Google to destroy massive data trove to settle "incognito" lawsuit

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Google cracking down connected cookies

Google cracking down connected cookies 00:40

Google will destruct a immense trove of information arsenic portion of a colony complete a suit that accused nan hunt elephantine of search consumers moreover erstwhile they were browsing nan web utilizing "incognito" mode, which ostensibly keeps people's online activity private. 

The specifications of nan colony were disclosed Monday successful San Francisco national court, pinch a ineligible filing noting that Google will "delete and/or remediate billions of information records that bespeak people members' backstage browsing activities."

The worth of nan colony is much than $5 billion, according to Monday's filing. 

The colony stems from a 2020 suit that claimed Google misled users into believing that it wouldn't way their net activities while they utilized incognito. The colony besides requires Google to alteration incognito mode truthful that users for nan adjacent 5 years tin artifact third-party cookies by default.

"This colony is an historical measurement successful requiring ascendant exertion companies to beryllium honorable successful their representations to users astir really nan companies cod and employment personification data, and to delete and remediate information collected," nan colony filing states. 

Although Google agreed to nan first colony successful December, Monday's filing provides much specifications astir nan statement betwixt nan tech elephantine and nan plaintiffs, consumers represented by lawyer David Boies of Boies Schiller Flexner and different lawyers. 

Neither Google nor Boies Schiller Flexner instantly replied to a petition for comment.

"This colony ensures existent accountability and transparency from nan world's largest information collector and marks an important measurement toward improving and upholding our correct to privateness connected nan Internet," nan tribunal archive noted.

—With reporting by nan Associated Press.

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