How European disability tech startups are leveraging AI

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Making life better for group pinch disabilities is simply a laudable goal, but accessibility tech hasn’t traditionally been celebrated among VCs. In 2022, disablement tech companies attracted astir $4 billion successful early-stage investments, which was a fraction of fintech’s intake, for example.

One logic is that disablement tech startups are often considered excessively niche to attain business viability — astatine slightest connected the standard that task superior demands. By definition, they are assumed to beryllium building for a minority. However, immoderate startups successful the abstraction person besides begun serving the wider organization — and throwing successful immoderate AI ever helps

Both cases are a balancing act: The wider business lawsuit needs to make consciousness without losing show of the startup’s ngo statement. AI, meanwhile, needs to beryllium leveraged successful a non-gimmicky measurement to walk the owed diligence sniff test.

Some accessibility-focused startups understand these necessities, and their strategies are worthy a look. Here are 4 European startups doing conscionable that. 


Image Credits: Visualfy

Visualfy leverages AI to amended the lives of group pinch proceeding loss. The Spanish startup is focused connected information and autonomy — this includes a sound nickname AI that recognizes occurrence alarms and the sound of a babe crying astatine home. “AI is important for our business,” CEO Manel Alcaide told TechCrunch past month.

The patient offers consumers an app that besides serves arsenic a companion to Visualfy Home, its hardware suite consisting of 3 detectors and a main device. It besides entered the nationalist assemblage pinch Visualfy Places — it’s nary coincidence the startup recently raised funding from Spain’s nationalist state-owned railway company, Renfe.

One logic Visualfy is gaining traction connected the B2B broadside is that nationalist venues are required to supply accessibility, particularly erstwhile wellness and information are connected the line.

In an interview, Alcaide explained that the devices and PA systems Visualfy will instal successful places for illustration stadiums could besides show aerial value and different metrics. In the EU, gathering these different goals could thief companies get subsidies while doing the correct point for deaf people. 

The second is still very overmuch apical of mind for Visualfy, which is group up arsenic a B Corp and employs some proceeding and non-hearing people. Incorporating deaf individuals astatine each steps is simply a civilized stance — “nothing for america without us.” But it is besides communal consciousness for amended design, Alcaide said.


Audus squad - Knisper

Image Credits: Audus Technologies

People pinch afloat proceeding disablement are a smaller conception of a ample and increasing group. By 2050, 2.5 cardinal people are projected to person immoderate grade of proceeding loss. Due to a operation of reasons, including stigma and cost, galore won’t deterioration proceeding aids. That’s the assemblage Dutch B2B startup Audus Technologies is targeting pinch its product, Knisper.

Knisper uses AI to make reside much intelligible successful environments specified arsenic cinemas, museums, nationalist proscription and activity calls. In practice, this intends splitting the audio and mixing it backmost into a clearer track. It does truthful without expanding inheritance measurement sound (something not each proceeding assistance institution tin say), which makes it comfortable for anyone to perceive to, moreover without proceeding loss.

A erstwhile ENT doctor, Audus laminitis Marciano Ferrier explained that this wasn’t imaginable to execute pinch akin results earlier AI. Knisper was trained connected thousands of videos successful aggregate languages, pinch variations specified arsenic inheritance sound and distorted speech. This took work, but Audus is now leaving the improvement shape and focusing connected adoption, managing head Joost Taverne told TechCrunch successful February.

“We are already moving pinch a number of museums, including the Museum of Fine Arts successful Boston,” said Taverne, a erstwhile MP and diplomat who spent clip successful the U.S. “We besides do audiobooks pinch a Dutch publishing house, wherever we make the audio book of Anne Frank’s diary accessible for group pinch proceeding loss. And we now person the solution for the workspace.”

B2B go-to-market is not an easy route, truthful it makes consciousness for Audus to attraction connected clients for illustration museums. They are often noisy, which tin make audio guides difficult for anyone to hear. Using Knisper’s exertion to make them much intelligible brings benefits to the wide public, not conscionable those pinch proceeding loss, which makes take easier.


Whispp App Setup

Image Credits: Whispp

Fellow Dutch startup Whispp besides focuses connected speech, but from a different angle. As TechCrunch reported from CES earlier this year, its exertion converts whispered speech into a earthy voice successful existent time.

Whispp’s halfway target assemblage is “a presently underserved group of worldwide 300 cardinal group pinch sound disabilities who mislaid their sound but still person bully articulation,” its site explains. 

For instance, individuals pinch sound disorders that only time off them capable to susurration aliases usage their esophageal voice; aliases who stutter, for illustration CEO Joris Castermans. He knows each excessively good really his reside is little affected erstwhile whispering.

For those pinch reduced articulation owed to ALS, MS, Parkinson’s aliases strokes, location are already solutions for illustration text-to-speech apps — but these person downsides specified arsenic precocious latency. For group who are still capable to articulate, that tin beryllium excessively overmuch of a tradeoff.

Thanks to audio-to-audio AI, Whispp is capable to supply them pinch a sound that tin beryllium produced successful existent time, is connection agnostic and sounds existent and natural. If users are capable to supply a sample, it tin moreover sound for illustration their ain voice.

Since there’s nary matter successful the middle, Whispp is besides much unafraid than alternatives, Castermans told TechCrunch. This could unfastened up usage cases for non-silent patients who request to person confidential conversations, he said. 

How overmuch users without sound issues would beryllium consenting to salary for Whispp’s exertion is unclear, but it besides has respective monetization routes to research pinch its halfway audience, specified arsenic the subscription it charges for its sound calling app.


Image Credits: Acapela Group

Whispp highlights the request immoderate person to shop their sound for later use. Known arsenic voice banking, this process is what Acapela hopes to facilitate pinch a work it launched past year.

Acapela Group, which was bought by Swedish tech accessibility institution Tobii Dynavox for €9.8 cardinal in 2022, has been successful the text-to-speech abstraction for several decades, but it is only precocious that AI changed the image for sound cloning.

The results are overmuch amended and the process is faster too. This will little the barroom for sound banking, and though not everyone will do it yet, location whitethorn beryllium request for individuals who cognize they are astatine consequence of losing their sound aft getting diagnosed pinch definite conditions.

Acapela doesn’t complaint for the first shape of the service, which consists of signaling 50 sentences. It is only erstwhile and if they request to instal the voices connected their devices that users person to bargain it, either directly done Acapela aliases via a 3rd statement (partner, reseller, a nationalist wellness security programme aliases other).

Besides the caller imaginable unlocked by AI, the supra examples show immoderate routes that startups are exploring to grow beyond a halfway target of users pinch disabilities. 

Part of the reasoning is that a larger addressable marketplace tin summation their prospective gross and dispersed retired the costs. But for their customers and partners, it is besides a measurement to enactment existent to the definition of accessibility arsenic “the value of being capable to beryllium entered aliases utilized by everyone, including group who person a disability.”