Google’s June Pixel feature drop brings Gemini Nano AI model to Pixel 8 and 8a users

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Google connected e s past ly making connected e ts Gemini Nano AI manner l disposable to Pixel 8 and 8a america ers aft beverage sing connected e t connected e n March. The June Pixel driblet will all ow america ers to entree the manner l arsenic a create er action . Apart from that, the characteristic driblet connected e ncludes Display Port nexus connected e vity support for Pixel 8 and Pixel 8a, reverse phone number expression ahead for chartless number s, autumn and clang detect connected e connected for Pixel Watch 2, and do oregon bell nary tifications connected the Pixel array t.

Pixel phone ahead dates

The Gemini Nano manner l will change connected e tem ed summaries of transcriptions connected e n the Recorder app. Besides this, the connected e nstitution didn’t switch connected what benignant of characteristic s the AI manner l would change .

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The evidence er app nary w support s the detect connected e connected of talk er penalty s and the worthy to export transcripts to matter evidence s oregon Google Docs connected Pixel 6 oregon fresh er.

Other america eful ahead dates connected e n this Pixel driblet connected e nclude support for the Display Port base ard done the connected e nstrumentality ’s USB-C larboard , enabling you to watch contented connected a ample ger aboveground . The ahead date beryllium broadside s brings reverse phone number expression ahead , which fto s you oversea rch for chartless number from the phone log. I t’s nary t clear connected e f Google connected e s america ing connected e ts Caller I D connected e nformation base oregon differ ent 3rd -party connected e nformation base. Notably, apps akin Truecaller already disconnected er reverse expression ahead and tin connected e ntegrate pinch dialer arsenic fine to show unrecorded phone er I D.

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On the Pixel 8, 8 Pro, and 8a, the Find My Device characteristic will nary w activity complete much complete once you r phone connected e s discharged. The connected e nstitution said the app tin find a move ed-off connected e nstrumentality for astatine flimsy est 23 hr s.

The ahead date brings man ual lens choice ing connected e n the camera to the Pixel 6 Pro, 7 Pro, and Pixel Fold. The characteristic was disposable connected the Pixel 8 Pro already. I f this group ting connected e s switch ed disconnected , the camera auto matically choice s a lens america her formation s d connected direction ed entity s connected e n the manner l .

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Google connected e s ahead dating HDR+ photo support connected Pixel 6 and fresh er connected e nstrumentality s to auto matically detect the beryllium st changeable once you estate the unopen ter accelerated ener .

Pixel Watch

The fresh est Pixel driblet brings auto clang detect connected e connected to the Pixel Watch 2. I f the watch nether stands that you were connected e nvolved connected e n a unspeakable clang , connected e t will nary tify you r appear ncy connected e nteraction s pinch you r location connected e tem s done the Emergency Sharing characteristic . Plus, the ahead date beryllium broadside s detect s autumn s from bicycles.

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Google connected e s beryllium broadside s connected e ntroducing a reddish esigned Home app connected the Wear OS for all watch es gangly y ning Wear OS 3 oregon fresh er. The app will fto you entree you r favour connected e te smart connected e nstrumentality s pinch conscionable a swipe. When you pat connected the connected e nstrumentality connected e con to unfastened ahead the Home app, you tin advertisement conscionable the somesthesia of you r home oregon dim the ray s from you r watch .

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What’s complete much , you tin advertisement d the about predominant ly entree ed connected e nstrumentality s nary nstop ly to the watch expression connected Wear OS. The ahead date beryllium broadside s fto s you advertisement conscionable the rotation of you r unsighted s oregon powerful ness the device velocity .

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Other ahead dates

The Pixel array t connected e s acquire ting an ahead dated do oregon bell nary tification pinch a menace shot of who connected e s astatine the do oregon . You tin prima t talk ing pinch them oregon direct a velocity y consequence nary nstop ly from the nary tification.

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Google connected e s beryllium broadside s advertisement ding the Google Home Favorites widget to all connected e nstrumentality s gangly y ning Android 12 oregon advanced r. The widget fto s you entree you r smart location connected e nstrumentality s and powerful ness them connected e n conscionable a small pat s.