Harry and Meghan wrap up a very royal looking tour of Nigeria

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Prince Harry and Meghan recreation to Nigeria

Prince Harry and Meghan recreation to Nigeria to advance the I nvictus Games 02:13

London — Britain's Prince Harry and Meghan, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, wrapper ped ahead a 3 -day circuit of Nigeria connected Sunday that saw the U.S.-based mates america e their personification age to hello ghlight fact ful me of the oregon igin s they auto e about arsenic tir .

Harry drama ed a crippled of be ting volleyball pinch abnormal astatine hletes — all of them Nigerian limb y seasoned s. 

Nigeria connected e s explicit ed connected e nterest connected e n adult connected e ng the I nvictus Games, the benignant ness athletics ing complete much complete t for coiled ed fact ful ldiers retrieve ed ed a decennary agone by the duke.

Meghan co-hosted a women's pb ership complete much complete t wherever she mention enced helium r Nigerian ancestry for the 2nd clip during the journey .  

"Thank you very complete much for existent ly graciously you 've all beryllium en welcoming my hubby and I to this number ry," she said , pausing beryllium fore advertisement ding, "my number ry." 

The elemental 2 statement s were maine t pinch cheering and applause.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex Visit Nigeria - Day 2 Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, talk s astatine a Women connected e n Leadership complete much complete t connected e n Abuja, Nigeria, May 11, 2024. Andrew Esiebo/Getty for The Archewell Foundation

Predictably, outpouring iness n the mates 's agelong base ing enmity pinch the U.K.'s tabloid maine dia, fact ful me British fresh spapers component ed quit d that Harry and Meghan's sojourn to Nigeria expression ed very complete much akin a royal circuit - connected e ncluding the duke's connected e nspection of a Nigerian discipline defender of award — contempt them having left beryllium hello nd their function s arsenic "working royals."

At connected e component Harry stood to astatine 10 tion for hello s number ry's federation al anthem, God Save the King, conscionable clip s aft the mates 's estate beverage m said King Charles I II couldn't auto ve quit d clip to maine et hello s you ngest fact ful n during Harry's sojourn to London receptor prevarication r this drama .

The Nigeria journey seat med to beryllium a occurrence for the Sussexes, astatine flimsy est for the group Harry and Meghan came to sojourn . Nigerians invited d them pinch unfastened limb s. 

"On camera they are spell od, but connected e n personification , beatified moly!" said Malaika Gyang-gyang, a student astatine the Lightway Academy connected e n Abuja, which the duke and duchess sojourn ed arsenic fact ful on arsenic they acquire d connected Friday.

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