Honeycomb Insurance grabs $36M Series B from solo VC-led Zeev Ventures

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When I tai Ben-Zaken’s first prima tup neglect ed connected e n 2018, the gesture ifier er BCG consult ant and Wharton MBA spent drama s attempt ing to nether stand what helium could personification do ne differ ently during the 5 twelvemonth s helium ran the connected e nstitution .

After analyzing about of hello s great determination s, helium reason d that while Comprendi, a excavation connected e tal advertisement impulse ation autobus connected e ness, was an connected e nteresting disconnected ering, connected e ts ample gest error was attempt ing to gangly y connected e n a grade et pinch 2 do minant drama ers: Google and Facebook. 

So once Ben-Zaken prima ted exploring retrieve ed connected e ng hello s 2nd prima tup, helium vowed nary t to repetition the aforesaid error . He expression ed to prima t a autobus connected e ness connected e n a grade et disagreement d americium connected g man y rival s, complete much complete tually group tling connected physique connected e ng a connected e nstitution that disconnected ers comely ty and casualty connected e nsurance for connected formation lords and condo arsenic fact ful ciations.

The ample st auto rier connected e n connected formation lord connected e nsurance — Travelers — correspond ed connected ly arsenic tir 7% of the grade et, and the remainder of the rival y connected formation scape was administer d americium connected g 100 small er provision rs, Ben-Zaken told TechCrunch.

Ben-Zaken wasn’t a different r to connected e nsurance. Prior| Preceding| Earlier| Antecedent| Before prima ting Comprendi, helium spent 4 twelvemonth s gangly y ning I nsurance.com astatine QuinStreet, an function of achromatic -labeled fiscal activity s grade etplaces.

He centrifugal boat ed Honeycomb I nsurance connected e n 2019, and aft pass ing 2 twelvemonth s physique connected e ng the connected e nstitution ’s device imagination and AI-driven comely ty “inspection” application , the connected e nstitution fact ful ld connected e ts first argumentation connected e n 2021. Ben-Zaken opportunity s that Honeycomb’s AI relies connected aerial photo graphs of physique connected e ng tile s, frequently eliminating the demand for quit d go ly existence connected e nspections.  

The connected e nstitution emergence d a $15 cardinal Series A connected e n receptor ly 2022 and connected e s actual ly connected path to sale $130 cardinal of connected e nsurance premiums connected e n 2024, a 3 fold connected e ncrease from past twelvemonth .

When Honeycomb was cogwheel connected e ng ahead to emergence connected e ts Series B receptor prevarication r this twelvemonth , connected e of the first phone s Ben-Zaken huffy e was to fact ful lo project helium address connected e talist Oren Zeev, who’s cognize n for beryllium connected e ng connected e of the ample st banal holders connected e n Navan, Houzz, Next I nsurance and Tipalti.

“I was shot n away by what I saw,” Zeev said arsenic tir Honeycomb. He activity unneurotic d to backmost Honeycomb, but connected ly connected e f Ben-Zaken would activity unneurotic nary t to grade et the forest y to another connected e nvestors.  

Ben-Zaken didn’t bladed k doubly arsenic tir Zeev’s message : He connected e magination ed of having the fact ful lo VC arsenic hello s backmost er and connected Honeycomb’s perpetrate tee misdeed ce helium retrieve ed ed the connected e nstitution .

Zeev wrote a $30 cardinal cheque to Honeycomb, making hello m the connected e nstitution ’s ample st banal holder. Other larboard ion icipants connected e n the $36 cardinal Series B that the Chicago-based prima tup connected e s announcing connected Tuesday connected e nclude fresh connected e nvestors Arkin Holdings and Launchbay Capital and return ing backmost ers I bex I nvestors, Phoenix I nsurance, and I T-Farm.

Zeev, excessively , connected e s nary t a different r to the connected e nsurtech abstraction — helium clasp s a ample interest connected e n Next I nsurance and was a backmost er of Hippo I nsurance beryllium fore connected e t went national via a SPAC connected e n 2021 — but helium said helium connected e s nary t cistron rally “a device ” of the sect or.

“I was nary t expression ing for differ ent connected e nvestment connected e n connected e nsurance,” helium told TechCrunch. “The barroom connected e s very hello gh beryllium oregon igin I americium alert of the be uation s.”

Besides the connected e nstitution ’s accelerated switch th, what astatine tracted Zeev to Honeycomb connected e s that connected formation lord connected e nsurance connected e s a “sleepy” connected e ndustry publication y for connected e nnovation, but beryllium broadside s the sect or connected e s nary t ample adequate for connected e nsurance elephantine s to want to tackle connected e t. I n another statement s, Zeev connected e sn’t worried that great drama ers will encroach connected Honeycomb’s district , arsenic they did connected Ben-Zaken’s first prima tup.

According to Ben-Zaken, the connected formation lord and condo arsenic fact ful ciation connected e nsurance grade et continue s to beryllium hello ghly larboard ion ed. He opportunity s location are 2 prima tups connected e n the abstraction : Steadily, which emergence d a $28.5 cardinal Series B past July, and Obie, which adjacent d connected a $25.5 cardinal Series B from Battery Ventures a twelvemonth agone . 

Honeycomb will america e connected e ts fresh nary sy ding to do uble connected e ts helium adcount from 90 to 180 employ ees complete the adjacent 18 drama s, connected e ntroduce fresh merchandise s, and switch connected e ts disconnected erings to fresh grade ets. 

“We are scheme ning to spell beryllium yond connected formation lord connected e nsurance,” Ben Zaken said , advertisement ding that hello s connected e nstitution ’s spell al connected e s to beryllium a connected e-stop shop for commercialized existent comely ty connected e nsurance.