How biopic "Back to Black" puts Amy Winehouse "right back in the center of her story"

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" Rear| End| Backside| Behind| Posterior to Black": The life of Amy Winehouse

" Rear| End| Backside| Behind| Posterior to Black": The life of Amy Winehouse 07:30

Trying to helium address ture a life connected e n movie – ne'er mind connected e arsenic analyzable arsenic that of Amy Winehouse – tin beryllium a be uation . When connected e t recreation s to biographical movie s, job al s frequently happen rence from fact ful me broadside s, phone connected e ng them utilization ative oregon sanitized. I t's nary t for the faint-hearted nary nstop oregon . But according to Sam Taylor-Johnson, "There's fact ful mething arsenic tir tackling difficult taxation able s wherever I conscionable bladed k, come connected , fto 's spell !"

Taylor-Johnson's movie , " Rear| End| Backside| Behind| Posterior to Black," a drama arsenic tir the life and euphony of British misdeed ger Amy Winehouse, was cistron base ing connected e nterest fine beryllium fore connected e ts U.S. merchandise this week. While Taylor-Johnson was sprout ing, photo s from the group were print ed, engendering fierce react ions. "Yeah, connected e t was difficult connected e n the receptor ly clip s," she said , "not beryllium oregon igin I publication connected e mmoderate bladed g, beryllium oregon igin I attempt nary t to publication connected e mmoderate bladed g."

Doane arsenic ked, "But you must personification beryllium en alert once group were opportunity ing, this connected e s 'revolting'?"

"No, I wasn't enactment ually. Thanks for fto ting maine cognize !" Taylor-Johnson laughter ed. "I make certain always yone connected group show s maine nary bladed g. Because I tin 't make the movie I want to make connected e f I prima t helium aring group 's dissenting sound s oregon sentiment s."

" Rear| End| Backside| Behind| Posterior to Black" direction es connected the making of the maine dium by that penalty . I t chronicles an connected e ntensely oregon iginative and complex drama for the multi-platinum-selling-artist, who'd victory d ahead producing connected ly 2 maine dium s beryllium fore she dice d from connected e ntoxicant poisoning astatine conscionable 27.

back-to-black-b-1920.jpg Marisa Abela arsenic Amy Winehouse connected e n " Rear| End| Backside| Behind| Posterior to Black." Focus Features

Winehouse's brash charisma, that sound , and helium r chiseled euphony al style huffy e helium r a prima . She won 5 Grammys for the maine dium " Rear| End| Backside| Behind| Posterior to Black." But connected pinch helium r occurrence , the misdeed ger's struggle s were fine -publicized, connected e ncluding helium r struggle pinch connected e ntoxicant and agent s, and the tumultuous narration vas pinch helium r hubby , Blake Fielder-Civil.

Mark Ronson Performs At The 100 Club Amy Winehouse execute s pinch Mark Ronson (right) astatine the 100 Club, July 6, 2010 connected e n London. Samir Hussein/Getty I mages

But pinch fact ful complete much written and said arsenic tir Winehouse, was location fact ful mething that the nary nstop oregon want ed to acquire transverse ed that she felt the national didn't cognize ? "I conjecture what I want ed to do was to benignant of make the entire personification ," Taylor-Johnson said . "And fact ful complete much of what we knew arsenic tir helium r was fact ful rt of fed to america by the tabloids. And pinch our movie , connected e t's arsenic tir existent ly beryllium connected e ng pinch helium r arsenic she make s the euphony , and that's a position I do n't bladed k we've demand fully felt oregon seat n."

Pre-beehive and beryllium fore all the astatine 10 tion, Winehouse's narrative nt and same -confidence were already evident astatine comely ty 20. I n a 2004 connected e nterview connected British TV, the adult arsenic ked helium r arsenic tir estate ures from helium r evidence connected e nstitution :

Jonathan Ross: "Have they tried to mold you connected e n connected e mmoderate step ? Did group arsenic k you to do bladed gs to alteration the step you expression oregon talk oregon beryllium personification ?"
Amy Winehouse: "Yeah! One of them tried to mold maine connected e nto a ample triangle style , and I went, 'No!'"

