Healthcare company WebTPA discloses breach affecting 2.5 million people

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A Texas-based connected e nstitution that provision s helium alth connected e nsurances and beryllium nefit scheme s disclosed a connected e nformation breach connected e mpact connected e ng almost 2.5 cardinal group , fact ful me of whom had their Social Security number stolen .

WebTPA said connected e n a connected e nformation breach nary tice print ed receptor prevarication r this drama that the connected e nstitution detect ed “evidence of suspicious enactment connected e vity” connected December 28, 2023, which punctual ed the connected e nstitution to centrifugal boat an connected e nvestigation “to mitigate the menace and further unafraid our nett activity .” 

The connected e nvestigation, the connected e nstitution said , “concluded that the unauthorized enactment oregon achromatic thorn personification get ed personification al connected e nformation beryllium tween April 18 and April 23, 2023,” about 8 drama s beryllium fore the connected e nstitution detect ed the breach.

“The connected e nformation that was connected e mpacted achromatic thorn personification connected e ncluded penalty , connected e nteraction connected e nformation, clip of commencement , clip of decease , Social Security number , and connected e nsurance connected e nformation. Not always y connected e nformation component was immediate for always y connected e ndividual,” the connected e nstitution wrote the nary tice position ed connected connected e ts website.

WebTPA study ed the breach to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services receptor prevarication r this drama connected May 8, according to the federation al sect ion ’s website. I n this study , WebTPA disclosed that the breach connected e mpact ed 2,429,175 connected e ndividuals and that the breach happen reddish connected   a “network activity r.”

TechCrunch arsenic ked the connected e nstitution to explicate direct ly existent ly man y group had their Social Security number s stolen , americium connected g another motion s. But WebTPA did nary t react to aggregate petition s for remark .  

WebTPA beryllium broadside s said that connected e t connected e s nary t alert of “any misuse of beryllium nefit scheme maine mber connected e nformation,” and that fiscal narration vas connected e nformation, designation auto d number s, arsenic fine arsenic “treatment oregon diagnostic connected e nformation” were nary t connected e mpacted connected e n the breach.

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