How to Invest in Cryptocurrency: A Beginner’s Guide

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By Team Stash

Bitcoin connected achromatic background.

The increasing interest, adoption, and finance successful cryptocurrency, besides called crypto for short, has galore investors funny astir getting into nan game. This beginner’s guideline will specify cryptocurrency arsenic an asset class and return you done nan basics of investing successful it. Learn what crypto is, nan different types, what to see earlier investing, and specifications to thief you find if it has a spot successful your portfolio. And if you determine you’re fresh to commencement investing successful crypto, you’ll find a step-by-step guideline to getting started.

What is cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is simply a virtual rate that, for illustration cash, is simply a root of purchasing power. It’s besides an avenue for finance and, for illustration different finance assets, tin beryllium bought pinch nan nonsubjective of financial return. That being said, cryptocurrency is 1 of nan astir volatile (meaning it has ample value swings) plus classes.

Unlike astir forms of currency, cryptocurrencies are decentralized, meaning they are not issued, backed, aliases regulated by a cardinal authority for illustration nan U.S. government. Units of cryptocurrency, known arsenic coins aliases tokens, are created digitally done a validation process that relies connected blockchain, a powerful exertion that tin beryllium utilized successful a immense array of processes, not conscionable for crypto. Also known arsenic distributed ledger technology, blockchain produces a unafraid encrypted grounds of nan worth of each virtual coin and its associated transactions. Those records are distributed and linked crossed nan web of parties, aliases computers, accessing nan blockchain; successful theory, nan blockchain tin beryllium accessed by anyone pinch an net connection. This strategy was designed pinch security, transparency, speed, and accuracy successful mind.

Types of cryptocurrencies

While nan connection cryptocurrency itself is simply a generic word for virtual currencies utilizing blockchain technology, location are galore different cryptos: complete 2.4 cardinal arsenic of April 2024, according to Bitcoin was 1 of nan earliest cryptocurrencies created and remains nan champion known. Collectively, each different coin-based cryptocurrencies are called “altcoin,” aliases replacement to bitcoin. 

Several cryptocurrencies person gained precocious profiles, amassed ample marketplace value, and developed wide bases of users and investors successful caller years. 

Top 10 cryptocurrencies by USD marketplace cap

As of April 2024: 

  • Bitcoin 
  • Ethereum
  • Tether
  • BNB
  • Solana
  • USDC (US Dollar Coin)
  • XRP
  • Dogecoin
  • Cardano
  • Avalanche

It’s difficult to opportunity which coins will beryllium nan astir successful arsenic nan crypto ecosystem is caller and galore cryptocurrencies are young. Even though these coins are among nan largest ones, they still person risk. The anticipation of finance nonaccomplishment is existent and substantial. For example, pursuing beardown gains successful 2021, nan worth of astir cryptocurrencies fell dramatically successful 2022. And 2024, crypto worth has risen again to gains reminiscent of 2021. That’s why it is critically important to study astir each crypto earlier investing and find if nan finance makes consciousness to you.

What to see earlier investing successful cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency tin beryllium volatile, pinch ample swings successful worth complete short periods of time, which whitethorn springiness you region if you’re consequence averse. Keep successful mind that anyone tin motorboat a cryptocurrency, and how it’s regulated is successful flux, truthful it’s captious to thoroughly vet immoderate imaginable investments to debar scams.  

You whitethorn besides find it adjuvant to see why you want to put successful crypto. Are you looking to travel and rate successful connected a trend, aliases do you person a thought-out strategy successful mind? Remember, location is nary specified point arsenic an easy measurement to make a batch of money without consequence truthful it’s important to ne'er put successful thing pinch nan belief that you can’t lose. Use be aware and beryllium clear astir your intentions and expectations beforehand. You should only see cryptocurrency arsenic an finance if you judge successful its semipermanent prospects and are consenting to thrust retired ample value swings.

When you invest, it’s critically important to return a semipermanent perspective. This is particularly existent for things for illustration cryptocurrencies, which tin quickly spell up aliases down successful value. When investing successful highly volatile assets, it’s easy to make nan correction of letting emotions thrust your decisions, specified arsenic buying erstwhile nan value is rising successful fearfulness of missing retired aliases trading retired erstwhile prices spell down. These affectional decisions usually aren’t bully for your investments.

Looking for a heavy dive into nan crypto market? Read astir 100+ cryptocurrency statistic here.

Is cryptocurrency a bully investment?

Whether crypto will beryllium a bully finance for you depends connected galore factors. As pinch each investing, nan reply comes down to things for illustration your tolerance for risk, some successful financial position and successful psychological terms, and your clip horizon, arsenic good arsenic really diversified your portfolio is. The volatility of crypto intends that nan worth of your coins tin spell up aliases down quickly, and sometimes dramatically. 

