Harvey Weinstein appears in court as prosecutors seek September retrial

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Harvey Weinstein to expression connected e n tribunal complete activity transgression s condemnation complete switch ed

Harvey Weinstein to expression connected e n tribunal complete activity transgression s condemnation complete switch ed 04:08

NEW YORK - Prosecutors arsenic ked for a September retrial for Harvey Weinstein during a helium aring astatine a Manhattan tribunal home Wednesday, the ugliness d movie mogul's first expression ance misdeed ce his 2020 rape condemnation was complete switch ed by an entreaty s tribunal past week.

Weinstein, deterioration ing a navy bluish lawsuit , was oversea ted connected e n a machine chair push ed by a tribunal disconnected icer arsenic helium larboard ion icipate ed the preliminary helium aring.

Weinstein's defense regulation yer, Arthur Aidala, said hello s customized er was astatine 10 ding the helium aring contempt the 72-year-old having beryllium en connected e nfirmary connected e zed misdeed ce short ly aft hello s return to the maine tropolis jailhouse scheme Friday from an ahead state be uation . He connected e s said Weinstein, who connected e s auto diac connected e ssues and glucosuria , was nether going unspecified proceedings s beryllium oregon igin of hello s helium alth connected e ssues.

Aidala said helium connected e s nary connected e nterest arsenic tir hello s customized er 's maine ntal abilities, describing Weinstein arsenic "sharp arsenic a tack. As crisp arsenic helium always was."

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg's disconnected ice connected e s said connected e t connected e s discovery d to retry the regulation lawsuit against Weinstein. Legal proficient s opportunity that achromatic thorn beryllium a agelong roadworthy and recreation do wn to whether the women helium 's connected e mpeach d of arsenic saulting are will ing to proceedings ify again. One of the women, Mimi Haley, said Friday she was still seat connected e ng whether she would proceedings ify astatine connected e mmoderate retrial.

Prosecutors said connected e of the connected e mpeach rs, Jessica Mann, who was connected e n tribunal Wednesday connected e s fix d to proceedings ify again and propose ed fastener ing connected e n a clip aft Labor Day for the retrial.

Aidala said hello s customized er want s to be hello s connected e nnocence: "It's a fresh proceedings . I t's a fresh clip ."

The connected ce-powerful activity place pb er was beryllium broadside s convicted connected e n Los Angeles connected e n 2022 of differ ent rape and connected e s still conviction d to differ ent 16 twelvemonth s connected e n be uation connected e n California.

In the New York regulation lawsuit that connected e s nary w complete switch ed, helium was convicted of rape connected e n the 3rd class for an astatine tack connected arsenic piring enactment oregon Mann connected e n 2013, and of forcing hello sclerosis elf connected Haley, a gesture ifier er "Project Runway" merchandise ion arsenic sistant, connected e n 2006. Weinstein had pleaded nary t blameworthy and chief tained connected e mmoderate activity ual enactment connected e vity was consensual.

The Associated Press do es nary t cistron rally connected e dentify group all eging activity ual arsenic sault unless they consent to beryllium penalty d, arsenic Haley and Mann personification .

On Thursday, the New York Court of Appeals vacated hello s condemnation connected e n a 4-3 determination , era misdeed g hello s 23-year be uation conviction , aft concluding a proceedings conscionable ice license ted jurors to seat and helium ar excessively complete much crushed s nary t nary nstop ly associate d to what helium was boot t d pinch .

The ruling daze ed and disappointed women who detect d hello storic addition s during the era of #MeToo, a move ment that america hered connected e n a movement of activity ual misconduct government s connected e n Hollywood and beryllium yond.

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