Heart Failure 2024: Cutting-edge science and stimulating discussions in heart failure management

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Cutting-edge subject and stimulating discussions successful bosom nonaccomplishment guidance are successful shop astatine Heart Failure 2024, a technological legislature of nan European Society of Cardiology (ESC).

Heart Failure is nan yearly legislature of nan Heart Failure Association (HFA) of nan ESC. The gathering takes spot 11 to 14 May astatine nan Lisbon Congress Centre successful Portugal and online. Explore nan technological programme.

Heart Failure is simply a life-threatening syndrome affecting much than 64 cardinal group worldwide. Up to 1 successful 3 patients dice wrong 1 twelvemonth of infirmary admittance and 50-75% dice wrong 5 years of admission. With specified an important topic, what updates tin we expect from Heart Failure 2024?

Stay tuned for a thought-provoking convention connected bosom nonaccomplishment successful women. Dr. Brenda Moura, legislature co-chairperson, said: "Heart nonaccomplishment has been mistakenly considered a "man's disease", moreover though astatine slightest arsenic galore women are affected arsenic men." Hear nan latest subject connected whether women pinch bosom nonaccomplishment should beryllium managed otherwise to men. 

There is immoderate grounds that women whitethorn beryllium little often treated pinch each recommended treatments. We request to understand why this happens. Is it because women person different diseases?"

​Professor Gerasimos Filippatos, legislature co-chairperson

Not to miss: state-of-the-art attraction transportation for bosom nonaccomplishment patients utilizing integer health. "Heart nonaccomplishment is simply a chronic information that needs collaboration pinch patients complete a agelong play of time," said Dr. Moura. "Digital devices whitethorn motivate patients to return their medicine and should beforehand adjacent entree to treatment."

Get up-to-the infinitesimal insights into nan usage of artificial intelligence (AI) successful bosom nonaccomplishment management. Professor Filippatos said: "We are taking nan first steps pinch AI successful bosom failure, and expectations are very high. AI will apt person nan astir effect connected diagnosis, consequence prediction, and treatment."

Also connected nan agenda: cardinal sentiment leaders will research modern reasoning connected nan test of bosom nonaccomplishment successful nan community. "Heart nonaccomplishment is very often diagnosed erstwhile a diligent is admitted to infirmary pinch acute bosom failure," said Professor Filippatos. "Avoiding hospitalisations is highly important, arsenic they negatively effect value of life and survival. Early test successful nan organization would let medicine to beryllium started and ideally forestall admissions. This convention will analyse who should beryllium screened, how, and when."

Patient information successful bosom nonaccomplishment attraction takes centre shape successful a dedicated session. Dr. Moura said: "Heart nonaccomplishment guidance needs a team, and patients are an important squad member. Motivated patients equipped pinch accusation connected their information and therapies are much apt to travel proposal and person a amended prognosis. In this session, experts successful nan section will stock up-to-date investigation connected really champion to impact patients."

The Heart Failure Congress gathers wellness professionals and scientists from astir nan world. This world-leading arena covers each aspects of bosom failure, from prevention to test and treatment. The technological programme features much than 80 technological sessions. Novel investigation will beryllium revealed successful 8 late-breaking subject sessions - pinch important advances successful bosom nonaccomplishment diagnosis, follow-up and guidance - and astir 1,600 technological abstracts. 


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