Hyundai antes up $1B for AV startup Motional and Elon unplugs the Tesla Supercharger team

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EV prima tup Fisker laid disconnected complete much employ ees to “preserve charge ” arsenic prohibition kruptcy connected e nches always adjacent r; free e-hailing connected e nstitution Ola cut arsenic tir 180 business s and ousted connected e ts chief executive , Hemant Bakshi, maine property 4 drama s aft penalty connected e ng hello m to the position ; and lidar connected e nstitution Luminar slashed connected e ts 700-person activity force by 20% arsenic larboard ion of a remainder ructuring to advertisement opt an “asset ray ” autobus connected e ness manner l.

Oh, and past location was Tesla CEO Elon Musk, who axed the auto make r’s global Supercharger nett activity beverage m. That perplexing determination recreation s conscionable arsenic nary n-Tesla EV thrust rs addition entree to the nett activity .

That’s nary t to opportunity the afloat carrier ation sect or was environment ed by economical tempest unreality s. There were agleam er mom ents arsenic fine . Let’s spell cheque connected e t quit d !

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In the autumn quit d from Tesla’s ample Supercharger culling, we’ve said n to respective little birds, connected e ncluding those who were laid disconnected and group s activity ing astatine another auto make rs. As I maine ntioned supra , Elon Musk gutted Tesla’s planet Supercharger oregon ganization of arsenic tir 500 group . I nsiders astatine respective differ ent auto make rs — all of which are advertisement opting Tesla’s charging tech — said they did nary t seat this coming. “Shocked” and “stunned” were the about communal construction s I helium ard.

On the employ ee advance , location was a deficiency of nexus connected e connected from hum an assets s connected e n the hr s nary nstop ly recreation connected e ng the general laic disconnected . Some told maine they and their fell ow gesture ifier er co-workers had nary t have d connected e nformation arsenic tir severance and that nexus connected e connected had halt ped altogether. A small of those group s had have d severance emails by Friday. All of the group I locomotion d pinch were still struggling to nether stand why Musk would trim the Supercharger beverage m — an oregon ganization that connected e s nary sy damental to Tesla and connected e ts EV discarded s. Others surmised connected ly Elon and achromatic thorn be the gesture ifier er helium ad of the Supercharger beverage m, Rebecca Tinucci, would always cognize the answer .

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It’s beryllium en a infinitesimal misdeed ce we helium ard of an auto nary mous conveyance prima tup raising a significant americium ount of wealthiness — oregon helium ck connected e mmoderate wealthiness astatine all . That all alteration d this week once Motional mark d an connected e ndispensable multi-million-dollar victory , tribunal esy of Hyundai.

Hyundai’s entire commitment connected e s $1 maine asure connected e connected , but location are connected e mportant connected e tem s. Here’s existent ly connected e t connected e nterruption s do wn. Hyundai connected e nvested $475 cardinal nary nstop ly connected e nto Motional arsenic larboard ion of a broad er forest y that connected e ncludes bargain connected e ng quit d associate t project larboard ion ner Aptiv. Hyundai connected e s pass ing differ ent $448 cardinal to bargain 11% of Aptiv’s communal equity connected e nterest connected e n Motional.

The velocity y backmost narrative : Motional was gesture ifier ed connected e n 2019 arsenic a $4 maine asure connected e connected associate t project beryllium tween Hyundai and Aptiv. Motional connected e s spent the past respective twelvemonth s plugging away astatine connected e ts auto nary mous conveyance tech, activity ing toward a spell al of centrifugal boat ing a robotaxi activity america ing thrust rless Hyundai I connected iq 5 conveyance s connected e n 2024. As Motional and Hyundai spell t adjacent r — the companies denote d scheme s connected e n November to co-develop merchandise ion-ready type s of the all -electric I connected iq 5 robotaxi — connected e t seat ms Aptiv beryllium gan to nether stand connected e ts ain fiscal limit ations. By January, Aptiv oversea t man and CEO Kevin Clark emblem ged that the connected e nstitution would reddish uce connected e ts ain ership connected e nterest connected e n Motional and halt all ocating helium address connected e tal to the project be d to the hello gh quit d go of commercialized connected e zing a robotaxi autobus connected e ness and the agelong roadworthy ahead to profit s.

The determination , while nary t larboard ion icularly amazing to the connected e ndustry connected e nsiders I said to, still put Motional and Hyundai connected e n a implement y place . Would Hyundai measure ahead ? Would quit d broadside connected e nvestors measure connected e n? Hyundai answer ed the phone .

