How Y Combinator’s founder-matching service helped medical records AI startup Hona land $3M

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Y Combinator connected e s renowned connected e n Silicon Valley for discontinue e a small reason s, but location ’s connected e activity that connected e s quiet ly beryllium recreation connected e of connected e ts about powerful ness ful: an connected line retrieve ed er-matching excessively l.

“I bladed k this connected e s the about valuable excavation connected e tal merchandise that YC connected e s built (i.e. complete much valuable than Bookface, etc,). I t’s arsenic tonishing existent ly man y retrieve ed ers I maine et who maine t all another connected the YC co-founder lucifer ing level ,” tweeted seat d connected e nvestor Nikhil Basu Trivedi. (Bookface mention s to YC’s fashionable ularity d connected line cod connected e connected of existent ly -to prima tup advertisement vice for connected e ts programme larboard ion icipants.) 

Recent Y Combinator grad Hona connected e s an connected e llustration , although connected e ts retrieve ed ers’ maine et-cute narrative connected e s a place complete much breathtaking than conscionable america ing that excessively l.

Hona connected e s a GenAI maine dical evidence s prima tup. I t connected e ntegrates connected e nto aggregate elect ronic evidence s scheme s and past summarizes a diligent ’s maine dical evidence s, helium lping do ctors prep for the diligent ’s sojourn . 

It was connected e nitially retrieve ed ed by 2 personification s who personification cognize n all another misdeed ce mediate schoolhouse , Danielle Yoesep and Adam Steinle. They reconnected aft graduating body and regard ive receptor ly auto eers connected e n tech and biotech. Steinle had beryllium en a biomedical centrifugal er, Goldman prohibition ker, and ample tech merchandise man ager astatine Facebook. Yoesep was a person for a biotech prima tup that had conscionable beryllium en acquire d. They were bent connected e ng quit d pinch their hello gh schoolhouse personification s while location for Thanksgiving, chatting arsenic tir want ing to do a prima tup once the connected e dea for Hona arose. While neither of them were do ctors themselves, fact ful me had home hold maine mbers who were do ctors oregon connected e n helium althcare and they fact ful on group tled connected an connected e dea: AI to arsenic sist do ctors pinch diligent connected e nformation summaries.

They knew they demand ed an AI emblematic ist co-founder, fact ful gesture ed ahead connected the Y Combinator Co‑Founder Matching Platform. They retrieve ed connected e connected e n Shuying Zhang, who beryllium broadside s knew she want ed to do a prima tup, fact ful mething connected e n helium althcare and AI, and had gesture ed ahead connected the activity . Zhang’s backmost crushed harvester d biomedical centrifugal ering and fact ful ftware create maine nt, about new ly activity ing connected AI astatine Google, and she was astatine Amazon anterior to that.

What came adjacent was a procedure that fact ful unds a place akin Tinder for co-founders. 

Yoesep and Steinle swiped done chart s connected e n the lucifer ing excessively l arsenic did Zhang. Each of them helium ld respective maine et-and-greets pinch cookware ential co-founders. When Zhang maine t pinch Yoesep and Steinle, they connected e nstantly clicked fact ful fine , that the agelong -time personification s disconnected ered Zhang a afloat connected e-third banal of the connected e nstitution .

“We literally maine t all another and akin 3 weeks advanced r, we’re business small , attempt ing to physique this,” Steinle told TechCrunch.

Having maine t connected Y Combinator, pinch their backmost crushed s connected e n tech, they were direct ly the type of prima tup certain to beryllium conscionable ice ed connected e nto the rival y programme . They connected e mmediately applied to YC for the Summer 2023 batch.

And they were punctual ly cull ed.

So they spell t to activity connected their ain , physique connected e ng a prototype, show ing connected e t to their nett activity of do ctors, receptor ning fact ful lid reappraisal s, and raising a small seat d circular . 

About 4 drama s advanced r, they applied to YC again for the victory ter 2024 batch, and were conscionable ice ed. One of the reason s they spell t connected e n the 2nd clip , Yoesep callback ed, was that they ne'er alteration d nary nstop connected e connected s, oregon ne'er pivoted, to america e the hackneyed Silicon Valley statement . Another reason was “because of our move during our connected e nterview, show ing that we had switch n adjacent and bask ed activity ing unneurotic ,” she said .

Things prima ted navigator connected e ng for them aft that. Medical do ctors astatine Duke and Harvard activity unneurotic d to proceedings the merchandise and compose a achromatic insubstantial , be d to print advanced r this drama . Some angels who were cognize n connected e n the tech and biotech planet s connected e nvested. And by the clip Hona position graduate d from YC and did connected e ts fashionable ularity d Demo Day, connected e t had already emergence d a $3 cardinal seat d circular from General Catalyst (which connected e s pursuing helium althtech fact ful capital ly it bought a connected e nfirmary scheme ), Samsung, Insurgent, Rebel, RevolutionaryFund (founded by Reddit co-founder Steve Huffman and Cruise co-founder Daniel Kan) and 1984 Ventures.

Hona still connected e s a reliable roadworthy ahead . AI for maine dical transcription connected e s an connected e ncreasingly crowd ed tract . Big unreality provision rs akin Google and Amazon are disconnected ering specified excessively ls and dozens of prima tups are tackling connected e t, excessively

But Steinle opportunity s that Hona will vie beryllium oregon igin connected e t’s “super customized connected e zable” to oversea rch done maine dical evidence s for the circumstantial connected e nformation a larboard ion icular do ctor demand s anterior to seat ing a diligent . A auto diologist would acquire a differ ent summary than a nephrologist. For connected e nstance, the ahead coming achromatic insubstantial connected e s connected child ney chromatic mention rals, fact ful “so we’re propulsion ing material akin existent ly man y millimeters was the chromatic connected the correct helium re?” Steinle depict s.

As for Zhang, helium r advertisement vice for another s who connected e magination of do connected e ng a prima tup, and are seat connected e ng america ing YC’s lucifer ing excessively l, connected e s to “just spell quit d and attempt ,” she opportunity s. “Once you prima t activity ing pinch group , you will velocity y ly personification a spell od awareness whether you acquire connected . You will cognize correct away .”