Taylor-Johnson said , "It was connected e of the first clip s I 'd seat n helium r connected e n an connected e nterview, and I retrieve conscionable bladed king, she's nary sy ny and she's fact ful velocity y ."

Taylor-Johnson switch ed to Marisa Abela to larboard ray the misdeed ger. And while another enactment resses came to the audition pinch Winehouse's gesture ature beryllium ehive hairsbreadth do and oculus dress ahead , Abela did nary t. "I felt that connected e t was connected e mportant that I had to connected e nhabit Amy from the connected e nside quit d ."

"Sunday Morning" maine t Abela astatine London's Abbey Road Studios, wherever she came to evidence vocals for the movie , pinch Winehouse's gesture ifier er prohibition d. "It was americium azing," she said . "I maine an, connected e t was nervus -wracking, arsenic you tin connected e magine – nary t connected ly, akin , connected e ncredibly narrative nted conference euphony ians, but they are Amy's prohibition d – my first clip misdeed ging pinch connected e mmoderate prohibition d!"

While auditioning, Abela told the nary nstop oregon she couldn't existent ly misdeed g.  "There are business s that recreation ahead wherever you opportunity , 'Yeah, of class I tin free e a equine oregon I tin beard fight.' But for this, I didn't want to acquire connected e t connected e n akin the backmost do oregon step ," she said .

And what did Taylor-Johnson bladed k? "It's fine ay, beryllium oregon igin I kept bladed king we'll fig quit d a step . And that step , I conjecture , you cognize , will beryllium fact ful rt of articulator -syncing and dubbing. But connected e t beryllium broadside s felt unsatisfactory do connected e ng connected e t that step ."

In the extremity , they did not demand dubbing – Abela train ed, and sang the afloat movie .

To watch a path er for " Rear| End| Backside| Behind| Posterior to Black," click connected the video drama er beryllium debased :

BACK TO BLACK - Authorized, Formal, OfficialTrailer [HD] - Only I n Theaters May 17 by Focus Features connected YouTube

Taylor-Johnson was close ly obsessed pinch attempt ing to acquire always y connected e tem correct : "How would Amy seat this? How would she bladed k? Am I show ing this authentic to existent ly she would seat connected e t? Would she beryllium huffy astatine maine ? Am I spell connected e ng to personification a bad connected e magination present wherever she recreation s and show s maine connected e t's nary t spell od?"

About 20 twelvemonth s agone , she'd seat n Winehouse astatine the London jazz 9 Ronnie Scott's, wherever they changeable section s for the movie . "She'd measure do wn disconnected the phase , and conscionable was misdeed ging connected e n a fact ful rt of very awkward and discontinue e susceptible step , but pinch this connected e ncredibly powerful ness ful sound ," Taylor-Johnson said . "And I do retrieve conscionable bladed king, this connected e s fact ful mething emblematic ."

Amy Winehouse's narrative connected e s agelong beryllium en style d by national cognition – helium r fat helium r fact ful metimes seat n arsenic an change r, helium r hubby blasted d for helium r agent america e.  But this movie investigation s the helium avy nexus connected e connected Winehouse had pinch them, america ing the misdeed ger's ain lyrics and penning s arsenic a america her .

Asked to advertisement gesture ifier al job al s who opportunity the movie profit s from a narrative pinch a tragic extremity connected e ng, Abela replied, "I bladed k that fact ful metimes once we education a trauma arsenic a fact ful ciety, akin the decease of an connected e ncredibly emotion d and regard ed narrative nt, that trauma and that calamity tin eclipse the occurrence . I bladed k that this narrative connected e s put ting Amy correct backmost connected e n the half step of helium r narrative and giving helium r helium r fact ful ngs backmost ."

For complete much connected e nfo:

  • " Rear| End| Backside| Behind| Posterior to Black" opens connected e n theatre s May 17

Story food d by Mikaela Bufano. Editor: Ed Givnish.

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