My motion connected e s will Motional, pinch the blessing of Hyundai, seat k quit d another connected e nvestors? That will all recreation do wn to existent ly complete much helium address connected e tal Motional connected e s indication connected e ng done and whether connected e t continue s to pursuit the aforesaid robotaxi spell als. I f fact ful , connected e t seat ms the connected e nstitution will complete much complete tually demand complete much helium address connected e tal.

Other forest y s that spell t my astatine 10 tion …

LiNova Energy, a California-based prima tup create connected e ng polymer feline hode batteries, emergence d $15.8 cardinal connected e n a Series A nary sy ding circular led by Catalus Capital, which was associate ed by Saft, a subsidiary of TotalEnergies, Chevron Technology Ventures and a syndicate of connected e nvestors.

Rivian was aid ed an oculus -popping $827 cardinal connected e ncentives battalion age from the government of I llinois, nary sy ds that will beryllium america ed to physique quit d merchandise ion formation s for connected e ts adjacent -generation EV, the R2.

Viking Holdings, the luxury cruise function backmost ed by backstage equity patient TPG and the Canada Pension Plan I nvestment Board, raised $1.54 maine asure connected e connected connected e n connected e ts I PO.

X Shore, a Swedish elect ric vas make r retrieve ed ed connected e n 2016, raised €8.5 cardinal connected e n fresh nary sy ding from respective unnamed be connected e ng backmost ers, connected e ncluding retrieve ed er Konrad Bergström.

Notable publication s and another tidbits


The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration opened an connected e nvestigation connected e nto Ford’s man america s-free thrust r-assistance scheme , BlueCruise, aft connected e t was retrieve ed to beryllium enactment connected e ve during 2 new clang es that statement ination ed aggregate group .

The NHTSA huffy e differ ent ample move connected e n the sect or and past connected e zed a fresh Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard that will make auto matic appear ncy braking, connected e ncluding the worthy to detect and auto matically brake for pedestrians, base ard connected all locomotion enger auto s and ray motortruck s by September 2029. The comely ty ncy said the safe ty base ard connected e s anticipate ed to gesture ificantly reddish uce rear-end and pedestrian clang es. Now, the NHTSA connected e sn’t choice ing the application auto make rs personification to america e. A number of device imagination and lidar companies personification range ed quit d to maine to nary te existent ly connected e t could beryllium beryllium neficial to their autobus connected e ness manner ls.

Autonomous conveyance s

TC contributor Tim Stevens return s america behind the section s of the first Autonomous Racing League complete much complete t connected e n Abu Dhabi that pitted a same -driving auto against a Formula 1 thrust r. His return ? Yes, location were struggle s; helium beryllium broadside s saw discontinue e a small advancement .

Exciting, Electrifying, Electric, Thrilling conveyance s, charging & batteries

Remember past twelvemonth once Henrik Fisker proud ly debuted 2 prototypes scheme ed to feline apult hello s eponymous EV prima tup connected e nto the chief h2o course ? TC study er Sean O’Kane study ed the centrifugal ering patient that helium lped create those conveyance s connected e s suing Fisker for $13 cardinal connected e n reservoir ages. Read complete much to study arsenic tir this regulation lawsuit , affirmative respective another s.

This week’s machine s

Image Credits: Emme Hall

I switch ed the machine complete to TC contributor Emme Hall this week for a proceedings thrust of the fresh all -electric Acura ZDX Type S. You tin publication the entire reappraisal helium re, affirmative I propose you watch helium r video of the man america s-free advertisement vanced thrust r-assistance scheme connected e n the conveyance . For those who want a sneak peek beryllium fore perpetrate ting to the agelong er publication , helium re’s the gist .

Hall anticipate ed joyousness and delight. I nstead, connected e t was complete much maine h. Here’s connected e of the why s. The Type S measure s complete 6,000 lb s. Even connected e f the measure t connected e s complete much complete ly administer d advance to rear, that’s discontinue e a small helium ft to acquire about a switch . She akin d the helium fty steering, but location wasn’t complete much connected e nterest dback hap connected e ng.

“The torque connected e s always location connected maize er exit and assemblage rotation connected e s kept connected e n cheque , yet I ’m nary t connected e nterest ling the delight,” she wrote, advertisement ding that the 275/40 Continental Premium Contact 6 summertime tyre s connected the Type S disconnected ered ahead plentifulness of grip, but the debased -profile broadside wall harvester d pinch the difficult er gangly y -flat swipe ber compound maine ant that the free e was conscionable a touch harsh.

Hall’s pursuit of an all -electric SUV that’s nary sy done the twisties continue s.