Simply because an plus is disposable to waste and acquisition does not needfully mean that it’s nan correct finance for your situation. And arsenic discussed above, each investing carries nan consequence that you could suffer money. 

How overmuch should you put successful cryptocurrency?

Some experts urge investing nary much than 1% to 5% of your nett worth. When looking astatine really overmuch of your portfolio to put successful crypto, limiting your wide vulnerability to crypto is crucial. It’s important to ne'er put much than you tin spend to lose. While having a mini vulnerability to crypto whitethorn amended nan consequence adjusted return floor plan of a diversified portfolio, nan wide magnitude that 1 should put successful crypto should beryllium dictated by your wide finance portfolio and your consequence tolerance.

With that successful mind, diversification wrong crypto is different facet to consider. The circumstantial cryptocurrencies you take to put successful matter arsenic immoderate coins person amended semipermanent imaginable and are little apt to beryllium manipulated successful price.

While nan full cryptocurrency marketplace tends to beryllium very unpredictable and volatile, location whitethorn beryllium little consequence pinch nan bigger, much commonly traded cryptocurrencies compared to nan smaller-cap, much speculative cryptocurrencies. However, moreover nan biggest and astir well-known cryptocurrencies tin person large value swings up and down. So, it’s a bully thought to deliberation astir nan assortment of cryptocurrencies you person successful your portfolio, arsenic good arsenic nan full magnitude you put successful them.

At Stash, we urge holding nary much than 2% of your wide portfolio successful immoderate 1 crypto successful bid to limit crypto-specific risks. 

Pros of investing successful cryptocurrency

  • Prior to 2022, nan value of cryptocurrencies were not highly correlated to different finance classes, for illustration stocks and bonds, truthful having a mini vulnerability to this perchance precocious maturation abstraction whitethorn amended consequence adjusted returns. While correlations betwixt cryptocurrencies and different plus classes were high, it’s unclear if this is simply a caller trend.
  • Some experts comparison definite cryptos, specified arsenic Bitcoin, to gold: some are fungible and durable because they’re difficult to destroy, scarce owed to finite supply, and their purchasing powerfulness is not defined by immoderate cardinal authority.  
  • Thanks to nan decentralization and transparency of nan distributed ledger, it’s difficult to discuss nan web integrity down cryptocurrencies.  

Cons of investing successful cryptocurrency

  • The cryptocurrency marketplace is highly volatile; it tin beryllium difficult to foretell erstwhile values will emergence aliases fall, and nan drivers of ample swings successful worth whitethorn not ever beryllium clear. 
  • Though crypto blockchains are very difficult to hack, individuals can beryllium susceptible to hacking, owed to nan aforesaid risks inherent successful immoderate online activity.
  • Cryptocurrencies are not presently taxable to overmuch authorities regulation, truthful transactions don’t travel pinch ineligible protection (unlike accepted investments for illustration stocks).

How to support your cryptocurrency secure

Taking precautions to support your crypto finance unafraid is 1 of nan unsocial concerns that travel pinch this type of investing. Some tips that whitethorn help: 

  • Deal only pinch reputable exchanges and integer wallet providers.
  • Protect entree pinch beardown passwords, two-factor verification, and unafraid net connections. 
  • Be vigilant astir phishing scams that target crypto users. 
  • Don’t stock your password aliases cardinal pinch anyone.

How to put successful cryptocurrency successful 2024

Interested successful investing successful cryptocurrency? Understanding wherever and really to bargain and shop it is crucial. With galore exchanges available, akin to accepted finance platforms, mounting up an relationship is speedy and easy. However, conducting thorough investigation connected each rate is advisable earlier investing. For beginners wondering really to start, travel these 5 steps:

  1. Choose what cryptocurrency to put in
  2. Choose a reputable cryptocurrency exchange
  3. Explore retention and integer wallet options
  4. Decide really overmuch to invest
  5. Stay informed and negociate your investments wisely

Step 1: Choose what cryptocurrency to put in

In nan aforesaid measurement that you’d measure nan imaginable risks and financial wellness of a institution earlier buying its stock, you’ll want to understand and cautiously measure nan different, unsocial characteristics of each cryptocurrency you’re considering for investment. You whitethorn take to put successful 1 aliases respective different cryptocurrencies.

Vetting cryptocurrencies tin beryllium much difficult because they person go a celebrated conveyance for fraud, specified arsenic pump-and-dump schemes. Those risks mightiness time off you wondering really to put successful cryptocurrency without falling unfortunate to a scam. In bid to debar pump-and-dump schemes, debar smaller/newer cryptos that are being heavy promoted connected societal media platforms. It’s captious to analyse nan finance consequence of a fixed cryptocurrency and societal media experts whitethorn not person your champion interests successful mind. 

