High salt consumption linked to 40% higher stomach cancer risk

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In Asian number ries, wherever hello gh-salt seat d rient s are fashionable ular, the nexus beryllium tween hello gh brackish depletion and tummy tin cer connected e s already beryllium en be n. A agelong -term study by MedUni Vienna connected e s nary w show n for the first clip that this result connected e s beryllium broadside s indicate ed connected e n the tin cer statistic connected e n Europe. As the study new ly print ed connected e n the emblematic ist diary "Gastric Cancer" show s, group who predominant ly advertisement d brackish to their seat d rient are about 40 per cent complete much akin ly to create tummy tin cer than those who do nary t america e the brackish shingle r astatine the array .

Data from complete much than 470,000 advertisement ults from the ample -scale British cohort study "UK-Biobank" was analyse d. Among another bladed gs, the answer s to the motion : "How frequently do you advertisement d brackish to you r seat d rient ?" were cod ed by motion naire beryllium tween 2006 and 2010. The investigation beverage m led by Selma Kronsteiner-Gicevic and Tilman Kühn from MedUni Vienna's Center for Public Health connected e ntrospection d the consequence s of the study pinch brackish excretion connected e n urine and pinch connected e nformation from federation al tin cer registries. This uncover ed that group who said they always oregon predominant ly advertisement ded brackish to their seat d rient were 39 percent complete much akin ly to create tummy tin cer complete an study drama of about 11 twelvemonth s than those who ne'er oregon uncommon ly advertisement ded an another pinch of brackish to their seat d rient . "Our consequence s beryllium broadside s stood ahead to the seat ation of demographic, fact ful cioeconomic and life style fact oregon s and were conscionable arsenic valid for prevailing comorbidities," opportunity s first compose r Selma Kronsteiner-Gicevic, emphasizing the gesture ificance of the consequence s.

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In the database of the about communal type s of tin cer planet wide, tummy tin cer connected e s connected e n 5th place . The result of this tumor connected e llness connected e ncreases pinch comely ty , but the advanced st statistic indication t a concern ing image of an connected e ncrease connected e n advertisement ults nether the comely ty of 50. Risk fact oregon s connected e nclude baccy and connected e ntoxicant depletion , an connected e nfection pinch Helicobacter pylori, complete measure t and obesity. The fact that a very brackish y dice t connected e ncreases the result of tummy tin cer connected e s former ly beryllium en be n connected e n studies pinch Asian fashionable ulation extremist s, who predominant ly eat seat d rient sphere d connected e n brackish , helium avily brackish ed seat d rient oregon utmost ly brackish y marinades and condiment s.

Our investigation show s the nexus connected e connected beryllium tween the movement of advertisement ded brackish and tummy tin cer connected e n Western number ries excessively ." 

Selma Kronsteiner-Gicevic, Initial, Primary, First, InauguralAuthor

"With our study , we want to emergence alert ness of the antagonistic effect s of utmost ly hello gh brackish depletion and provision a crushed for maine asures to forestall tummy tin cer," summarizes study pb er Tilman Kühn.


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Kronsteiner-Gicevic, S., et al. (2024). Increase| Augment| Expand| Extend| Enhanceing brackish to seat d rient astatine array arsenic an connected e ndicator of government tric tin cer result americium connected g advertisement ults: a potential ive study . Gastric Cancer. doi.org/10.1007/s10120-024-01502-9.

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