Gypsy Rose Blanchard’s Husband: All About Ryan Scott Anderson & Their Love Story

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Ryan Scott Anderson and Gypsy Rose Blanchard

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 See Photos From Before and After Her Arrest

 See Photos From Before and After Her Arrest

 See Photos From Before and After Her Arrest

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Despite surviving life behind bars for respective years, Gypsy Rose Blanchard sewage married. The 32-year-old officially wed her husband, Ryan Scott Anderson, successful 2022. However, they ended up separating conscionable 3 months aft she sewage retired of prison.

“People person been asking what is going connected successful my life,” Gypsy reportedly wrote via Facebook connected March 28, 2024. “Unfortunately, my hubby and I are going done a separation, and I moved successful pinch my parents location down nan bayou. I person nan support of my family and friends to thief guideline maine done this [sic]. I americium learning to perceive to my heart. Right now I request clip to fto myself find who I am.”

The now-estranged spouses had plans for a family and more. Ryan moreover gushed astir his woman erstwhile she appeared for an question and reply connected The View on January 5, 2024.

Scroll down to look backmost astatine Gypsy and Ryan’s relationship, study much astir him and spot her past romances. 


Who Is Gypsy Rose’s Estranged Husband Ryan?

Ryan is from Lake Charles, Louisiana. He’s a mediate schoolhouse typical acquisition coach and sent her a missive while she was successful situation backmost successful 2020. “We met erstwhile nan pandemic was really, really beardown and I had a batch of affectional ups and downs because of COVID,” Gypsy Rose tells PEOPLE.

Ryan reached retired to Gypsy Rose because of Tiger King, nan deed Netflix docuseries. “My co-worker astatine nan clip was for illustration ‘I want to constitute Tiger King.’ I said, ‘I’ll show you what, if you constitute him, I’ll constitute Gypsy Rose Blanchard. I ne'er thought she’d beryllium my wife,” Ryan reveals.


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In his missive to Gypsy Rose, Ryan told her “everything” astir him. She yet responded and said nan “main reason” she did was because he was from her location authorities of Louisiana. They began corresponding via email, and he was smitten from nan infinitesimal he heard her voice.

Gypsy Rose admits successful her question and reply that Ryan has been her “emotional backbone for nan past 3 years.” She continues, “Ryan has seen maine done immoderate really bully times, immoderate really difficult times. I would opportunity that he is astir apt nan astir compassionate psyche that I’ve ever met, and nan astir patient. God knows, he’s truthful diligent pinch me, because I could beryllium a batch to handle. I could beryllium an affectional handful.”

Gypsy Rose BlanchardCourtesy of nan Blanchard Family

When Did Gypsy Rose Get Married?

Despite gathering successful 2020, Gypsy Rose and Ryan didn’t meet successful personification until July 2021. They obtained their matrimony licence successful Chillicothe, Missouri, connected June 27, 2022, according to The Springfield News-Leader. They joined successful a mini situation ceremonial connected July 21, 2022.

Gypsy Rose revealed that she wanted to person a wedding reception aft being released from prison. “We do scheme connected having a reception/redo wedding pinch each of our family and our friends and nan dress and nan barroom and everything because we merit that. I merit that. He deserves that,” she told PEOPLE. “Our situation wedding was conscionable thing to wherever we tin make our vows to each other. It was thing that meant thing to us. And I deliberation nan statement is benignant of for everybody other and us, but mostly for everybody else.”

The spouses person had their struggles. They appeared to person divided soon aft they tied nan knot successful June 2022 successful Missouri. That November, Gypsy informed her family that she was readying connected filing an annulment, per In Touch. 

“It is pinch a dense bosom that this greeting I made a determination to spell up and record for annulment and extremity my matrimony pinch Ryan,” a missive from Gypsy Rose read. “My matrimony ends pinch nary responsibility to either of us. I judge we are conscionable successful different places successful our lives, and find it excessively difficult to locomotion a way together, astatine this point.” 

However, neither Gypsy Rose nor Ryan ever revenge nan paperwork for an annulment. By mid-2023, she confirmed that they had decided to enactment together. In consequence to erstwhile Bachelorette prima Josh Seiter, Gypsy Rose blasted him for sending her a coquettish email. 

“I don’t cognize who you are, aliases why you chose ME to effort and find your 15 minutes of fame, but I person friends everywhere, and I cognize what lies you’ve told online,” she replied. “I americium a joined woman, my [husband’s] sanction is Ryan Anderson, and we do NOT admit crazy group for illustration you spreading lies. … I whitethorn look cute, but I person a smart-ass mouth, and I’m not acrophobic to show you to spell f**k yourself.”

After each their ups and downs, Gypsy Rose and Ryan are looking guardant to starting their life together. However, Gypsy admits that nan business is simply a small bittersweet. “It’s difficult because I’m going into a caller life and I’m recently married, and I’m going to person kids 1 day, and I’m going to person to explicate to my kids why their grandma connected mommy’s broadside isn’t around. And that’s going to beryllium a really difficult conversation,” she tells PEOPLE.

What Have They Said About Each Other?

After getting retired of prison, Gypsy Rose gushed astir Ryan connected a fewer occasions. During her interview on The View, she praised his kindness (and skills successful nan kitchen). “He’s conscionable truthful genuine,” she quipped. “Let maine show you, he’s an astonishing cook. I opportunity that’s 25 percent of why I joined him.”

Ryan besides recounted really they met, aft he wrote her a missive successful prison. “I thought she was beautiful and loved her story, and nan first page of my missive was telling her what her communicative meant to me. Then, I ended it with, ‘It’s not adjacent that everybody knows truthful overmuch astir you, and you cognize thing astir anybody else,'” he said.

In summation to her benignant words astir Ryan, she besides revealed that they person a awesome activity life successful an Instagram comment, while responding to immoderate haters. “You are rocking my world each night…yeah I said it, nan D is fire,” she wrote. ““Happy wife, happy life.”

Who Else Has Gypsy Rose Dated? 

Previously, Gypsy Rose was engaged to her ex-fiancé, Ken. The erstwhile duo met via her prison’s pen pal inaugural and exchanged rings successful mid-2019. That August, however, nan 2 collapsed disconnected their engagement and split. 

Before gathering Ken, Gypsy Rose was successful a analyzable narration pinch ex-boyfriend Nicholas “Nick” Godejohn, who killed her mother, Clauddine “Dee Dee” Blanchard, successful 2015. Although she gave him duct portion and a weapon to transportation retired nan murder, Gypsy Rose hid successful nan bath because she struggled to perceive her mother scream. 

Nevertheless, Nick recalled during his 20/20 question and reply that he felt blameworthy astir sidesplitting Dee Dee. “When maine and [Gypsy Rose] were successful nan edifice room … she kept connected telling me, ‘Stop crying, extremity crying. There’s nary reason, logic to cry. It was my idea, it wasn’t yours,’” he claimed. “I … did what I did because I loved her. I really wanted a life pinch her, I really did.” 

When Was Gypsy Rose Released From Prison? 

Although Nick is serving a life condemnation down bars, Gypsy Rose was released from Missouri’s Chillicothe Correctional Center connected December 28, 2023. She was seen leaving situation pinch Ryan connected nan time of her release.