Google will soon roll out on-device AI-powered features on Pixel 8

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Google announced coming that it will soon rotation retired on-device AI-powered features specified arsenic signaling summaries and smart replies connected nan Pixel 8. These features will beryllium based connected Gemini Nano, a small-sized exemplary Google released past year, primed to tally connected devices.

The institution said that Summerizer successful Recorder and Smart Reply successful Gboard will beryllium released arsenic a developer preview successful nan adjacent Pixel characteristic drop. The institution announced these features past October during nan Pixel 8 launch. Until now, Gemini Nano-powered features were only disposable connected the Pixel 8 Pro and and nan Galaxy S24.

“Running ample connection models connected phones pinch different representation specs tin present different personification experiences, truthful we person been testing and validating this connected Pixel 8. We’re excited to supply nan opportunity for much enthusiasts and developers to effort retired Gemini Nano, wherever we dream to get much feedback and spot much innovation,” nan institution said.

Until now, Google has chiefly worked connected AI-powered features that relies connected cloud, moreover if they are targeted towards mobile devices.

In January, Google introduced “Circle to Search” for prime Pixel and Samsung Devices. The institution announced this week that much Pixel and Sasmung phones on pinch prime tablets will get Circle to Search feature. The characteristic itself will get an update pinch support for instant translator of nan contented that’s connected nan screen.