Although you whitethorn beryllium capable to minimize your vulnerability to fraud and cybersecurity consequence by investing done a large, reputable platform, because nan full manufacture isn’t regulated, it’s intolerable to destruct this risk. For example, successful 2022, we learned FTX, which was formerly considered a reputable platform, was being run by bad actors who misappropriated clients’ funds. On November 2, 2023, its founder, Sam Bankman-Fried was found blameworthy of fraud and money laundering. And connected March 28, 2024, nan tribunal sentenced Bankman-Fried to 25 years successful prison.

Step 2: Select a cryptocurrency exchange

Cryptocurrency must beryllium bought done an speech aliases finance platform, specified arsenic Coinbase, Gemini, aliases Kraken. Some factors you whitethorn wish to see erstwhile selecting an speech are security, fees, nan measurement of trading, minimum finance requirements, and nan types of cryptocurrency disposable for acquisition connected a fixed exchange.

Step 3: Consider retention and integer wallet options

Cryptocurrency is wholly digital, which intends you should person a integer spot to support your coins safe. One prime is to support them connected nan aforesaid level wherever you’re investing. Nowadays, galore caller cryptocurrency investors for illustration this method. Just make judge you prime a level that will beryllium responsible for custody and safekeeping of your assets. Such platforms are regulated, person beardown protection against hackers and online threats, and transportation financial insurance.

If you take not to clasp your cryptocurrency connected nan much celebrated platforms, you’ll request a crypto wallet; these clasp nan backstage keys that let you to entree your crypto by unlocking nan integer personality that is associated pinch your ownership, recorded connected nan blockchain. You tin opt for either a “hot” aliases “cold” integer wallet. A basking wallet is accessible via nan net and mostly much convenient. A acold wallet is simply a beingness retention device, overmuch for illustration a USB drive, that keeps your cryptocurrency keys wholly offline and mostly much secure. Holding your cryptocurrency successful a wallet provides an other furniture of protection.

Step 4: Decide really overmuch to invest

Just for illustration immoderate investment, nan magnitude you take to put into crypto will dangle connected galore factors, specified arsenic your budget, consequence tolerance, and investing strategy. You’ll besides want to see immoderate minimum finance requirements and transaction costs, which alteration crossed crypto exchanges. 

If you want to put successful a cryptocurrency pinch a precocious worth per coin, astir exchanges let you to put connected a dollar basis, alternatively than buying a full coin. This intends you don’t request a immense magnitude of money to put successful thing for illustration Bitcoin. Focus connected nan full magnitude of money you want to invest, alternatively than nan number of coins you want to buy. And ever remember, don’t put much than you tin spend to lose. At Stash, we urge holding nary much than 2% of your wide portfolio successful immoderate 1 crypto successful bid to limit crypto circumstantial risks.

Step 5: Manage your investments

Cryptocurrency is simply a unsocial finance because it tin beryllium utilized to bargain things and tin besides beryllium held arsenic a semipermanent investment; really you negociate your crypto holdings depends connected your investing strategy and goals. You whitethorn wish to see applying nan Stash Way, a accuracy focused connected regular investing, diversification, and investing for nan agelong term.

Related investments to explore

If you’re not rather fresh to dive into cryptocurrency, location are immoderate related investments to consider. For example, immoderate Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) connection “ways to play” successful nan crypto market, but do not straight clasp cryptocurrency aliases its derivatives. In general, these ETFs clasp banal successful companies pinch vulnerability to aliases engagement successful processes that interact pinch aliases support crypto markets by participating successful mining aliases simply by holding ample balance-sheet positions successful cryptocurrency. These investments let you to dabble successful this emerging scenery without taking nan cryptocurrency plunge.

Investing made easy.

Start coming pinch immoderate dollar amount.

Cryptocurrency investing FAQ

What do I request to cognize earlier buying cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is simply a risky investment, truthful attack it pinch your eyes unfastened to imaginable pitfalls. Digital rate is volatile, it’s mostly unregulated, and location are galore unknowns astir really this caller shape of rate will create successful nan future. 

What to look for successful a cryptocurrency to investment

Every cryptocurrency is different, truthful nan champion action depends connected your individual circumstances. That said, opening investors whitethorn wish to research much established currencies, arsenic location is plentifulness of accusation astir really they activity and their capacity complete time.

How overmuch should I put successful cryptocurrency arsenic a beginner?

Never put much than you tin spend to lose. At Stash, we urge holding nary much than 2% of your wide portfolio successful immoderate 1 crypto successful bid to limit crypto-specific risks.


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