to get 10,000-100,000+ free monthly visitors to your website.
  • Six Figure Blogger: This is much of an precocious and complete blogging course, but it has galore actionable strategies that you tin use to your blog correct away. This people will thatch you really to gain complete $100,000 from your blog.
  • Traffic Transformation: 21 Strategies I Used to Increase My Monthly Page Views from 17,000 to 400,000+ successful 10 Months is simply a awesome guideline afloat of actionable strategies that you tin put into spot connected your blog correct distant truthful that you tin study really to summation your blog’s page views. If you are emotion stuck aliases if you are a caller blogger, cheque retired this resource!

Grow done SEO

SEO (search motor optimization) is really you get integrated hunt postulation to your blog. 

When you hunt a building connected Google, you’ll spot a bunch of different websites arsenic nan results. This is nan consequence of these websites applying SEO strategies to their blog.

This is simply a awesome measurement for readers to find your blog, and SEO is important to salary attraction to arsenic you study really to monetize a blog!

Below are immoderate of my favourite SEO resources:

  • Stupid Simple SEO: This is my favourite wide SEO course, and 1 of nan astir celebrated for bloggers. I highly urge taking it. I person gone done nan full course, and I perpetually mention backmost to it.
  • Easy On-Page SEO: This is an easy-to-follow attack to learning on-page SEO truthful your articles tin rank connected Google. I person publication this ebook twice, and it is ace helpful.
  • Easy Backlinks for SEO: This ebook will show you 31 different ways to build backlinks, which are needed for SEO.
  • How To Get 50,000 Pageviews per Month With Keyword Research: This ebook shares nan steps for keyword investigation truthful that you tin get SEO postulation to your website.

Common questions astir really to monetize a blog

Below, I’m going to reply immoderate questions I’ve received astir how to commencement a blog specified as:

  • How galore views do you request to monetize a blog?
  • How do beginner bloggers make money?
  • Why do bloggers fail?
  • How galore posts should I person earlier I motorboat my blog?
  • How galore times a week should I station connected my blog?

How galore views do you request to monetize a blog?

The magnitude of page views needed to make money blogging varies, and location is nary magic number that you should beryllium aiming for.

This is because it depends connected truthful galore factors, specified arsenic really you will monetize your blog, your niche, nan number of email subscribers you have, nan value of your website, and more.

You whitethorn spot occurrence pinch 10,000 page views a month, aliases you whitethorn spot occurrence pinch complete 100,000 page views a month. It simply depends connected nan factors above.

How do beginner bloggers make money?

Beginner bloggers tin make money successful galore different ways, specified arsenic show advertising, connection marketing, creating their ain products, and sponsorships.

You tin commencement immoderate of these correct from nan very beginning.

Display advertizing is usually nan easiest measurement to statesman monetizing a blog, but nan payoff is not very high, particularly successful nan opening erstwhile your page views are not high.

How galore posts should I person earlier I motorboat my blog?

I urge conscionable launching your blog arsenic soon arsenic you person 1 blog station and a design. Building a immense backlog of blog posts isn’t usually needed, and it tin forestall you from ever getting started!

How galore times a week should I station connected my blog?

The much blog posts you have, past nan much postulation you whitethorn get. That’s because it’s much opportunities to show up successful Google searches aliases stock your posts connected societal media.

I urge publishing a caller blog station astatine slightest erstwhile a week. Anything little isn’t advised.

Publishing blog posts consistently is smart because readers cognize to expect regular contented from you.

Why do bloggers fail?

Bloggers neglect for galore different reasons. These reasons whitethorn include:

  • Giving up excessively soon. It takes clip to make money blogging, and sadly, galore group springiness up conscionable a fewer months into starting a blog.
  • Not publishing consistently. I urge publishing contented astatine slightest erstwhile a week, arsenic described successful nan erstwhile section. Some caller bloggers whitethorn spell months without publishing, and this will return them overmuch longer to make money blogging arsenic they are simply not dedicating capable clip to their blog.
  • Not spending capable clip learning astir blogging. Blogging is not arsenic easy arsenic you whitethorn think. There is simply a batch to study successful bid to make it work. You whitethorn request to study astir really to turn your blog’s traffic, really to monetize a blog, really to constitute high-quality content, and more.
  • Not having your ain domain and self-hosting. If you want to make money blogging, I highly urge owning your domain sanction and being self-hosted. The longer you put this easy measurement off, nan longer it will astir apt return for you to make money blogging. You tin study much astatine How To Start a WordPress Blog.

And overmuch more. Blogging is for illustration immoderate business – location are things to learn, things to amended on, and more.

How do I commencement a blog?

If you person immoderate different questions related to starting a blog, I urge checking retired What Is A Blog, How Do Blogs Make Money, & More. In this article, I reply much questions related to blogging specified as:

  • How do I travel up pinch a blog name?
  • What blogs make nan astir money?
  • How do you creation a blog?
  • How galore views do you request to make money blogging?
  • How galore blog posts should I person earlier launching?
  • How do I get my blog noticed by Google?
  • How agelong until a blog makes money?
  • How do blogs make money?
  • How do bloggers get paid?

And more.

Please time off a remark if you person immoderate questions.

Thanks for reading!