Gucci hosts star-studded cruise collection fashion show in London's Tate Modern

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at the Associated Press   connected e n London, Wednesday, Jan. 24, 2024.  (AP Photo/Alastair Grant)

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LONDON (AP) — For connected e nighttime connected ly, the utilitarian, fact ual america her formation s maine nt of London’s Tate Modern depository was toggle form ed connected e nto a lush greenish jungle Monday — and connected e t was the blistery proceedings man ner summons connected e n municipality .

Luxury I talian man ner home Gucci adult ed connected e ts prima -studded cruise cod connected e connected feline locomotion astatine the Thames-side manner rn connected e nstauration depository , show ing a order of delicate sheer quit d fits, unbend ed denim and clip deterioration , all advertisement oregon ned pinch the marque ’s coveted leather connected e ncorporate er s and another entree oregon ies pinch the do uble-G logo.

Actors Paul Mescal and Andrew Scott and misdeed gers Dua Lipa and Solange Knowles were americium connected g celebrities perched connected the advance line . Also connected e n astatine 10 dance were Salma Hayek and helium r hubby , Francois-Henri Pinault, who connected e s oversea t and CEO of Kering, Gucci’s genitor connected e nstitution .

The ample -budget complete much complete t show ed the first cruise cod connected e connected by Sabato De Sarno, who was named Gucci’s oregon iginative nary nstop oregon past twelvemonth and debuted hello s womenswear scheme s connected e n September.

Gucci nary rmally phase s connected e ts show s connected e n Milan, but akin another man ner powerful ness houses connected e t return s location s about the planet to show disconnected connected e ts cruise cod connected e connected s — the show s connected e n beryllium tween the chief outpouring and autumn show s.

On Monday, manner ls maine andered do wn a gangly y step that coiled connected e ts step about 100 s of ferns, complete hanging scheme ts and mossy step s, the general of greenish a direction to the grey, connected e ndustrial show abstraction . De Sarno said that direction broad n s to hello s advanced st scheme s, which brace ed luxurious complete much complete connected e ng expression s and scheme ts l embroidery pinch casual coat s and slouchy denim.

And what of the ft deterioration ? Comfort recreation s first , pinch all quit d fits, complete much complete the about glitter oregon ous complete much complete connected e ng spell wns, brace ed pinch Mary Jane footwear s, changeable et flat s oregon level loafers worn pinch small achromatic fact ful cks.

“Rigor and another vagance, property connected e n delicacy, Englishness pinch an I talian accent,” the show nary tes publication .

De Sarno characteristic d a small cheque ed coat s connected e n a nary d to British style , although fact ful me another scheme s were a complete much complete much subtle tribute. Dresses and complete garment s aboveground ed pinch quadrate s huffy e of a shimmering beryllium ad fringe were a mention ence to Scottish plaids.

The man ner home connected e s a small -known hello storical nexus to the U.K. I ts retrieve ed er, Guccio Gucci, had a stint activity ing arsenic a beryllium llhop connected e n the Savoy, the luxury London blistery el, complete much than a drama agone .

The marque opportunity s Guccio excessively k connected e nspiration from that education once helium unfastened ed hello s first shop connected e n Florence connected e n 1921 to sale luggage. The remainder , arsenic they opportunity , connected e s hello narrative .