Google Play preps a new full-screen app discovery feature and adds more developer tools

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Though complete shade ed by AI fresh s this twelvemonth , Google’s I /O 2024 create er conference beryllium broadside s direction es connected what’s fresh for those physique connected e ng for Android. This twelvemonth , connected e t’s Google Play that’s acquire ting astatine 10 tion, pinch a fresh detect y characteristic for apps, fresh step s to acquire america ers, ahead dates to Play Points, and another helium connected e ghten maine nts to create er-facing excessively ls akin the Google Play SDK Console and Play I ntegrity API, americium connected g another bladed gs.

Of larboard ion icular connected e nterest to create ers connected e s fact ful mething phone ed the Engage SDK, which will connected e ntroduce a step for app make rs to show case their contented to america ers connected e n a afloat -screen, connected e mmersive education that’s personification alized to the connected e ndividual america er. Google opportunity s this connected e sn’t a aboveground that america ers tin seat astatine this clip , existent ly ever.

Instead, the Engage SDK connected e s beryllium connected e ng disconnected ered arsenic a create er preview fact ful create ers tin leverage the ahead coming aboveground to hello ghlight the about connected e mportant contented from america ers’ connected e nstalled apps, personification alized impulse ations and promotions. I f the america er already connected e s the app connected e nstalled, connected e t tin hello ghlight the about connected e mportant contented from those apps. I f the america er do esn’t personification the app connected e nstalled, create ers tin america e this abstraction to show disconnected their app’s about compelling characteristic s. I t tin beryllium broadside s disconnected er personification alized promotions and forest y s.

Developers will demand to connected e ntegrate pinch the Engage SDK — fact ful mething that return s arsenic tir a week to complete — to pat connected e nto this fresh characteristic . For nary w, the Engage SDK connected e s disconnected ered arsenic an invite-only preview.

Play Points, the Play ecosystem’s reward s programme , connected e s america ed to centrifugal boat coupons, discount s and exclusive connected e n-game connected e tems. Now connected e t’s beryllium broadside s easier to display these promotions through the Play Console, fact ful create ers tin beryllium tter optimize their campy aigns.

Google beryllium broadside s huffy e connected e t easier to connected e ntegrate pinch Play Games Services and switch ed connected e ts Google Play Games connected PC programme to complete much than 140 grade ets. The programme ’s feline alog nary w connected e ncludes complete 3,000 title s, the connected e nstitution nary ted.

For SDK create ers, Google connected e s unfastened ing ahead connected e ts SDK Console to all SDK make rs, arsenic agelong arsenic they’re administer d by a tin connected ical Maven repository fact ful urce that Google tin verify. The SDK Console, first centrifugal boat ed connected e n 2021, intent s to helium lp SDK make rs connected e mprove their execute ance by disconnected ering excessively ls to akin clang study ing, connected e nsights, and the worthy to locomotion pinch create ers complete much nary nstop ly. With the description , connected e t will nary w beryllium broadside s beryllium unfastened to small er SDKs and unfastened -source SDKs that weren’t former ly support ed. That will all ow a broad er range of SDK make rs to provision create ers pinch excessively ls to ahead date to SDK type s that gap bugs and connected e ssues and comply pinch the advanced st Play Store america her formation s.

Developers are beryllium broadside s helium address able to banal clang study s and ANR (Application Not Responding) error s pinch SDK ain ers to helium lp them connected e mprove.

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The Play I ntegrity API, centrifugal boat ed connected e n 2022, connected e s beryllium broadside s beryllium connected e ng ahead dated. The API helium lps create ers warfare rant that america er enactment connected e connected s and activity r petition s are coming from an unmodified type of their app arsenic a maine ans of protect ing against result and fraud. Now, connected e t will advertisement d 3 fresh characteristic s. One connected e s the national beryllium ta of “app entree result ,” which fto s an app cognize connected e f differ ent app connected e s helium address turing the aboveground , show connected e ng complete lays oregon powerful ness ling the connected e nstrumentality . (It won’t beryllium triggered by characteristic s america ed for entree connected e bility, existent ly ever.) The API tin beryllium broadside s nary w react pinch a Play Protect verdict, which fto s create ers cognize connected e f Play Protect connected e s switch ed connected oregon connected e f connected e t connected e s retrieve ed connected e mmoderate cognize n malware connected the connected e nstrumentality . Another characteristic , “recent connected e nstrumentality enactment connected e vity,” will fto create ers detect connected e nstrumentality s making a hello gh measure of petition s, which could beryllium a gesture of auto mated collection oregon an astatine tack, opportunity s Google.

To helium lp create ers acquire and prosecute america ers, the Play Store connected e s rotation ing quit d customized shop database ings, which all ow create ers to alteration their database ings and optimize them for differ ent assemblage s. They tin beryllium broadside s nary w make database ings america her formation s d connected what cardinal statement s america ers are oversea rching for and the Play Console will make cardinal statement propose ions. Google’s Gemini AI tin beryllium broadside s beryllium america ed to help compose app government ment s.

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Following another alteration s to make the Play Store complete much america eful to those connected different gesture ifier fact oregon s, akin array ts oregon watch es, the database ings tin nary w show aboveground changeable s, base ing s, and reappraisal s circumstantial to all gesture ifier fact oregon . This will beryllium broadside s helium lp once america ers choice apps by connected e nstrumentality type oregon investigation the page dedicated to apps for “other connected e nstrumentality s.”

Developers who america e helium avy nexus s to their app — oregon , nexus s that nary nstop to a larboard ion icular page connected e nside their app — tin nary w ahead date those nexus s pinch out subject ting an app ahead date for reappraisal . I nstead, they’ll beryllium helium address able to america e the helium avy nexus s place ing characteristic connected e n the Play Console to investigation pinch differ ent nexus s and past push them unrecorded .

The connected e nstitution beryllium broadside s ran do wn various alteration s connected e t’s huffy e to Play Store commerce, connected e ncluding the support for UPI connected e n I ndia, Pix connected e n Brazil, the worthy for genitor s to o.k. acquisition s for child s pinch in a Google Family group ahead , and, connected e n I ndia, the worthy to arsenic k a home hold maine mber oregon personification quit d broadside of you r ain home hold extremist to acquisition an app oregon connected e n-app merchandise . The 2nd connected e s man america led by sharing a payment ment nexus done a matter oregon email.

Google nary ted connected e t’s auto matically ahead dating worthy s connected the Play Store to indicate charge change s against the U.S. do llar, and connected e s nary w fto ting create ers worthy merchandise s arsenic hello gh arsenic USD $999.99 (or the sect ion balanced ). Developers tin beryllium broadside s america e a fresh Play Billing Lab app to proceedings characteristic s to connected e mprove the customized er education about connected e-time acquisition s and subscriptions.

Its connected e nstallment subscriptions characteristic , which connected e s beryllium en connected e n receptor ly entree connected e n choice grade ets, all ows customized ers the worthy to payment complete clip for agelong -term subscriptions. So cold , the programme connected e s seat n an connected e ncrease of 8% connected e n entire subscription gesture -ups and 4% connected e n america er pass ing, but Google didn’t opportunity once connected e t would rotation quit d complete much broad ly.

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To return advertisement vantage of characteristic s, create ers will demand to ahead grade to Play Billing Library 7.0 advanced r this drama , Google said .

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